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Are you a Yiffer? It’s an interesting question because the chances go way up if you even know what the word means. Most folks haven’t delved into the furry culture at ...


Are you a Yiffer? It’s an interesting question because the chances go way up if you even know what the word means. Most folks haven’t delved into the furry culture at all, but then again, most people didn’t have their sexual awakening while watching Disney cartoons. But, hey, I’m not going to shame you for it. In fact, I know just the place to find some fap material that will suit your oddly specific masturbatory needs. calls themselves “The internet’s best collection of quality furry comics, easily readable and free!” That’s a pretty typical brag in the world of internet smut, where everything is the biggest, the best, the sexiest, and most popular. But Yiffer does get a million visits a month, which is a hell of a lot more than I can say for your mom’s blog or your own personal Reddit history. Reviewing porn sites is my thing, though, so I had to see for myself just what these furry perverts had to offer.

Are You Gonna Yiff That?

The front page of Yiffer looks like they’ve got the kind of setup you’d expect from a hentai collection. One of the striking things is the header, which would honestly look wholesome if you didn’t know what they were talking about. It’s a simple text with a nice gradient, no real logo, but they’ve done more to brand themselves than many sites that just skip to the porno comics.

The porno comics in question here are just a quick stroll down the page—“Below the fold,” as they say in internet parlance, a term that originated in an ancient form of printed media called the newspaper. Instead of the usual mix of gender-swapped Disney princess parodies, superhero sex, and X-rated sci-fi epics, Yiffer’s got a tight focus on comics where the characters are anthropomorphic animals: furries.

Animal people seem to be the main requirement for inclusion here at because I see all kinds of furry fun going on within these illustrated pages. There are straight furry comics, lesbian furry comics, and gay furry comics. You’ll find stories of mouse girls giving blowjobs and dog men banging cat women. Read a kinky story about feral wolf women taking cumshots or some fetish-spanning content where furry porn meets cumflation, size differences, and feet.

As far as the art goes, the styles can vary a lot, as can the quality. On the front page alone, I see a detailed and professionally shaded horse lady hentai right beside some half-ass deer person porn that looks like it was drawn by a child or a retard. Some artists take a realistic approach to their feline sluts, while others go for a more cartoonish style and some dip into uncanny valley territory with 3D CG.

Thankfully, the genuinely awful furry porn comics are a rarity on Yiffer, but I did spot a couple of stinkers. Maybe the quality control and set of standards aren’t as high as elsewhere, but some masturbators would argue that it means a more extensive collection of furry porn. Fortunately, bigger often means better in this business, and I’m not just talking about big cocks or titties.

How Much Furry Porn You Looking For?

I couldn’t find upload dates listed anywhere on, so I can’t tell you exactly how quickly the archive is growing. I can tell you that the current collection is pretty fucking massive, though. As of this writing, they’ve got around 1400 free furry comics. That isn’t a huge number if we’re talking about an anything-goes porn tube or even a hentai site, but it’s fucking solid for a joint that keeps such a tight focus on the furry stuff.

Big collections are great, but they do pose particular problems. Chief among them is just finding your preferred porno in a sea of other peoples’ fetishes. Porn comics are known for pushing the boundaries in ways that videos just can’t, and often you’re just reading the author’s fap fantasies. Well, with such a huge variety and deep well of content, you could get lost easily.

Yiffer handles this problem with a robust set of search and filter options. They obviously know how important and useful they are because they’ve included them right there at the top of the front page. Click where it says Search and Filter, and a whole set of options pops up.

By default, you’re seeing the entire collection of comics, but they’ve actually got a few big categories to pick from. Narrow it down to the furry stuff, the My Little Pony content, or the Pokemon porn. There’s also an Other option that brings up a page of miscellaneous stuff, including gender-swapped Sonic the Hedgehog on a stripper pole, spider succubus rapists, Ninja Turtle fucking, and some truly weird alien smut.

There’s a filter to choose the genders of your furry sex comic participants, like MF, MM, and FF. There’s also an I option, and while I don’t know what the I stands for, it looks like all the comics in that section have chicks with dicks. So how do you feel about futanari furries?

One of the filters I liked was for Detail Level. I wish more hentai and comic sites would implement this feature because it lets you filter out the low-quality stuff. Yiffer has options for Minimum, Simple, and Detailed. Their standards for these detail levels are a little looser than I would have made them, but hey, it’s a start.

There’s a Title or Artist search bar, but I think you guys will be more interested in the Tags filter. That’s where you’ll find the naughty stuff like Anal and Blowjob, the furry stuff like Canine and Feral Penis, and the kinkier stuff like Tentacles, Surprise Gay, and Incest.

Reading Fur Porn on Yiffer

I was in a certain kind of mood, so I set the filters to show me detailed comics with male and female furries, plus a double penetration theme. The site kicked out a page of search results with scaly kobold sex adventures, horny zebra girls, and bird ladies with absolutely massive tatas.

I decided to start with one called Predatory Pleasure because the alligator bitch leaping onto the surprised hyena man has some giant boobs, and the art looked nice. It opens with the gator babe sneaking up on hyena man as he’s pouring a pitcher of fluid on something out of frame. She leaps onto him, just like in the thumbnail. The hyena is resistant, but his dick is hard, her jugs are in his face, and penetration just happens.

That’s when a huge dog man swoops in, picks up the squirting scaley, and then the two canines double team her. They leave her lying on the floor cum-covered and cum-drunk, exchanging a fist bump as they walk into the sunset. It’s a silent comic without a single word bubble, but goddamn, what a story!

Yiffer doesn’t have a fancy built-in comic reader like some of the bigger hentai sites out there, but they do have a nice Image Fit feature that will let you resize the images at the click of a button. If I have any complaint about the setup, it’s that there’s no one-click download button to grab a zip file. If you’re a collector, you’ll have to use a third-party browser plugin, but I bet you already know how to do that.

Aside from that minor inconvenience, I couldn’t really find anything to complain about on the site. They do have some ads worked in with the thumbnails that slipped through my ad blocker, but they’re clearly labeled and easy to avoid. I really appreciate that they’ve marked them because a lot of sites don’t. Of course, that means less ad revenue for them, but they obviously care about the user experience more than raking in the dough.

The folks who run aren’t just cash-grabbing porn webmasters, but Yiffers themselves who appreciate furry content. That’s, honestly, what you want in any adult site, but it’s even more important when we’re talking niche content like this. Fetish sites often hit you hard with spam and other bullshit, knowing you don’t have a lot of alternatives out there. On the contrary, Yiffer hooks you up with a mountain of free furry comics and doesn’t ask much in return. I can’t see how anybody could bitch about that.

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