Reddit XXXCaptions, aka r/XXXCaptions! Have you ever looked at porn pics and felt like something was missing? Ever get the feeling that something feels a bit off about porn pics in general? I know I have. It’s always like they’re missing a little spice to put them over the edge and get me to really enjoy what they have in store for me. I wish that we could somehow unlock the full potential of porn pics and I think that I’ve finally found a way for that to happen. Wanna know how? Well, I introduce you to /r/xxxcaptions, a subreddit dedicated to spicing up porn pictures so that they carry with them some kind of plot that you will find incredibly sexy as heck.

Kinky and provocative captions on porn

Sex stories are great and all, but I don’t think that they really do enough when it comes to giving you the sex drive you need to bust a huge load. And listen, that’s coming from me, The Porn Dude. I have one heck of an imagination, but I have to say that visual porn has always been the best option for me. I’m just sad that images and videos don’t have more taboo options. After such a long time of watching vanilla porn, you just get the urge to try something new. And that’s what you basically get with captioned porn images like the one you can find on /r/xxxcaptions. Trust me; it’s next-level stuff.

The thing I see captioned porn images as is a perfect opportunity to put a little spice into otherwise boring and vanilla porn. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and check this subreddit out. I know that you probably think that seeing captioned porn videos and images isn’t enough to pique some kind of interest with anyone, but I assure you that your imagination will go crazy when you start enjoying this kind of content. The captions are usually very provocative, and also fetish driven. Every kink imaginable is explored, so whatever you’re into, I’m pretty sure that you can find content that is perfect for you here. Now, I think that you should check out all the kinks, but you can also filter through all the different kinks.

Great flairs for any taste from vanilla to incest

How do you do that, you might ask? It’s quite simple, really. You see, comes with this flair functionality that subs can use in order to categorize their content. This is really useful when you have a bunch of content and you want to put different tags on them in order to have some kind of easily accessible category. If there’s a lot of variety on your sub, flairs are a great way to make sure that people can choose what they want to see. So, /r/xxxcaptions actually went ahead and did a lot with this functionality. I’m pretty sure you’re going to be amazed by what /r/xxxcaptions has in terms of the flairs.

Usually, NSFW subs don’t have a lot in the way of flairs. When you see /r/xxxcaptions, it’s actually one of the rare subreddits that actually has flairs that can intrigue you. For example, you have flairs such as Incest, Sissy, Goon, Cheating, Cuckold, and Femdom. I don’t know about you, but only those are enough to make me interested into what else I can find on this platform. I have to say that whenever a subreddit such as /r/xxxcaptions shows up with this many flairs, I just love exploring all my possibilities with them. I love checking out these kinks and seeing if they work for me too. As it turns out, may do! And who knows, they might even work for you if you give them a shot and try them out on this sub.

The hottest fetish exploration scenarios

Hear me out on this cause it’s a pretty important point. If you really want to enjoy /r/xxxcaptions, you can’t just stay in your comfort zone. With so much different content to explore here, you really have to start looking outside the box and seeing everything that this subreddit has to offer you in terms of all the different flairs, categories, post types, and stories that go together with the porn content in general. This is actually probably the main thing you should be concentrate on when you’re here. The plots and the stories that come with these images really give them a whole other dimension to explore on here.

I swear, I once read this caption on an image that turned it from a pretty boring and vanilla porn screenshot to one of the biggest kinks of mine ever. Cheating. What can I say? I love fucking girls who are in relationships. I just know that most chicks are unhappy with their man and they want to know what a real dick feels like. That’s where I come in and give them a good drilling. And if I ever want to see porn that has that kind of content in it, I can always rely on /r/xxxcaptions. It’s amazing what this subreddit comes up with in terms of these fetish scenarios with every image that gets posted here. And don’t get it twisted; all of these things are made by the community, which is incredibly creative as well!

Not that active even with unique content

While we’re on the subject of the community being incredibly creative, it’s also important that you have a huge community supporting you if you want to make it in the world of adult entertainment, especially on Reddit. With so many NSFW subs out there, it’s tough to stand out. I don’t know why, but /r/xxxcaptions isn’t really all that big. They also don’t have much activity on some of the posts that get uploaded here. I don’t know why that is, but I wish that the community was less lazy here and wanted to upvote on these posts more and even comment on them too. That’s what I really want to see.

Right now, all you have is 138,000 members. And that’s with the subreddit being made all the way back in 2012! How come they haven’t grown more in the meantime? I have no clue, but with the captions, the images really get a new vibe. I don’t know if I’m a fan of the videos, but the pictures are just a great way to jerk off to completely new stories and kinks that you never even thought about before. I really believe that there is a lot of potential here, and I have to hand it to the mods here because they really came up with something special that makes any porn scene look like something special and unique on Reddit.

Subreddit design needs major changes

And finally, I have to talk about the design. You guys know that I hate it when there are subs on Reddit that don’t even bother enough to change the color of the subreddit. This subreddit is so damn basic that I don’t know what to do about it to make it work. The only thing that isn’t basic about it is the flair system. They have a great flairing system in place that I already talked about in this review. But when you try it out, you’ll realize how great it is. I really love using this in order to get the best content possible. When I want to see porn in a certain genre, I always have the possibility of doing so here.

But what doesn’t work on this sub is the fact that they didn’t do many things. They didn’t change the main color scheme of the sub that was kept on the same boring-ass blue color that all other default subs are on. There is also no avatar and no cover photo, and those two things can be added quite easily. But instead, the mods here are just sitting on their asses and not doing anything about this. I’m telling you, this is probably one of the reasons why this place isn’t bigger. I can see the potential, but the implementation just isn’t there. I really wish that they could solve these things so we can enjoy it more.

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