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Xprime UK already sounds sexier than anything Amazon could ever hope to deliver in a day, and all it took was adding an X. Maybe I’m easy to impress, but I know what t...


Xprime UK already sounds sexier than anything Amazon could ever hope to deliver in a day, and all it took was adding an X. Maybe I’m easy to impress, but I know what that X stands for, and I bet you do, too. We’re all perverts around here, so don’t feel bad; in fact, this site will probably make you feel really fucking good and even better if you remembered to restock your lube supply. We wouldn’t want you to get all chafed and bloody while trying to enjoy all that Asian porn inside. bills itself as The Most Popular Asian Porn Site. Well, that’s a huge brag, and I’m not entirely sold yet. But I am absolutely willing to pull up their collection, shake my dick around, and give my professional masturbator’s opinion.  They’re a relatively young operation putting out premium Indian porno movies. That’s an underserved market with little in the way of pornographic representation, so I was eager to get inside and see what kind of smut they were peddling.

A Buffet of Indian Porn Flavors

The Adults-Only warning page for XprimeUK doesn’t have much in the way of imagery, with a set of largely safe-for-work thumbnails lingering in the background behind a bunch of text. That text itself is enticing, though, talking up the product starring “the cutest stars from Asia, celebrating their natural beauty and curves.” The blurb goes on to say they’ve got hundreds of videos, shot artistically and cinematically in categories from anal porn to sensual lovemaking to foot fetish videos. So far, so good.

Let’s be real here: Indian culture isn’t known for being terribly open about sex, nor are they known for their dirty movies. That’s why I’m so impressed by the even longer categories list on the actual tour page. They really do have all kinds of Indian porn. The genres go as hard as you’d expect on a western porn site, with categories like blowjob, creampie, cum of face, and deepthroat. They’ve got rough sex, girl on girl, teens, and threesomes—the list goes on. The biggest surprise to me was the gay selection. It isn’t my thing, but I like to see a well-rounded collection that appeals to perverts of all stripes. All that’s missing is the trannies, but maybe that’s next.

Despite the hardcore language, the thumbnail images are decidedly soft. American porn sites try to lure you in with spread-out pussy lips, cock-impaled buttholes, and pretty faces drenched in hot sperm. Maybe it’s that conservative Indian attitude toward sex, but I don’t even see any nipples unless you count the shirtless guys. Nobody’s having explicit sex, just a lot of kissing, caressing, and flashing fuck-me faces.

One of my pet peeves is that many paysites these days have dropped video previews from their tour pages. In this case, I’m a little more annoyed. What if I get inside and everyone’s humping with their clothes on or faking orgasms with glue? I knew there was only one way to find out, which meant a ticket to the entire show.

How Can Indian Porno Be So Cheap?

If you’re a regular consumer of premium porn, you already know that most paysites cost thirty bucks a month. That’s just the going rate. It’s what I charge at PornDudeCasting because it’s what people expect, and I think it’s a fair rate for a good premium porn subscription. By contrast,
a membership to is cheap as fucking hell. The regular rate is just ten bucks a month, or twenty-five for 90 days. Even if you sign up for the 3-day trial and let it auto-bill you, it only costs $12 a month.

The price goes against all common sense, but I’m honestly not that surprised. I can still find Indian restaurants offering lunch for ten bucks in even the biggest American cities, which doesn’t make any fucking sense either. I don’t know where the profit margins are, but I’m definitely not complaining. Pass the pakoras and the teen threesomes, please.

One of the big questions with any paysite is how much of a bang you’re getting for your buck. In other words, how big is the collection you’re buying into? To go back to that Indian restaurant comparison, is XPrime UK like a good buffet where you can fill up on as much Indian smut as your dirty little heart desires? The blurb out front, promising hundreds of videos, seems to imply so.

Well, I’m afraid it isn’t quite so, at least not yet. They’ll soon have hundreds of movies if they keep building the site, but the current XprimeUK library is a bit more modest. As of this writing, they’ve got around 60 movies. You can see the complete list even if you don’t have a registered account for the site, so make sure to take a look at the current list if you’re a volume porn shopper.

How long will it take for them to reach that “hundreds” benchmark they’re already claiming? Not long, honestly, because they’re adding a new movie every few days. My golden standard for any paysite is at least one update a week, which is what I expect even if I’m paying the whole thirty bucks for a site. Xprime UK outdoes the fuck out of my usual standard for a fraction of a price, which is always a good thing.

Watching Indian Bhabis Acting Naughty

Even as a professional porn reviewer and expert masturbator, I sometimes get a little overwhelmed when I’m trying to decide where to start my official fap test of a site. It’s a crucial decision because my opinion on whatever video I choose will be reflected here at ThePornDude. I don’t want to choose a bad video, then give a lousy review about an otherwise good site, or mislead my visitors into checking out a website where most of the content is fucking bullshit.

In this case, though, I knew exactly where I was going to start. The thick babe with the sultry smile in the thumbnail for Naughty Bhabi got me excited, even if she’s wearing lingerie that’s almost comically wholesome by my American pervert standards. I clicked through to the video page. There’s a baked-in video player to stream the twenty-minute movie, but there are no Download buttons on XprimeUK. You would be out of luck if you were hoping to save all your favorites for later.

After an animated Xprime logo, there’s a warning about smoking being hazardous and “NONE OF THE PERFORMERS IN THE SERIES PROMOTE OR SUPPORT SMOKING.” I have to say I’ve never seen that in a porno, but Indian porn is different. The actual movie opens with a guy whacking off while watching porn on his phone, so I skipped ahead a bit. Five minutes in, she’s on her back with her tits exposed as the duo makes out. A couple of minutes later, they’re both fully naked as he starts to eat her out.

I was worried Xprime UK would be full of weak-ass softcore, so I was happy to see the sexy bhabi sucking on his uncensored cock. Unfortunately, she doesn’t go very deep, so I’d recommend she watch some American blowjob movies to learn a bit of pornstar fellatio technique. (I’ve had some incredible sloppy blowjobs over at PornDudeCasting!) He starts fucking her pussy around the fifteen-minute mark, the camera alternating between wide shots and a close-up of the penetration.

Naughty Bhabi has an amateur feel to it, which was common on the Xprime movies I checked out. However, some of them do seem to have a higher budget and more skilled pornographers at work. For example, the more recent Marry Me feels like it might have a completely different producer because the costumes, camerawork, and actual sex are all improved from what I saw in Naughty Bhabi. Then again, maybe whoever’s running the site is just learning fast, getting better at making porn by producing more of it. Whatever the case, I’m eager to find out what comes next. might not be the Most Popular Asian Porn Site, as the bold text in their header claims, but they’re definitely off to a strong start. It’s hard to find hardcore porno movies with Indian pornstars and actors, and here’s a new collection putting out a wide range of content and growing fast. The membership is cheap as hell right now, and I can’t say for sure if that’s Indian economics or just a bargain because the site is so new. Whatever the case, it’s definitely worth a look if you’re into Indian babes.

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