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XNXX Black is the ebony wing of one of the most popular porn websites ever. Xnxx has been around for twenty years and helped define what the porn industry is today...


There are all types of women in this world, and they each have traits that make them alluring. The most important thing is that every country is loaded with sluts, whores, and philanderers. I’m talking about the kind of slut, whore, and philanderer that likes to keep evidence of her promiscuity on the internet for posterity. Ebony bitches are among the most popular bitches out there. And speaking of posterity, ebony bitches are so popular in part due to their posteriors.

The smooth brown skin and feminine shape of black women tempt men of every ethnicity. It doesn’t matter what kind of asshole they may be in real life. Guess what the most popular form of porn is for all the racist fucks in the US. Interracial. Not even ignorant hate can stop a red-blooded man from admitting these bitches are sexy. That’s a testament to the booty if I have ever heard one.

Bigger is Better

Of course, big asses aren’t the only big thing ebony porn is famous for. The dicks tend to be equally impressive. If you want to watch a tiny little skinny slut get impaled by an unusually massive cock you have to call in Mandingo. The look on these bitches faces after the dick reveal could best be described as shock, awe, terror, and anticipation. It’s a look you could never hope to see in real life. The best facial expression you can expect to garner in a woman is a pensive glance that says, “are you actually inside of me” followed quickly by a piercing stare that asks, “did you already cum?” Trust me. Those two faces are much different than the ones Mandingo can inspire.

Interracial porn is one of the most popular forms of ebony porn. Actually, it is one of the most popular genres of porn, period. Any black male porn star will tell you that ninety percent of the films they shoot are interracial. Blacked has done for racial equality what few others have been able to do. In porn, we trust to carry us forward into a world better than the one we shall leave.

If you are a fan of ebony porn, you can see content from studios like Blacked and many more on Xnxx. If you haven’t heard of Xnxx, you should stop calling yourself a masturbator. Xnxx helped to revolutionize the porn industry. We wouldn’t have all the tube sites we do today if it weren’t for their influence. These bastards have been around forever.

On that note, before continuing, I need to wish Xnxx a happy twentieth anniversary. I wasn’t lying when I said these guys have been at it for a while and that I’ve been with Xnxx for every one of those years. If I had a dime for every time I cast off a nut while watching porn on this site, I would be retired and living on a tropical island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Someplace where the dollar goes a long way and the young women throw themselves at you. That’s the life for me—cheers to another twenty years of making men everywhere hard as a rock.

After twenty years of collecting porn, you can imagine what their ebony section looks like. Not only is it laden with a quarter million videos, but there’s no filler. These bitches are top of the line and top of their class. You won’t find a more refined black tail to jab your cock in.

Twenty years is also long enough to build one hell of a website. Xnxx is one of the original tube sites. The methods used here are familiar, but these guys developed them in part. They didn’t copy. They trailblazed. The main menu surrounds the header and includes the options Home, A search bar, A language selector, A content origin selector, A Sexuality selector, Categories listed alphabetically, Best of, Hits, Tags, Pictures, Live cams, Sex stories, Forums, Pornstars, Games, Gold (their premium service), Settings, and Bookmark.

That’s quite the fucking menu. Despite its expansive size, they do a great job organizing the menu into a digestible form. Twenty years on the market have given time for Xnxx to gather a global fan base of passionate porn purveyors. This has led them to translate the site into twenty-one languages, including Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Polish, Japanese, and Italian.

Xnxx isn’t the only site to translate their site into a bevy of different languages. Many have gotten popular enough to deserve that effort, but very few sites offer to change the content. You can turn the place into a French or German site using the content selector, not just translate it. Xnxx put a lot of effort into the feature. This is the level they are willing to go for their customers. They know precisely what people like you and me need to have a nut-busting good time.

Below the main menu is a filter to manipulate the main page content. The options are Mode, Period, Length, Video quality, and Viewed videos. Mode lets you switch between viewing random content and hits. Period can organize content by the date released.

Below the filter is a list of related tags. This includes shit like Interracial, Black lesbians, Black big beautiful women, Thots, Black teens, Big black ass, and Cream pie. The most popular tags are displayed in a larger font.

The Elephant is a Midget

As you can tell from the tag list, there’s every variant of ebony porn here. Let’s take a peek at how deep the water goes. Before I can go any farther, I have to talk about the elephant in the room. There are a surprising amount of midgets in the ebony category. It’s not something I have come to expect or seen in many other ebony categories. That’s not to say it isn’t appreciated. If you love to watch petite bitches wrecked by massive black cock, then a midget is the perfect victim. They are basically little living fleshlights. You can see the cock moving a bitch’s organs out of the way.

I’m shocked the white midget bitch in “Porno Hardcore Midget Black Cock” survived this encounter. When she pulled the dude’s dick out, I assumed this was an episode of CSI: Special Victims Unit. This bitch is going to fuck around and get herself killed. Yet, despite my reservations, she hops on that cock like her pussy is a portal into another universe.

As one should expect, there’s a ton of ‘pussy destroyed by huge cock’ porn in the ebony section of Xnxx. “Hot Mexican Teen Nola Exico Gets Some Big Black Cock Inside of Her” takes it a bit far, though. This dude’s cock is unreasonable. By that, I mean the dildo he is holding in the fly of his pants is unreasonable. There’s a ton of talented, well-endowed black talent to hire, so why get some little dicked guy and give him a dildo? Besides the plastic look, the clear giveaway is his refusal to remove his pants.

The bitch in “Black Babe with a Nice Butt Gets Fucked by a Huge Black Cock - Ebony Porn” is one of the sexiest cunts on the site. She is perfect from the face to tits, to ass, to pussy. It’s clear she loves taking dick also, and no time is wasted with foreplay. The video starts with this guy already being balls deep, and the camera angle goes from one of my least favorite to one of my favorite.

The least favorite is that missionary-from-behind angle where all you can see is the dude’s balls and the chick’s asshole. That’s not why I came here and not how I’ll cum here. My favorite is that spread eagle missionary where you can see all of the pussy and titties. I want as much body in every shot as possible. I need my porn shot in a room full of mirrors.

Xnxx is one of the best porn sites ever to do it. Every tube site that came afterward owes these guys a huge debt of gratitude. They helped make the porn industry what it is today. In the twenty years they have been around, they developed a superbly well-designed website. You don’t get much better than this. The same can be said for the content they amassed over that time as well. With over a quarter-million ebony porn videos, Xnxx will keep you busy for years to come.

Being the masters that they are, I’m hard-pressed to come up with enhancements that could be made. They just added a new midget video as I typed that last sentence. It seems that the focus on dwarfs is a bit strong for an ebony section.

Xnxx is one of the best ever to do this shit. There’s no way you will ever come away disappointed.

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