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Everybody knows about chicks with dicks. There’s not a man on earth who doesn’t know if you’re horny in Thailand to check under the hood before driving off the lot. You don’t want to be met with a dong surprise. Let’s just hope you find it before it ends up in your asshole.

But is it the worst thing if you get ass fucked by a Thai tranny hooker? I’m not sure. That depends on if it’s your thing or not. Regardless of if it’s your thing, one crucial question remains difficult to answer. It’s time for round three of what’s gayer? Watching a dude fuck a chick or watching a chick with a dick fuck a chick.

For this edition, I want to introduce a would you rather. Would you rather fuck a dude with a pussy or a chick with a dick? Each time I hold one option in my head, I assume the other one must be the correct answer. This is not your average would you rather.

After much debate, I’m leaning toward fucking a chick with a dick. First off, that dude with a pussy has no tools with which to get me hard. It’s not like a can just stare into his pussy and blank out ninety-nine percent of his body. It’s much easier to ignore the smaller penis. Plus, a chick with a dick has ninety-nine percent of her body with which to get me hard. Her face will be attractive, and hopefully, she has a great rack and ass.

Body hair is another massive advantage of the chick with dick over the dude with pussy. If I had to fuck a dude with a pussy I couldn’t have any part of his body touch mine. I would hate to feel his sandpapery body hair rubbing against my belly. I’ll take a slow death over that.

I can have the dude give himself a full-body shave, but I don’t know if that would be better. No matter how thoroughly you shave, there is always some left, and now those leftovers have been made sharp and poky by the blade. No matter what, there is no way for me to avoid the cursed knowledge that this dude is a polar bear.

What if the guy goes to suck my dick? Dick sucking would have to be off-limits. If even just a hint of five o’clock shadow scrapes against my thighs, I’m fleeing in horror. It’s much different feeling some shit touching you than just having to ignore it visibly. You can bet that while I’m fucking the chick with a dick, her penis is never coming in contact with my body. I’ll bring a Kamasutra, so we can locate all the positions that keep the dick and balls away from my body and out of view. I can’t deal with both balls and a vest full of chest hair.

Assholes are Pussies Too

Another advantage of chicks with dicks is their assholes. While I will miss the pussy I’m losing out on; the chick has an orifice I can go balls deep in. It’s not like I’ll only be able to fuck her mouth. I fuck chicks in the ass already, so it won’t be new territory.

This is where the male anatomy comes to give me a hand also. While the female taint is only a thin membrane, the male taint is long and luxurious. It provides plenty of room between asshole and ball sack. We call that the buffer area. It ensures that this chick’s balls won’t swing around and give a kiss to my balls.

But, some men are cursed with an extra-long scrotum, so I must assume this can happen with lady scrotums also. So, in the case where I’m dealing with Newton’s cradle in a grocery bag, I’ll tape them along the thigh. Actually, I’ll have her do the honors.

I understand if your love of pussy is so strong you would rather fuck the dude, but I think you’re wrong, and you’ll regret it the moment you make eye contact with the fella. I can’t imagine the feeling in my heart and balls as homie winks at me. It would never be more apparent to me that the world is cursed.

For some of you, that choice isn’t a choice because they would rather be fucking a chick with a dick in the first place. For those gentlemen, may I present the tranny section of Xlovecam? Xlovecam is one of my favorite cam sites in general, so you know, any category on the site is going to be fantastic. They seem to have gone that extra mile on the chicks with dicks, even for them. I think at least one of the admin had a special place in his balls for these bitches.

You can tell by the passionate intro they give the section where they explain what a tranny is and what they get up to on Xlovecam. All types of trans are on the site, and they all put on incredible performances. Are you a fan of biological trannies? Also known as ladies born all women except for the giant hog between their legs. Or are you more of a transvestite guy? As in men that have started the journey of becoming a woman. It all depends on if you like a feminine or masculine figure.

These trannies are willing to do any and everything it takes to make your cock rock hard. There are dirty, trashy bitches with fishnet stockings and a cigarette hanging out of their mouths. There are princesses donning lace and jewelry. There are even massive bodybuilders with muscles growing off their muscles that will snap your dick off and throw it into the tall grass to never be seen again.

Do you want to see a chick with a dick sucking her tits and jerking off? Do you want to see a bitch fingering her asshole until cum shoots out of her cock? Do you want to see sex toy use? They have it all and more.

How about couples copulating? Plenty of teams go live together and fuck for your pleasure. They bone in every way imaginable, from anal and oral, to hand and tit. And it’s not lazy fucking either. These bitches are passionate performers who put on a god damn show. It’s about making money, and great shows lead to more money.

Get in the Drivers Seat

You can also take control of what is happening on Xlovecam. To quote the site directly, “The best scenario remains the one in which you are the hero.” Do not restrain yourself from joining in on the chat and making requests. That would be some meta shit if we weren’t talking about spraying sperm on slut bitches with dangling dongs.

Private shows turn into your personal wonderland. Anything your nasty little perverted reptile brain can think of gets performed on screen for your eagerly awaiting eye holes. They exist for your pleasure, and it would be rude not to take full advantage of their services. Best of all, you can do it every single day.

Both pros and amateurs get the spotlight on Xlovecam. Some of these ladies have been at it for years and know exactly what a man wants before he does. Others are nervous newcomers who need you to play guide and make them comfortable. It’s all about what your dick desires.

Finding what your dick desires is simple on Xlovecam because they designed a fantastic website. Use the menus and filters to navigate toward the tranny of your dreams in no time. You will never feel lost and confused as to where to go next.

Xlovecam has everything any chick with dick fan needs to make his fantasies come to life. The bitches here have the skills necessary to make any man start sweating cum out of his pores. You won’t even know what to do with yourself. I take that back. You know what to do - stroke that cock until it falls off.

Although I have much love for Xlovecam, it is not perfect. I will say it is about as close to perfect as a cam site can get, though. I have to dig deep to find flaws, but if I were going to change anything, it would be aesthetic. The primarily grey background isn’t the most exciting. However, it certainly does not ruin the experience.

I bet your dick is crying out for relief at this point. So give it the satisfaction it deserves and visit Xlovecam now.

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