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XL Girls will keep you warm in the winter and give you shade in the summer, but chubby chasers are more concerned about how well they fuck. In that case, you probably ...


XL Girls will keep you warm in the winter and give you shade in the summer, but chubby chasers are more concerned about how well they fuck. In that case, you probably aren’t going to be satisfied with the local ugly chicks with beer bellies and snaggle teeth. Hey, I get it; as a guy who spends his waking days beating off to the world’s best porno, I’ve got pretty high standards when it comes to chicks I want to see while I’m adding another layer of crust to my old gym socks. When I’m fapping to fat chicks, I want the prettiest, most sexually talented BBW pornstars in the business.

And wouldn’t you know, has some of my favorite plump starlets flashing their titties right out on the landing page. I guess it should come as no surprise they know exactly what the fuck they’re doing, as they’ve been building their collection of premium BBW porno for nearly thirty years now. Do anything long enough and you’ll start to pick up a knack for the thing, but based on the thousands of daily visitors around here, I’m guessing their formula is slightly more refined than just aiming a camera at some roast beef pussy flaps. There’s only one way to find out, and it involves this bucket of lube that the Amazon guy just dropped off. Oh, speaking of Amazons…

Getting Down with some Sexy XL Girls

I know some of you cynical plumper lovers out there probably think I’m bullshitting about seeing some of my favorite XLGirls right there on the landing page. “Well, he’s ThePornDude,” you’re thinking. “It’s his whole job to pretend he’s whacking off to the same stuff as us.” I’ve never been a fake or a phoney, though, and you can check out my reviews of shit-eating porn if you don’t believe me. I’ll help a motherfucker find his preferred fap fodder even if it makes me want to want to throw out my entire stockpile of canned chili.

There’s no BS involved here. I mean, shit, chubby Czech hottie Krystal Swift is featured prominently out front. I’ve been hooked on this broad ever since catching a couple of VR flicks of hers a couple of years ago. She’s an all-around favorite, too, not just a sideshow act on a list of fat girls. XLGirls is shooting in regular ol’ 2D Ultra-HD 4k, and Krystal looks as stunning as ever. In fact, she’s a little bigger every time I see her, and still fucking beautiful.

Krystal isn’t alone. This site is steadily putting out content with some of the hottest BBW pornstars in the game. The newest flick features Mabel Moore getting down with a few of her favorite toys, and Suki Ski made a recent appearance with those 34FF tatas. Smiley Emma, Milly Marks and the mononymous Anabell also make appearances, and I haven’t even made it off the tour page yet.

There are some short video trailers out front. At maybe 30 seconds each, they’re a little difficult to get in a full fap to, but they do give you a nice taste of the girls and production values. Choose wisely, because you’re only allowed a limited number of previews per day. It was but a sneak peek, but it was enough to get me to the signup page.

Super Size Me, Please!

I’ve been reviewing a lot of premium BBW sites lately as I build up this section of ThePornDude. One thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of them are offering monthly rates below the industry standard of thirty bones a month. I was hoping that’s the case at, but nah, it’s the same $30 as the skinny girl sites, or $40 if you’d rather get a non-recurring charge. (I always just set a reminder on my phone to cancel accounts before they rebill.) The 3-month special breaks down to about twenty bucks a month, which is better, but not amazing for the genre.

I noticed a pretty killer perk out front, but I didn’t want to shoot my load and lay out all the big selling points all at once. As a porn reviewer, I’m always very interested to know how often a site adds new content. That’s one of the main factors when you’re trying to calculate your bang-per-buck ratio, and these fat-loving perverts have got it in spades.

They’re adding new XL Girls five days a week. I would have been happy with one, but they’re just out there crushing it every day. It looks like most of the flicks average around twenty minutes, so that dollar is going plenty far. Shit, you couldn’t even buy one of these chicks dinner for the price it costs to subscribe for a whole month.

I don’t think their release schedule has been this consistently rapid-fire for their whole run. In fact, when you start digging deeper into their catalog, the upload dates disappear. Still, they’ve been around a long fucking time, which has been great for building a huge fucking stash. As of this writing, there are 1,848 videos of XL Girls fucking in the collection. You didn’t have any plans this month, did you?

Hardcore, Lesbian and Solo XL Girls

When paysites update nearly every day, it’s common to get a lot of solo stuff in the collection. is putting out a good mix of solo, hardcore and lesbian BBW flicks in a wide range of categories. You have to figure, they’ve been at it for years, so they’ve got to go in all kinds of directions with the shoots. They’ve done a great job tagging the flicks with the various niches, sex acts, scenarios and hair colors, making it easy to dig through that massive pile of plumper films.

I know it sounds cliché and kind of stupid to say they have something for everyone, but yeah, they do, at least if you’re into fat chicks. The dropdown menu on the Videos page offers nearly a hundred subcategories of plumper porn like Asian, Anal, Doctor and Double Penetration. There’s Cuckolding and Cumshots, Group Sex and Squirting. If that ain’t kinky enough, try Pregnancy, Lactation or the broad Fetish category.

I appreciate how has broken their Threesome categories into three separate tags, FFF, FFM and FMM, letting you skip to your chosen configuration. I’ve always been a fan of big chicks double teaming on a dude, so I pulled up the middle option. I had a page full of results to choose from, so I checked out the latest. The Pick-Up Girls, released just a couple of weeks ago, is a 25-minute BBW porno starring Scarlett Rouge (5’4”, 155lbs) and Selena Castro (5’, 118lbs).

The movie opens with Scarlett and Selena sipping drinks in a club when they notice some dude checking them out. There’s some comically stiff dialog and sexy jiggly bodies in tight clothing, and by the two-minute mark, Scarlett is sucking the dude’s balls while Selena wraps her mouth around the shaft. I love how Scarlett’s tits bounce around while she bobs her head, a natural result of both physics and impressive genetics.

The double blowjob scene segues into a titfuck sequence, Scarlett working her friend’s clit while the dude bangs the Latina’s jugs, poking it into her waiting mouth. Selena is a squealer, and fucking adorable to boot. You may feel like you want to save this one for your permanent spank bank, in which case you should take advantage of those included downloads for members. They’ve got Tetris-quality 360p for the poor on dialup, but the rest of you can grab the 4K version, so it looks good on your TV.

Really, the only potential downside I can see to is for the real fat fans who love SSBBWs. The XL Girls you’ll find here are chubby and chunky and fat, but you don’t get those mountainous 350-pounders you sometimes find feeding and facesitting on the kinkier BBW sites. The biggest chick I found was Amy Villainous, who weighs in at 240 pounds, but most of the chicks have a smaller fat-girl body type.

That said, XLGirls is definitely worth a look and probably a membership if you’re a consumer of premium BBW porno. The chicks are fat and sexy, and holy fuck, there are so many of them! The collection already runs thirty years deep and their release schedule is one of the best in the business, so it’s a great option if you’re into fat chicks.

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