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If you wish that you could get your dick wet without putting in any of the hard work of wooing a woman to fuck you, there are many ways to do this. You could flash a l...


If you wish that you could get your dick wet without putting in any of the hard work of wooing a woman to fuck you, there are many ways to do this. You could flash a lot of cash if you have it on your hands. A certain type of woman will spread her legs when you show a few Benjamins out in the wild, so maybe you could try that at the risk of getting mugged.

Or you could just try dating. But goddamn, that's a lot of hard work. If you want a more straightforward approach, why not reach out to XEscort Hub. Or, as your grandpappy used to call it, meet a lady of the night. Unlike him though, you don't have to sneak back over behind the country church after sunset to get a blowjob before anyone sees you. Nowadays, you can arrange this kind of meet-up from the comfort of your own home.

Grandpappy would be proud of your initiative. Arrange a meeting with a beautiful woman in your part of the US. Then, get your cock chugged by a beauty that will make you feel like you have as big a penis as the founder of ThePornDude! Wow, that's a huge schlong!

Easy to browse by region

Finding an escort that will appeal to your fucking needs is not going to work if you are looking in the wrong location. Even a goddamn idiot like PornGeek knows that! Just finding an escort in the US is not enough. What good will any of that searching do you if you are looking in California but live in New York? Unless you have enough time and money for an airplane ticket, then maybe searching in that part of the country is not a huge deal.

But for everyone else that wants to be within driving or even walking distance, you will need to find an escort that lives in your vicinity. Fortunately, XEscort Hub makes finding an escort in your part of the country easy as hell. All you have to do is click on the 'plus' symbol belonging to one of the states. Of course, you need to select the state you live in, are in close proximity to, travel to often, or whatever the case may be.

Once you do that, you will then see the regions that have escort listings available in that state. Of course, you need to select the region that is the closest to you. Or again, the region you do not mind driving or traveling to if you want to get your little pee-pee wet.

After you have chosen the region where you want to browse, you will then see the top escorts in that particular region. These top escorts are labeled as 'VIP escorts,' which shows you the escorts that I guess everyone is fucking at the moment. I'm not sure what makes them VIP escorts necessarily, because I could not find any indication as to what made certain posters' VIP.'

Maybe it's a fucking marketing thing, who the hell knows. At any rate, you probably won't care. That is because the thumbnails are large and catch your attention. If an escort has a sexy picture that they have posted on XEscort Hub, you are going to see it front and center. Your dick will be hard as fuck, and you are going to fucking want to click on the listing to see the rest of that escort's sexy as hell pictures.

If age is an issue to you, then you will also be pleased to find that the thumbnail in each listing also features the escort's age. That is right. If you want to know an escort's age, their age is displayed in the thumbnail of their listing. That way, when you click on their listing, you never feel like you have to jump out quickly because they are not of a certain age. This saves you time and energy, allowing you to focus on searching for the escorts that will get you off the most.

I did notice that several escorts listed on XEscort Hub did not have any actual photos listed on their listing's thumbnail. One listing had an illustration of a Greek mythological monster. Making me wonder if you call her (it?) if you are getting laid from a beast or a female...

It also makes me wonder if XEscort Hub actually checks on any of the images to see if they are legitimate in the first place. When you click on a listing and take a look within the profile, you will probably find that this actually is not the fucking case. That is because XEscort Hub features a disclaimer in the listing that says, 'we recommend that don't make any pre-payment, XEscort Hub will not be responsible for any financial losses.'

The entire disclaimer is written fucking poorly, so that needs to change. But beyond that, it makes me think that if you meet up with someone that looks different than the person in the listing, they are going to state that you should have done your own due diligence.

That is not to say that XEscort Hub feels this way. It is merely the vibe that I get from them. I could not find any information stating that they verify images in any way. So again, when the site says that they are not responsible for your financial losses, they are not fucking around. That also most likely means that they are not responsible for verifying that you are meeting with people that share the same likeness as the images they have on their profile.

There is not anything wrong with that. XEscort Hub is not your fucking mother! Thus, do not expect them to verify the identity of anyone for you. To be safe, verify the escort you are contemplating meeting on your own. How you do this, well, that is entirely up to you.

Dark mode available

For those of you mother fuckers that want to browse XEscort Hub in the middle of the night – you know, when your significant other is asleep – the great thing is that you are no longer tied to your desktop. You can browse a site like XEscort Hub on your mobile device. The issue is that when you are looking around on the site in the middle of the night, you are blinded by the glaring light on your device. It's blinding and can give you a fucking headache!

XEscort Hub must realize the type of people that are looking around on their site. Which is why they offer a 'dark mode.' Yes, XEscort Hub allows you to look at all of the escorts on the site in a dark mode. Click 'shade' to turn on the dark mode and navigate the site without straining your eyeballs.

No matter what device you are using, the dark mode should fucking work too. I never had a problem activating it on my mobile or desktop devices. Try it out if you want to look around on the site with general ease. It's a feature that should be standard on all escort sites, and I am fucking glad to see it on XEscort Hub!

Detailed info in escort listings

As you know, none of this shit really matters if you cannot find anything out about an escort. Sure, the thumbnail may make you want to click and reach out to them. But without relevant information in the listing, how in the hell are you supposed to even call them in the fucking first place?

XEscort Hub solves this problem by providing you with a wealth of information within each listing. In each escort listing, you will find important information such as an escort's number, name, age, gender, if they do in call/out call, location, eye color, hair color, height, bust, a handful of images, and an 'about them' section.

The one thing that XEscort Hub needs to add that is missing on the site is a 'services' section. This is not listed on the site. Instead, the services provided must be listed in the 'about me' section of the listing. In most cases, they are, and it is pretty damn easy to figure out what kind of escort they are, what they offer, what you can expect, and so on.

Still, just to make the listings come across as organized, this type of section should be in each listing. It just makes it easier for visitors to find exactly what an escort provides, does not provide, and may provide so they can hop in and out.


XEscort Hub is an escort site that has a wide array of escort listings for just about every state in the United States. It is easy to find an escort that will fucking get you off as well. Unfortunately, there are too many states listing on XEscort Hub that do not have any ads. On top of that, browsing by gallery does not work in every region. These issues need to be resolved to ensure that everyone that visits XEscort Hub can visit their own respective region of the United States with ease.

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