“Wow, girls!” I still say it all the time, even as a depraved porn addict who never stops shaking his dick at the screen. I’m just in awe of hot bitches, I guess, hardwired to appreciate the natural and sometimes enhanced beauty of girls next door and porn sluts alike. That’s probably why I’m entranced within seconds of hitting the landing page at WowGirls. They look like the girls next door, but goddamn, they’re getting into some serious porno sex!

WowGirls.com calls themselves The Future of Porn, but they’ve got a pretty impressive past, too. They’ve been building their collection of hot young whores fucking each other and every cock they can find since 2006, amassing a collection that now spans nearly 10,000 explicit sex videos! I hope you have really good forearm stamina.

The Future of Porn?

I have to mention that “Future of Porn” motto again because the landing page sure as hell has a timeless look. By that, I mean, you can’t really tell what era of Internet porn it came out of. The basic text and single-column layout look age-appropriate for a site that first popped up in 2006, but the crisp moving previews are as modern as can be. A lot of old websites like this have a really stale look and layout, so I like that these guys have kept up with the times while maintaining something of their old flavor.

Another tagline at the top of the screen tells us, “The Most Beautiful, Nude, Sexed Up Girls on Films Are Called Wow Girls!” It sounds like a typical porn-site brag, but it’s hard to complain about the hotties spread out all over the page. It’s mostly one-name, amateur Euro teens and a smattering of pornstars you’ve heard of. They don’t have the biggest names in the business, but they’ve got some true stunners like Aimee Ryan, Izzy Delphine and Alecia Fox.

They seem to have a type here. The Wow Girls all skew young, mostly late teens and early 20s, with slender body types and faces that only look innocent. I think all the unknown Euro chicks really enhances the girl-next-door appeal of the site. I love the cute mega-starlets you see on the biggest porn sites, but we’ve already seen them enough times to know they ain’t half as innocent as they seem. Some of these WowGirls almost have me fooled until I see them eating cock.

The front-page previews, which include free video trailers, feature all kinds of sexual depravity. There are young cuties playing with themselves, young lesbians licking each other, and young sweethearts riding backwards cowgirl. There’s outdoor sex and 69s, and even some anal sex and squirting right out on the tour page. The scenes have a sensual, romantic vibe, as if we’re looking in on real lovers getting really fucking freaky while cameras just happen to be rolling.

Daily Updates and Bonus Content

The standard monthly membership for WowGirls.com goes for thirty bucks a month, with cheaper rates for more extended subscribers. That ain’t news, because that’s what just about every paysite is charging these days. What is notable, though, is that
membership includes full access to 3 different paysites. Along with WowGirls, you get AllFineGirls and WowPorn. Wow!

As I’m writing this, they’re also offering a free month to new subscribers. If you took the retard math class, let me break it down for you. If you signed up for 3 sites for 2 months at a regular porn price somewhere else, you’d be looking at dropping nearly two-hundred bones. It’s only thirty bucks here. That’s a steal!

The sign-up page says they update every day. I was more than a little skeptical. I haven’t left ThePornDude mansion for months, and I’ve barricaded the doors against the toilet paper hordes. So many of the paysites are slowing their updates on account of COVID-19 and not even telling you until you get inside. I’m writing this in May, and I can tell WowGirls is still rocking, full steam ahead. They’re still adding updates every day, including multiple videos per week!

They add a new gallery every day. Still, pornography doesn’t get the attention it used to, but Wow Girls puts a hell of a lot more effort into it than most premium sites. This is genuine, old-school porn photography, with sexy girls in sexy poses. It’s nice to see these when so many websites just pull a bunch of random screengrabs from their videos so they can tell subscribers they have 10 million photos. The WowGirls galleries stand on their own as erotic, fappable art, including many that don’t have a corresponding film.

Wow! Sexy, Slutty Girls in 4K!

As much as I appreciate the beauty of a Wow Girl photographed nude in her native environment, I’ve gotten a little bit spoiled by all the HD movies I spend my days fap-testing. Fortunately, they’ve got that huge pile I mentioned in the opening, and
all the newer stuff is coming out in blistering 4K ultra-HD.

WowGirls.com really seems to pride itself on showing off how gorgeous these babes are, so it’s no surprise that around half of the films are solo features. The newest one features the adorably cute Leona Mia getting down with herself for a good 25 minutes. There’s soft music playing as she slowly gets naked and starts dipping her fingers into her twat.

I wanted to see fucking, though. A week ago, they released a 44-minute flick with Sia Siberia called Say Hi to Bombshell. She’s riding some dude’s big dick in the thumbnail, and I liked the look on her face too much to pass it by. The little slut is admiring her own pretty self with her phone’s camera as the scene opens. The smooth music complements the professional camerawork well, with clean cuts as a mostly wordless intro sets the stage. Sia sends her home video to a dude, who naturally has to come see her in the next scene.

The video streams smoothly at 1080p HD, with only a second of buffering when I jump around throughout the movie. They’re not currently streaming 4K, but it is one of the resolution options for the downloadable versions. Downloads are included with your membership, so stock up!

The dude shows up almost 5 minutes in, and that’s when the movie really kicks off. They ease into it slowly with some slow finger-sucking before some titty play, which leads to some fingers in Sia’s sweet, shaved cunt. One of the best things is how she’s already soaking wet by the time he pulls her panties aside. This girl wants it bad!

Sensual Sex and Dirty Fucking

That sensual vibe I noticed out front is even more noticeable in the full Wow Girls videos. The shots tend to be slow and lingering, letting us take our time to savor just as the participants are savoring the on-screen sex. Even when the dude in Say Hi to Bombshell starts to pound Sia like a dog, exposing her asshole, stretching out her pink cunt and showing us, there’s a softness to it. This ain’t a race, after all.

The movies are a little quieter, too, with less phoned-in porn talk and fake moans. The girls do get loud when they’re excited, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not the like the sites where they spend the whole scene screaming, “Oh my god, fuck yes, stretch out my asshole, fuck, yes, oh my god!” I’m not sure if it’s just because they’re withholding the porn noises, but the moans, wails and grunts seem more passionate, genuine, and sexy as fuck.

Cute Seducer is a great example of what separates Wow Girls from your typical premium porn site. Here we have a plaid-skirted schoolgirl with a shaved beaver getting smashed and getting jizz on her pretty face, which is a typical porn setup. It’s presented with that erotic, lingering sensual feel they infuse their movies with, elevating it to something more than your typical schoolgirl fuck movie.

WowGirls.com has gotten plenty of practice over the years, and it’s clear they know exactly what they’re doing. They bang out classy porno at a staggering rate, continually adding to their already-massive stash of Euro perversion. It’s a killer site on its own, but the bonus sites and other perks really bump it up to the next level. Check out the free previews on the landing page for a little try before you buy.

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