Am I the only one who fucking hates this new trend of super short clips going on in porn right now? How am I supposed to bust a nut to one of these cringy 30 second to fap videos? It’s bullshit. I’m not some beta who cums at their first glance of some nice tits. I like to take it slow, enjoy my experience. I’m not trying to rub one out quick before my parents get home like some of you losers out there.

I have the time and resources to take my jerk off sessions to the next fucking level. I want full-length movies with a plot I can follow. Yeah, some porn plots fucking suck. But at least it’s better than being thrown in with no context. I want a whole sexy experience to fap to.

I did some digging, and I found a site that offers just that sort of experience. is a premium porn site that, despite its name, isn’t really about pictures at all. They have been producing full-length porn movies since way back in 1999. Talk about a long fucking legacy. And it shows. They have a shit ton of content on here that they have produced throughout the years. Parodies, films, scenes, and more.

The site seems to be doing alright enough, but the view counts are on a serious downswing. The members' area is down at 15k a month, whereas they were bringing in around 40k about 6 months back. And the free section brings in around 320k, but you can’t even view video previews there. If you click on a video you’ll just get sent over to a page asking you to pay up in order to watch.

Tiered Membership System Tries to Wring as Much Money Out of you as Possible

Speaking of paying up, the site is a premium one. You’ll have to pay around 9 bucks a month if you pay for the year. They also have 1 dollar trials that will net you 2 days of access. Not a bad deal, but some previews would be nice. But wait, there’s more. That’s not the only premium subscription available.

There’s a VIP subscription that makes you pay even more! That subscription lets you download videos, gives you VIP support, and a few other exclusive features. Fuck that. You want me to pay around 200 bucks a year just to download your videos? No thanks. That should come standard with a regular premium subscription. And then there’s this section for Wicked Premium, which seems to be some other premium site with similar content. It’s just way too fucking much. You’d have to pay for three separate 9-10 dollar a month subscriptions to get access to all three.

Annoying Ads Every Time you Login

Once you have your membership sorted out, you can login and poke around the members' section of the site. At least, once you click skip on the shit they try and sell you every time you login. Seriously, stop with that if I’m paying for your site, to begin with. Having to skip an ad every time I login is a bit much. Especially since you see the same ad in the banner at the top of the member area anyway. Overkill much.

The landing page has a bright white backdrop with a black header up top. A large banner flips through “deals” as well as some of the newer releases on the site. The header has options for “Explore, Categories, Discounts, Wicked Premium, Meet & Fuck, Cams, and VIP.” The free cams are alright. There’re a solid selection of babes you get access to with your membership, but you still have to pay for private shows and all that. But you can pretty much ignore Discounts, Wicked Premium, Meet & Fuck, and VIP unless you want to spend some more money.

Header Makes it Easy to Navigate and Browse the Large Collection of Movies

The “Explore” area is pretty useful. From there you can check out pages with all of the pornstars from the site, watch every movie or scene, or browse by bonus one-off videos. Each page there is pretty straightforward. The girls' section lets you view a full-body photo of each pornstar, in which there are over 1000 of. You get a short description of the babe along with all of their related scenes/movies.

The scenes and movie sections let you sort by shorter videos from the movies or the full movies themselves. Again, a huge selection of content here. And most of it is streamable in 1080p. The categories list isn’t really a page. It’s just a drop-down menu, but it works pretty well. It’s organized nicely and is easy to browse.

Lackluster Video Previews, but the Video Player is Great

But let's talk videos and previews. I’m not a huge fan of the way they do video previews. First off, they are way too small. Second, there’s no tag for video times. Third, they are just still images. No slideshows or animated previews here. No model names either unless the name is in the title. All you get is the title, date released, view count, rating, and which scene number it is. I get that all of the videos are long, but it would still be nice to see the exact time.

The videos themselves are more promising. You can stream them in 1080p with almost no buffering issues. There you will find tags, which pornstars are featured, and what movie the scene is from. I was surprised to see that there wasn’t a related videos section. It’s not a huge loss or anything, but it’s not often that I don’t see that section included. You can also like or favorite the video to come back to later, but, as I mentioned earlier, you can’t even download these videos. While the videos might not be as long on other sites, at least you can download them.

Good Mobile Experience

The mobile site works well enough. I didn’t see any big issues with navigation or anything like that. All of the videos played quickly like they did on the desktop site. The menus aren’t in the way. Everything is under a drop-down menu on the side and top that lets you pop around the site with ease. The video player is a little on the small side on mobile, but full screening it will fix that issue.

ThePornDude’s Favorite Features

My favorite feature about Wicked Pictures is that they have full-length movies with actual stories. Yeah, the stories aren’t going to go winning any crazy rewards or anything, but they are fun. The movies are definitely pretty quirky, but goddamn are they hot as fuck. Content is where this site really shines. Watch 1-2 hour long movies or jerk off to 30-minute scenes. And each movie is shot in HD. It’s fucking great.

I also liked the way the models' page was set up, and the fact that they have over 1000 sluts to choose from. That’s quite the lineup. And each profile has a sexy picture along with some details about them. The site as a whole is pretty well organized.

ThePornDude’s Suggestions

As much as I did like the site there were some issues. The tiered membership bullshit is exactly that. Bullshit. Just have one membership that covers all of that. Raise the price by 5 or so bucks and you’ll be golden. Not being able to download videos with a premium membership is super shitty.

The video previews could also use some work. Make them bigger, give us a slideshow, and add in all the important details that are missing like video lengths and tags. Lastly, give out some free video previews on the free section. Even if they are limited to just a few 1 minute peeks. Paying for any membership without seeing the content is dumb as fuck.

ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts

Overall, is a solid premium porn site with HD full-length movies. If that sounds good to you, then I would go for at least a trial to check it out. There are some kinks that need to be worked out. Not the good kind either. But, if you can get past the things I mentioned above, then you’ll have yourself a good fucking time here.

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