Voyeurs HD partially gives away their age in the title. They’re obviously not a vintage porn site, since HD hasn’t been around forever. They’re not brand new either, since the sites hyping their video resolution today are tacking 4K onto their brand name. Truth be told, VoyeursHD has been around for 8 years, a nice ripe old age for a fetish site. Good voyeur porn is difficult to fake well, but that near-decade of experience should give them an upper hand, not to mention a big head start building a massive collection.

VoyeursHD.com is probably exactly what you expected: a premium porn site serving up voyeur videos, spycam porn, and peeping tom perversion. Porn sites often fizzle out and die on the Internet, and the really kinky sites sometimes fare worse, failing to ever find their audience. These guys have clearly survived much better, which is already a positive sign. Of course, a porn site is only as good as the boners it gives you, so let’s see how this one gets the blood pumping to my cock.

All Kinds of Voyeur Porn and Creepshots

Before I noticed the JOIN NOW button in the corner, I honestly thought VoyeursHD was a free voyeur tube. It’s got a free tube vibe with a simple logo and dominating wall of thumbnails. Maybe it even feels a little cheap compared to some of the high budget sites I see that are polished to a high sheen. That cheapness may well be intentional, because it fits the unpolished, raw, amateur vibe the thumbnails are giving off.

Voyeur sites are a niche, but fans of the genre know how much that niche can vary from site to site. Some websites focus on creepshots, others on fake stalker scenarios, and then you’ve got the voyeur sites where most of the videos are girls peeing. It looks like VoyeursHD has multiple sources for material, because there’s a nice range of different types of voyeur videos and amateur porn.

The newest videos include a closet-cam clip of a babe trying to fit into an outfit that doesn’t fit, an upskirt video and gallery of a hipster girl ordering coffee in a short plaid skirt, and a babe covertly recorded wiping herself down after getting out of a pool. There are also a couple of homemade movies shot POV-style of pretty girls riding cock and sucking it hard.

VoyeursHD.com will let you watch a couple of very short sample clips on the tour page, but mostly you’re faced with signup links when you’re trying to get a closer peek. One thing I couldn’t help noticing while browsing the thumbnails, though, is that the site is rapidly building their collection with non-stop updates. Those movies I mentioned were among the dozen uploaded over the last couple of days. I’m happy when paysites update more than once a week, but these guys are dropping handfuls every day.

All you motherfuckers who buy your lube by the barrel are already crunching those numbers. Shit-tons of daily updates multiplied by eight years in business equals… nearly 20,000 videos in the VoyeursHD.com collection! Holy fucking shit, guys. I think we hit the motherlode.

Before I made my way to the signup page, I indulged in some of VoyeursHD’s extensive collection of free photo galleries. There are over 400 photosets of hot girls in bikinis, topless MILFs at the beach, upskirts at the grocery store and naked women in the kitchen. It’s a mix of content, including real voyeur shots, candids, selfies and homemade nudes. If you like real chicks, it’s worth a look.

Just A Premium Site, or a Voyeur Community?

But if you love real chicks, the full Voyeurs HD membership might more easily suit your masturbatory needs. I mean, Jesus fucking Christ, that collection size alone is enough to write home about. My mom replied to the email and told me to stop contacting her, but hey, I didn’t want to leave her in the dark on this.

VoyeursHD.com clearly isn’t your typical porn site, but they are charging a typical price: it’s thirty bucks a month, just like any non-fetish premium site or one of those tiny little porn networks with like 5,000 movies. You get a discount on the 3- and 6-month rates, in case you get addicted to those daily updates.

This is an eight-year-old site; a fact reflected a bit in their overall design. It’s also reflected in their pricing scheme. Instead of keeping with the current trend of charging you extra or denying you outright, downloads are included with your Voyeurs HD membership. I hope you’ve stocked up on external hard drives, because I have no fucking idea how much space 20K movies take up.

Once I got signed up and logged in, I figured out one of the site's mysteries. The sheer impossible volume of DIY smut and voyeur movies makes a lot more sense when you find out it’s a user-contributed porn site, with tons of voyeurs contributing movies. The first page you see when you log in for the first time is a message about why you should share videos. The short answer is that it’s fun, and the longer answer is that it’s fun and they’ll reward you with free premium memberships and other prizes if your videos are good enough.

Creeping and Peeping from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Once I got inside, I started taking a tour of their Featured Videos. One five-minute scene focuses on a couple of bikini-clad hotties sunbathing at the beach, unaware of the camera checking them out. You can’t hear what they’re saying, but at least some of the conversation is about their asses. It’s non-nude, but there’s plenty of flesh and it’s an incredibly sexy, candid, peeping-tom view of two girls who know they’re sexy.

Then I watched a 3-minute video called Stalking A Fit Girl With An Epic Butt In Pink Tights. I have to agree about that epic butt. This dude follows her around in Ikea as she pushes her cart around. I’m a lot less convinced this one is “real”, because how could she not notice this dude following her and lingering wherever she lingers? Fake or not, I rubbed one out while pretending I was at Ikea, even though I was really at Starbucks.

The next one fell somewhere between creepshots and amateur porn, with an incest twist. My Sister’s Super Sexy Thong and Ass follows the adventures of a camera moving up and down this chick’s body as she paints her toenails in a thong. It’s shot from behind, so maybe she really doesn’t know, and perhaps it really is the dude’s sister. Who knows?

I watched some hidden camera footage from a doctor’s office while a big-titty brunette teen was getting an exam, followed by a babe with gorgeous legs catching a dressing-room pervert in the act. Instead of bailing, the bold creep simply turned the camera to the adjacent room, where another hottie had already stripped down to panties. Then Voyeurs HD showed me some drunk party girls in slutty dresses pissing near a parked car while traffic drove by, and six minutes of peeping in on somebody’s sister while she does her full bathroom routine, which includes lots of naked posing in front of the mirror.

It’s an impressive collection, to say the very least. In fact, the only thing I could really find to complain about were a few videos that didn’t have any sound. It was the top four videos on the page, all in a row, which suggests it was the result of an encoding error. This shit happens from time to time, and I have no doubt a voyeur site that’s been around as long as Voyeurs HD will fix it right away. By the time you read this, those vids will probably have sound.

VoyeursHD.com has an unusual setup in that it is essentially a premium porn tube; the content is user-uploaded by a massive community of perverts, but you have to pay to get in. For most genres of porno, this would be a bullshit deal. For voyeur porn and the other amateur perversion posted here, it seems like a better trade. This type of content can be difficult to find, but the nearly 20,000-strong library of movies here means members here ain’t running out of creeper porn anytime soon. You might want to stock up on lube before signing up.

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