Reddit Twerking, aka r/Twerking! You ever wondered where you can find some of the hottest videos of babes twerking? You can search on all kinds of porn sites, but maybe you won’t find what you’re looking for. When in doubt, you can always go to I’m pretty sure that website has a community for pretty much everything. Twerking is one of these things and I think that you’ll find that these gorgeous sluts on /r/twerking are always ready for you whenever you need a show of the biggest asses getting a good shake. And yes, all this shit is free, so dive right in, dig in, and enjoy. I think you’ll love everything about this subreddit.

The hottest twerking videos on the internet

Well, maybe not everything. Let’s go over /r/twerking and see what it’s all about. We should take a look at the good parts, the bad parts, and make it so that you can make an informed decision about this place. First of all, I feel that there are many things you need to know about the content, so let’s start from there. Most of the stuff you’ll find on /r/twerking is video content. It makes sense since it’s tough to show twerking through a photo. Maybe it’s possible, when you know the babe is twerking and it’s a good angle, but for the most part, you’ll be seeing video after video of hot babes twerking really hard. This is all you need to cum if you’re a real bro and you know how to do it with this kind of content.

Some people are huge fans of pictures on Reddit because you can see them without having to load up anything from other sites. Sadly, there’s no way to upload videos (I believe) to, so all of the videos here come from external sites. This is fine if it’s a good site like the new Redgifs, but when it’s a slow-ass website, it can take a while to load up the twerking. Still, it’s a good thing that /r/twerking has limited itself to videos for the most part because this is one of the only mediums that properly shows you twerking. If you want to see booties shaking and ass cheeps clapping, video is the way to do it.

Watch high-quality twerking content for free

Now, let’s talk a little bit about the quality of this ass cheek clapping action. I feel that the quality of most of the videos here is pretty good. You can just scroll through the sub to see all the videos for yourself and make a decision whether or not these clips are good. If you ask me, all of these things are some of the best clips that the internet has to offer in terms of twerking. Let’s face it; there’s a reason why /r/twerking is so popular among fans of twerking and why people come visiting this place despite the small member count. It’s because the people who DO come to this sub always upload good shit.

Don’t believe me? Just play the first few videos in the Hot segment and be amazed. Even the amateur babes that post videos here have pretty high-quality content. Not to mention the professional pornstar babes of which there are many on /r/twerking. So, if you’re looking for quality twerking content, I wouldn’t be lying if I told you that you can expect a lot of that here. I feel like it’s a pretty safe bet whenever you’re looking to jerk off to hot twerking babes. You can always count on this place to bring amazing and hot content no matter what. At the end of the day, this is the main reason people like it.

So many new twerking uploads all the time here

Okay, so, we’ve gone over all of the quality questions, but what about quantity? Well, let me start this off by admitting that /r/twerking has a number of members that’s lower than average for NSFW subs on, but at the same time, those people still upload a lot of content. Sometimes these videos features babes that don’t twerk so well, but for the most part, these babes know how to twerk really well. Anyway, if you’re looking for a huge array of videos to choose from, I feel that /r/twerking will still manage to satisfy all your needs despite not being one of the biggest subs, or even an average one.

But it doesn’t have to be the biggest NSFW sub or even an average one at that to provide you with a good number of posts. There are so many new uploads being posted on /r/twerking all the damn time. So if you want a consistent stream of great upload to be on your feed, then you need to join this place no matter what. Or, you can simply just go here as a guest and enjoy the content that way. All of the posts are completely free, and you don’t even need to create a Reddit account to see any of this stuff. You can come here as a guest and enjoy everything this place has to offer, and this is one of the great things about in general, and not just /r/twerking. Anyway, do that if you want to.

Top posts of all time and other timeframes

But if you want to be a content creator or you want to make sure that you’re keeping up with the sub at all times, then you need a account. After you’ve registered in Reddit, you can subscribe to the /r/twerking community and be the first one to know when the latest uploads have happened by searching the New section. However, I would advise against this if you aren’t into low-quality content and you don’t want to be a judge of the material. Only brave souls and massive jackoffs go to /r/twerking when they are all out of content in the Hot and Top sections in search of more stuff to jerk off to. Some of them are genuinely trying to help sort the shit from the diamonds, but most are just extra horny guys.

But does this mean that you should always stay away from New so as to not become one of these guys? I don’t think so. I feel that many people on /r/twerking are here looking for new content all the time, and sometimes you might get horny a few times in a day and when you want to jerk off to twerking, you’ll find the same damn content on the Hot page. Anyway, I feel that one thing that does well is that it allows you to filter through Top content according to the top daily, weekly, monthly, or even all-time Top content. This is like a hall of fame for twerking. I can’t believe how hot some posts get.

Boring subreddit design with default settings

Finally, let’s talk about the design. NSFW subs usually suffer from poor design, and /r/twerking does too. This place doesn’t do anything unique as a NSFW sub, and it doesn’t even change the default blue color from the sub either. And on top of all this, the sub doesn’t’ even give you any flairs to work with. I feel that this is a big misstep on their part as I always like to sort through tags and posts this way. But hey, I guess there aren’t many different ways to categorize twerking videos. But they still could’ve changed up the colors, added an avatar, a cover photo, and even a damn description for the fucking subreddit!

But no, you don’t get any of that here. You just have to live with all this bullshit and if you can’t handle it, then you’re missing out on all the great twerking content. If that sounds like a shitty deal, that’s because it is. Still, if you have nowhere else to turn to and you want to watch babes twerk and jerk off, then it might be time for you to enjoy what /r/twerking has to offer. Hey, it’s not the worst NSFW sub on the platform, and I’ve definitely seen worse, so you can always come here if you’re looking for hot babes that love to clap their ass cheeps and shake their butts and asses while you jerk off to them hardcore.

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