If the notion of TS Dating gets you all hot and bothered, well, perhaps you’d better strip down and turn the AC up before we get into this following review. Then again, maybe it’s better if you stay dressed and ready to go out, but I guess it all depends on whether you’re shooting for an incall or outcall tonight. Do you want to bang a shemale in your own bed, or would you rather go somewhere else, so your wife doesn’t wonder how all the bedsheets got so completely caked up in santorum? Ah, decisions, decisions.

There were far fewer decisions to make in the old days because there were far fewer options for hooking up with a tranny. The internet has sure changed the hell out of that. TS-Dating.com offers a fine example of the modern, streamlined process for finding a chick with a dick to get your kicks. They’re a transsexual escort and shemale dating site, and a well-established one at that. They’ve been around since 2004 and currently get well over a million visits a month, so their front-page claim of being “the premier worldwide trans escort site” may be more than just big-head bullshit. Let’s take a closer look and see for ourselves.

Combining TS Dating and TS Escorts

I’ll be honest: TS-Dating is not what I expected when I saw the name. The title implies this will be a dating site, which it is, but it’s also an escort site. Here at ThePornDude, I’ve got a whole section of Hookup Sites ranked and reviewed and another entire section of Escort Sites. And while they’re all about connecting people, the two formats share one significant and obvious difference. Those looking to pay for a good time aren’t necessarily the same people looking for a real date or love connection.

Imagine my surprise when I pulled up the front page here, and they really do have both. There’s a row of the Top And Premium Escorts near the top, showing off a scrolling selection of t-girls ready to toss your salad tonight in various corners of the globe. The next row is Premium Dating Ads featuring trannies and admirers looking to connect.

There’s a breakdown of the numbers at the bottom of the page. As of this writing, TS-Dating.com has 116,715 total members, including 7,782 escorts and 107,277 dating ads. I’m sure there’s an overlap of tranny escorts in the dating section. But the copy at the top of the Personals section lays it out pretty clearly: “Transgender Dating Ads is a place for transgender people and their admirers to connect and find each other. Guys, please be polite and do not ask or beg sex in here - mostly transgender persons here are looking for a relationship or friendship.”

Whether you’re looking to pay for your good time tonight or seeking something more personal, both sections of the site have listings all around the world. There are shemales and ladyboys selling their services in Dubai, Paris, Sydney, Stockholm, and Shanghai, and that’s just in the top row. And, of course, like any good dating or escort site, you can browse by location, making things a lot easier.

The Premium Dating Ads out front show USA ads to me, probably because the site is looking at my location info. This wouldn’t be unusual, except that when I click one of them, I run into a big deal-breaker for many potential TS-Dating users: the site no longer operates in the United States. That goes for both dating and escorts, with a short message blaming a US law. That’s a bummer, though Americans can still find plenty of alternatives on my lists of Escort Sites and Hookup Sites. Which will it be?

At the bottom of the TS-Dating.com front page, you’ll also find a frequently updated section of transgender news. It’s a nice little touch to let you know they actually give a fuck about the community instead of just selling classified ads like a lot of the competition. I’m writing this at the beginning of March 2022, so the stories posted today include updates on the treatment of trans youth in Texas and one about a transgender woman in Ukraine as Russia invades. Hopefully, some good news comes up soon, but that’s rare these days from the non-trans sources, too. Fuck.

Browsing the Shemale Personals

Dating sites and escort sites both thrive on high volumes of traffic. After all, it’s a lot harder to meet anyone for anything in a ghost town. Well, since TS-Dating has thousands of listings in either category, it means you’ve got a fucking ton of big-dicked women to choose from. If you’re a shemale seeking a traditional male or female for a date, you’ll find plenty of them as well.

One of the biggest differences between the dating and escort sections of TS-Dating.com is the formatting. The dating ads look like classified ads for dating, and the escort listings look like escort listings. That sounds kind of stupid when I type it out, but what I mean is that everything is as it should be on a site that has both.

The dating ads offer more fields to enter information than other classified sites, but they’re still pretty basic, as you expect from personal ads. You’ll find men seeking trannies, trannies seeking males, and horny women seeking a good time. Below a photo and a blurb, they’ll list factoids like age, interests, and what they’re looking for.

And On to the TS Dating

Meanwhile, the escort listings are a bit more feature-rich. I clicked on a Greek pre-op shemale with big tits and leather gloves and got a whole wealth of info.
There’s no registration required to view contact info, so I immediately had her phone number along with the knowledge she does incall and outcall, active and passive, and has services including BDSM, GFE, fetish clothes, and golden showers.

Her long blurb even gives prices and goes into detail about what else she’s willing to do. I appreciate that the listings are explicit, whereas many escort sites make you memorize a goddamn dictionary of hooker acronyms if you want to do anything. There are also a ton of free photos and videos on the site. This chick alone has dozens of shots, though you’ll have to sign up for a premium membership to see the X-rated ones.

TS-Dating Members can rate that free content, and some of the highest-rated material gets bumped to the front page. I’m a big fan of rating things on an escort site, especially the escorts themselves. In fact, if you read my reviews of escort sites, you know that’s one of my make-or-break features. TS Dating features user reviews of escorts, so you can see what other johns say about their experience before you decide to try the same.

Have a Chat While You’re at It

I was getting ready to wrap up my review when I noticed TS-Dating still had something else to offer that you don’t necessarily find on shemale dating sites or trans escort sites: an extensive transsexual forum. So if you don’t feel like meeting up with anyone tonight, maybe you can have a chat online with some like-minded folks.

Half of the forum is broken down into Shemale Escorts By Country. Almost the whole world is included, though it’s noteworthy that the North America section only lists Canada. The other half features General Discussion, Photos, Movies, and Websites, plus Shemale Escort Ads, Transgender News, and even local Shemale Parties and Events.

The only real downside to TS-Dating.com is how they’ve shut down the whole American section of the website. There are alternatives, sure, but are they as good as this? Well, I’d say the site’s biggest strength lies in how they’ve managed to combine escorts and dating into one unified package that doesn’t feel forced at all. The result is a website that feels tailor-made for exactly the community they’ve managed to build. It offers multiple ways for shemales and their fans to meet, whether through dating, paid erotic services, or just online through the forum, wrapping the whole thing up in a convenient package that looks good and works well. What else could you ask for?

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