Reddit Trashy Boners, aka r/TrashyBoners! What is it about Reddit that brings out unique, slutty content? There is a subreddit for nearly everything, but when it comes to smut, Reddit always fucking delivers. That’s proven when you visit – the destination for confused boners you’re still not sure about the next day. If you’ve ever watched daytime television and found yourself with a confused boner when the big tittied blonde bitch in sweat pants cursing her man while getting beer poured all over her, this is the sub for you. For fuck sake, one of the top posts is a woman sucking off a spewing champagne bottle, so you know this sub has to be good!

Over 540,000 members

For users that are unfamiliar with the way Reddit works, imagine a giant market with each tent being a subreddit. Under that tent are the members that encompass the tent, closed off from the rest of the site. When you enter, you’re in your own little world; when leaving, you get to explore the rest of the website. See, that concept isn’t that fucking hard to wrap your head around, is it?

When you enter the proverbial tent that is, you’re actually entering a subreddit that features over 540,000 members! That’s only counting the number of registered members that have subscribed to the site. It doesn’t even count the number of ‘lurkers’ (i.e., people that browse the website without an account and thus do not engage anyone/any post); at any given time, there are at least a thousand people online in the sub. Depending on the time of day, that number can rise to a few thousand.

To say that is active is an understatement. Browse by ‘New’ (more on the sorting options in a moment), and you will see all kinds of twisted, trashy content – mostly GIFs – pop up in the feed. Remember that depending on the time of day, the material may be posted more often than not. But because there are so many horn dogs looking at trashy bitches at all hours of the day, you won’t have to wait long to find something new!

Fucking hot, hilariously trashy posts

It isn’t often that you will hear the phrases, ‘hilarious,’ ‘porn,’ and ‘hot as fuck’ in the same sentence and it comes across as a good thing, but that’s fucking Reddit for you: the shit that would never work in real life somehow finds a community, spreads its wings, and grows a following to create a new type of porn genre that never would have existed without the Internet.

Fuck, I don’t even know if you can call ‘trashy boners’ a genre in the traditional sense, but good God it’s…something. I’ve never had so many confused boners in my life. Even during this review, when browsing by ‘New’ (more on the sorting options later), a GIF of pornstar Mia Malkova sucking a dick while her real mom watches popped up in the feed. And that’s only a few minutes after I watched a GIF of some dude grilling the most pathetic hot dogs I’ve ever seen, only to jump to a clip of his girlfriend trying to shoot a bottle rocket out of her asshole.

And that’s before I see an image of a blonde bombshell walking around a ghetto fully nude and puffing on a cigarette and one woman’s bra shot with the tattoo ‘Queen of Blowjobs’ enshrined below her perfect breasts.

Look, fellas. You’re going to find something to cum to on this sub. But between seeing GIFs of women walking around supermarkets teasing old men with their thongs exposed or mother-in-laws sitting next to their daughters-in-law spreading their pussies for the camera, you’re going to be fucking laughing along the way. Can you blow your load while you’re laughing your ass off? I don’t know, but you’re probably going to find out!

Easy to sort content

If you know how to use Reddit, then using the sorting options on is the exact fucking thing. Browsers can sort hot, new, top, and rising. Just like on the main site and every other subreddit that existed, exists, and will exist in the future, users can sort the top posts by now, today, this week, this month, this year, and all time. Want to see the best posts on Sort the top posts by all time to see some of the best fucking hot trash posts you’ve ever come across!

A good combination of clips, GIFs, and images

Reddit always has a suitable combination of different types of content, and is no exception. While the majority of the content on this sub are GIFs (which can be fast-forwarded and reversed like a small video clip), there are videos and images spread out sporadically that no matter how you sort the content, you never really know what you are going to find.

And just because you want to see that trashy bitch blowing her boyfriend while a trucker drives by and gives the lucky bastard a thumbs up (which hilariously has the ‘wholesome trashy’ flair) does not mean that you have to go off the site to look at the content. No matter the media type, everything is embedded on Everything loads almost immediately, too. That’s a good thing because when it comes time to watch those family members milk each other in public, you don’t want an exhaustingly long load time to make you think twice about watching the art that is

Unique amateur content that cannot be found elsewhere

Even if you’ve looked at every single fucking review I’ve ever written on ThePornDude; you’re still not going to find the content posted on anywhere else. That’s because the subreddit is such an unusual niche that this is the place to be to look at the hot, trashy bitches you hate to jerk off to. Yeah, I get it: you feel weird about popping a boner to the bitch that accepted an award in full body paint that looks reminiscent of a My Little Pony character with a butt plug shoved up her asshole but don’t fight it: hot is hot. Take that dick out, blow your load all over your device, and go back into the office with zero fucking regrets.

That’s the appeal of Where else are you going to find trashy content where one minute you’re looking at a dude’s wife flashing her tits behind glass in prison, only to scroll down and a second later watch a crazy bitch riding 100+MPH on a motorcycle, standing up, and flashing her perfect ass to traffic? You’re not going to get this kind of random, sexy content anywhere else – nor will it be this entertaining. Want to look at trashy bitches that are (mostly) fucking hot and will make you want to crawl across glass just to lick the sweat off their ass crack? is the place – there is no substitute on the Web!

A thriving community of Redditors

Like any subreddit, would not exist without the community. You know this is true if you’ve ever visited a subreddit that feels more dead than a MySpace page. That’s half the equation: a subreddit needs to have an active community featuring members that actually want to post content that’s relevant to that subreddit.

That perfectly describes There is new, amazing trashy content that’s posted regularly. Even during this writing, a few GIFs and images were posted that perfectly encapsulated what is all about: fucking hot content that makes your dick rise with your eyebrow as you simultaneously say, ‘uhhh what the fuck,’ and, ‘ohhhh holy God that’s fucking hot.’

Because the community seems to care about the kind of content that’s posted, most of the media posted to is of a certain caliber. Most of the content is fucking good and is spot on with the rest of the vibes that is going for. Sure, not every post can be as gold as the nude bitch that has five dollars stuck all over her face because a dude came all over her trash hole, but by and large, you’re not going to be disappointed with the constant content that’s posted on the subreddit.

Can discuss posts with other Redditors

Finally – and because is community-driven – if you ever want to land in a post’s comments section and tell an uploader what you think about the GIF of the woman that’s bracing her back against an alley and shitting her brains beside the dumpster, doing so is as easy as creating a username on Reddit. It only takes a minute, and from then on, you can write anything you wish in each post’s comments section. You can even private message other members – perfect for discussing the intricacies of shitting in a dark alley without splattering the homeless.

Suggestions: features a plethora of fucking sexy content, albeit it’s trashy and often hilarious. It works, though. needs to ensure that the community continues posted content that’s as entertaining, hot, and trashy as the content has been since the inception of the community.

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