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Are you an ass man? Well, you are going to love what r/thongs/ has to offer. This is a subreddit dedicated to lovely women in thongs. All the cuties here are allowed t...


Reddit Thongs, aka r/Thongs! I assume you are an ass man, right? Why the fuck else would you click on a subreddit called r/thongs/? You are about to see loads of gorgeous babes show off their booty, and well, if you are not an ass man, I am still not sure why you are here. With that said, if you want to see plenty of cuties wearing thongs and showing their ass, I think that you are going to love r/thongs/.

Anyway, if you check out r/thongs/ and you are not really impressed with what this subreddit is all about, you can always check out other subreddits. I mean, Reddit is filled with a ton of NSFW subreddits, and everything is free, so why the fuck not? I mean, you can just ignore my review and check it out as well, but if you want to know a bit more about r/thongs/ and what it has to offer, you might as well stick around.

As for those who are here for that ass content, I’ll have you know that the girls here really love to go all out. They will bend over, remove their thongs slightly, or just take some dirty thong pictures in general. You have a little bit of everything, which is what I always like to say about Reddit in general. So, if you are interested in knowing more about the website as well as r/thongs/, you are more than fucking welcome to stay and read through. Or skip to the conclusion.

So what to expect?

I’m pretty sure you can already kind of predict what kind of content you can expect since it is all there in the name. However, the amateur girls who enjoy posting their naughty images on this subreddit really love to go all out, and they are obviously all wearing thongs. Not to mention that you have babes of all shapes and sizes, so you never know what the fuck to expect.

I think this is a good time to tell you that everything on Reddit is uploaded by the users, which is why I say that you never really know what the fuck to expect. Take your time and browse through; sooner or later, you will find something hot, especially if you are here for that ass content. Girls enjoy putting on all kinds of thongs, bending over, and spreading their ass for the viewers.

It all comes down to what the fuck you are hoping for in the first place. We can start with a couple of images that I saw when I checked out the subreddit. One of the pictures showed a cute girl taking a picture from the front, which is not what I was expecting or hoping for. But, I do want to say that you can expect it all, which is why I decided to tell you about this shit in the first place.

The next picture showed a cute chick taking a selfie from the back in the mirror, and she basically showed it all. She was wearing thongs and nothing else, and I think most of us will agree that her ass was out of this world. There were actually a ton of girls who were apparently gifted with a lot of junk in their trunk, and I am just living for that crap.

Of course, this does not mean that you do not have chicks who have a smaller ass or however you want to put it. To be fair, this all depends on what you like, but as I was browsing, I saw girls of all shapes and sizes, as well as age. However, the majority of the girls here were teens, at last, that is how they looked like, but I also saw some older beauties.

Some chicks enjoy taking it all off and showing their ass, tits, pussy, and basically everything. Some chicks prefer to tease, so they will just show off their ass and nothing more. But, I mean, no matter which picture you check out, you will always get to see lovely babes in thongs, and that is the whole fucking point of what r/thongs/ has to offer.

Thus, if you are interested in seeing gorgeous women wearing thongs, posing, revealing their ass, and sometimes, even more, you can easily browse through what r/thongs/ is all about. Take your time and explore, and if you end up not that satisfied with what r/thongs/ is all about, you can always just browse through other subreddits instead. I mean, has a section for all your fetishes, not to mention that I have reviewed a lot of subreddits in general.

The majority of the posts here will be images, so in case you were hoping for porn, this is probably the right time to tell you that Reddit is not a porn website. Does it have pornographic subreddits? Well, fucking obviously it does. However, the porn that you can find on this website is usually shown in short videos that are not really enough to get anyone’s motor running. So, if real porn is what you are looking for, there are many other porn websites I have reviewed instead.

Do you want to register?

Yep, it is a question, because you do not have to. You get some privileges as a registered member, but at the end of the day, you do not have to register because you will get to access a lot of what this subreddit and others have to offer. Some subreddits are age-restricted, which you can only see as a member, but the majority of them are available to everyone.

Now, if you want to enjoy some added privileges, then you should register. The registration is free and straightforward, and as a registered member, you get to do all the usual shit. For example, you can like and dislike whatever the fuck you want, and you can also comment. You will see that the community on r/thongs/ actually loves to comment, and you can chat with them through the comments.

On the other hand, Reddit allows you to chat with other registered members, which is yet another reason why you might be interested in registering in the first place. You can send anyone a private message, but keep in mind that people who are on subreddits such as this one are here to actually check out the content, and not chat with random strangers.

If you would just like to chat with the community, there are subreddits that are made for that. For example, you have subreddits that are dedicated to chatting, such as dating, pen-pals, hookups, dating, swinger parties, and so on. There are a lot of very specific subreddits, so sooner or later, you will find something that will get your attention. On the other hand, you have so many other subreddits in general, that unless you are extremely picky, you’ll have some dirty fun sooner or later.

Post your stuff!

If you think you have an amazing ass, you are more than welcome to share your beauty on r/thongs/ if you want. You can actually post basically anywhere on any subreddit, as long as you follow the simple rules of posting, and each subreddit will have their own rules… which makes sense, considering how many subreddits there are.

So, the rules of posting on r/thongs/ are listed on the side of, and that is where you can find all the rules usually. If you see a subreddit without any rules, that just means that the rules of posting are very fucking obvious, so there is really no need to actually mention them. In this case, they really went ham with what is allowed and what is not when it comes to r/thongs/.

Other than that, you have some information on the side of as well. For example, you can see what that particular subreddit is all about. The same applies to r/thongs/ obviously, although I am sure this subreddit does not need that much explanation. You will also see that the subreddit was made in 2009 and that it has over 118k members with usually regular updates.

Overall, I think that all men who are into tight asses will enjoy what r/thongs/ is all about. Sure, this subreddit is a place where chicks can post their pics in their thongs, but let’s not lie to each other… we are all here to see some ass, and that is exactly what you will get to see. So, if you are in the mood, enjoy browsing and looking at some ass pics.

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