Yep, I’m reviewing my own site. Deal with it. And before you think that I’m just here to suck my own dick for the entirety of the review, let me assure you that I’m as critical with my website as with any other website in the porn industry. Every single porn tube site that I’ve shit on or praised in the past has been 100% genuine and legit, so it will be no exception when it comes to the Blog section of Blogs are amazing, and every website needs one and it’s no surprise that I have one as well. So, let’s check this bad boy out and see what it is that I’m offering you that would make you want to keep coming back for more on here.

Only the best information gets posted on here

First things first, obviously, we have to mention the fact that I’m the one that makes all these blog posts. Yeah, I’m over here busting my ass working overtime for you guys so that you not only have the best porn site reviews but so that you also have amazing blogs that you can read and enjoy whenever the hell you want to. I mean I’m not bragging or anything, but a little bit of fucking appreciation is in order if I’m not mistaken. The best way to support me would be to keep coming back to my site and to read all of the latest blog posts that I put on here. The blog section of has some really amazing posts, by the way, so you can really benefit from reading them all the time.

IF you’re looking for the latest info, you’ll get it on here

Here’s the thing, right? I know that you might believe that you have all the information that you need already presented to you on But on these blogs, I tend to reveal some tiny little details that are going to make your porn viewing experience that much better. If you think that you know everything that there is to know about porn, then you haven’t been reading my blog. There’s always something new and exciting to find out, even for me. And trust me, I’m a fucking veteran when it comes to porn. There’s no one better than The Porn Dude, and that’s a fact.

Only the best content and websites are featured

The blog section is where I tend to release some of the juiciest information about some of the best content and sites. There is always amazing content to be had on all of the websites which I list out on the main part of my domain, which is But in the blog section, I tend to release things that are amazing whenever I feel that a certain part of the porn industry is getting a boom in production. Perhaps sometimes the Indian porn industry starts releasing bangers, that’s when I step in and start writing blog posts about all of the latest Indian porn movies that have come out which you should check out. There really is no limit to the topic which might be at hand on’s blog section, so definitely keep reading to find out more about what I post on here.

Get into the content quickly and easily on here

I mean, obviously, the best way that you’re going to experience’s blog section is if you visit it and start browsing and reading through all the content. And I highly encourage you to do that. in fact, you can stop reading this review and get straight to the action by going to my blog section. I swear that there is some content on there that you don’t want to miss out on. I tend to list out both some of the best experiences that I’ve had with porn sites within certain genres, as well as some pieces of content that have made me absolutely love the website that I’m on at the moment. For example, I just recently released a blog post about porn videos with bitches that have small tits.

Lists of some of the finest porn videos in the industry

And let me tell you this, when I start writing about some of the best porn videos, then you know that I’m not lying. Listing out porn sites is one thing, but listing out videos? Oh, that’s just a completely different game that you’re playing at that point in time. I mean you can say whatever you want about videos in certain genres, but you can’t say that I don’t release absolute bangers on my blog section. If you don’t believe me then just go to one of the blog posts where I start listing out videos and check some of them out. You’ll immediately be able to tell why I praise those videos so damn much. There’s absolutely no reason to be cynical at this point.

No discrimination here, everyone’s included

What else do we have on here… Ah yes. If you’re a gay dude and you’re afraid that you’re going to be left out on my blog section, then fear not. Not only do I have plenty of straight content, but there are so many sites that I list out in some of my posts which are directly aimed at all my gay fans. Now listen, I’m no faggot myself, but I can’t deny that gay dudes just love being part of the porn community. In fact, I think that a higher proportion of them watch porn than straight dudes do. And it makes sense that there are so many sites which are dedicated to them and their needs. And let’s be honest, there are so many fucking guys just living their lives in the closet and they need something to watch as well, right?

The design is something that you’ll absolutely adore

When you take a look at the design, you’ll notice that nothing much has changed from the original look of The only difference is that you just have one way to navigate through the pages and that’s by using the page numbers at the bottom of the website. The blog section of is also missing the dark mode that I have on the main part of I absolutely hate that I haven’t put that into this part of the site just yet, but I’m working on it. It’s just that this is a completely different layout, so I need a completely different CSS code and… Ah whatever, I don’t want talk about all this technology mumbo jumbo when you’re here to find some of the best porn.

Hundreds upon hundreds of some of the best blog posts ever

I’ll tell you something that’s blog section does have though, and that’s LOADS of blog posts. When I say loads I mean it by the way. We’re basically looking at 55 pages of 10 posts each. You don’t need to be a mathematician to figure out that this works out to 550 blog posts that you can read up on. That’s basically an entire Harry Potter book. Actually, that’s more like the entire Harry Potter series. Shit, with that much content at your disposal, you’re good to go on an amazing porn adventure that likely has no end in sight. I just love the fact that all of my blogs get read all the time by fans that have stuck around for a very long time. You know that those people know quality when they see it.

And of course, it goes without saying that the blog section on is completely free just like the original site itself. It makes you wonder why the hell you aren’t on’s blog section reading already. Well, I can tell you this much., you can take as much time as you need because my blog section is here to stay and it’s always going to be full of some of the most amazing content around. always looks out for his fans, so when I tell you that I’m going to keep releasing amazing new blog content for you for absolutely free, you can rest assured that I’m speaking the absolute truth. Stick around and find out more only on the blog section of!

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