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If you can appreciate the beauty of exhibitionism, and you love the female form, you should definitely check out r/TheEroticSalon/. This subreddit is dedicated to the ...


We can all agree that there is just something very addictive about browsing through content uploaded by the owners themselves, right? It is on a whole new level to amateur pornography, since while amateur porn is fun and all, it is often just reloaded by random people. However, on r/TheEroticSalon/, you have many gorgeous Redditors uploading their personal dirty images, which I think is pretty fucking neat.

Do not worry, r/TheEroticSalon/ is a free subreddit, and it is filled with some of the naughtiest posts out there. You can find a lot of self-posting female exhibitionists who love sharing erotic and nude images/videos of themselves. The subreddit is actually very simple, so I am pretty sure that you will find your way around without my help. However, I am still here to give you the gist of it all.

Before I actually get down and dirty with the details of what you can expect to see on r/TheEroticSalon/, I should mention that Reddit is a free website with thousands of other NSFW subreddits. So, even if your dick is not that happy with what r/TheEroticSalon/ has to offer, there are many other subreddits you will be able to enjoy.

Simple design and browsing.

I always like to mention that Reddit has a great design. The browsing is straightforward, and you can even choose between the dark and the light layout. Of course, every normal fapper will choose the dark layout, which just makes the browsing so much easier on the eyes. If you check out the link I provided on the side, you will be taken to r/TheEroticSalon/.

If you just choose to visit Reddit, you can explore the rest on your own. On top of the website, you have all the options that you need for browsing through, and a huge search box where you can type whatever the fuck you want. Though, as you open r/TheEroticSalon/, all you really have to do is keep scrolling down, and you will get to see more and more content. That’s about it, no rocket science behind this.

What kind of content can I see on r/TheEroticSalon/?

What can you really expect on r/TheEroticSalon/? I am sure that that is what you are wondering since the type of content here will actually determine whether you will stay of just fuck off to a different subreddit instead. I want to mention that before I get down to the details, r/TheEroticSalon/ is not a porn website, nor is Reddit overall.

Like, sure… there are NSFW subreddits with pornos, and r/TheEroticSalon/ has some pornographic cotenant too, but the videos that are featured here and on the other pornographic subreddits are super short. So, unless you have a quick trigger, or however you want me to explain that I am not really sure that r/TheEroticSalon/ will satisfy your dirty needs. It is a good teasing subreddit, though!

I understand how the name of the subreddit can be a bit confusing. I mean, what the fuck does Erotic Salon mean? has a lot of such confusing subreddits, but that is why I am here to explain. Do not worry; ‘TheEroticSalon’ is not an actual fetish or whatever; it is a place where chicks can expose their beauty in an erotic manner. So, only the erotic and dirty images are allowed, and only women are allowed to post them. In addition, female Redditors will post their own selfies, posting somebody else’s shit is not allowed, which adds even more spunk.

The very first post I’ve seen featured a pretty blonde MILF, who lifted her shirt and exposed her big saggy tits. She was very cute and had an inviting title. The next picture showed a cutie pulling her head back, so you do not see her face, but it does not matter, because we all got a rather clear view of her spread pussy. I’ll take pussy overhead any day, unless I am getting head if you know what I mean.

As I kept scrolling, the posts got dirtier and dirtier. For example, there was a chick in a fishnet dress, where you could basically see everything, and then another babe who took a selfie while in doggy nude on the bed. I think, overall, the posts are very random since they are all user-submitted. So, you never know what the fuck to expect, since technically there are no rules of posting.

However, although you cannot really predict what the fuck you will see, all I can say is that the girls are very naughty. All of them will show some sort of nudity, and some of the sluts will go an extra step. So, you get to see hotties spread their legs and use a vibrator or a dildo to fuck themselves and give you the best show.

That is for the images, but you also have videos, let’s not forget about that. I am pretty sure that everyone here prefers videos over images. I mean, it is a lot more interesting to see the chicks in action than to just look at a still image, if you know what the fuck I mean. While there are a lot more images than videos, the videos I did find were quite addictive.

For example, one of the first videos showed a cute blonde teen girl completely naked, covered with one of those ‘flashing coats’. Her boyfriend was filming her in broad daylight outside, as she spread her coat open, and you could see it all… because she was basically not wearing any clothes whatsoever. There were many videos where chicks would just casually take off their shirts and show off their tits, so do expect to see lots of that.

I think that is basically the gist of what you need to know. I mean, these are just a couple of examples; you will obviously find a bigger variety if you actually check out r/TheEroticSalon/. And since the subreddit is free, what the fuck is stopping you from exploring the subreddit? Nothing. As for those who are interested in what else they can expect from, just continue reading.

Registering is an option.

Everything offers is free, do not worry about that. However, the registration will give you a lot of great privileges. I mean, you can still enjoy what r/TheEroticSalon/ has to offer, that stands, but if you really want to experience the beauty of being a part of the community, you might want to register. It is free!

For example, as a registered member, you will be able to like and dislike whatever the fuck you find on r/TheEroticSalon/ or any other subreddit. You will also be able to comment on any of the posts, which is pretty neat since some subreddits will have some sort of games that require commenting. You’ll get the gist of what I mean when you start browsing yourself.

Other than that, you can chat with the users. allows you to send private messages to all Redditors, so use that as you will. All I want to say is that you have subreddits dedicated to chatting, and then you have subreddits such as r/TheEroticSalon/, which are dedicated to sharing naughty images. Know the difference.

Post your own selfies.

As a member, you can share your own dirty selfies. If you are a chick who thinks that she is hot and have the courage to show us what you are made of, you are welcome to start posting on r/TheEroticSalon/. I do want to mention that if that is what you are planning to do, please read their guidelines and rules… it looks like they really like to be specific with what is and is not allowed on r/TheEroticSalon/.

Other than that, on the side of, you will have information about each subreddit you visit. So on the side of r/TheEroticSalon/, you get to see a description of what this subreddit is all about. You can also see that they have over 81k members and that it is a subreddit created in 2018. That’s pretty much it.


If you enjoy looking at chicks who will undress in the middle of the road, or just randomly flash their bits in a public place, I am pretty sure that you will love what r/TheEroticSalon/ has to offer. There are loads of naughty images and videos featured here, and the Redditors upload everything! And if your dick does not get hard while browsing through r/TheEroticSalon/, there are many other subreddits you can check out instead.

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