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TheEroticReview aka TER Escort! And the award for most confusing website name goes to TheEroticReview. At first glance, you’d assume that these guys are gunning for my job, with them reviewing erotica and whatnot. They do not review erotica. They review something much more interesting than erotica. But PornDude – I hear you shouting at your computer screen – what could possibly be more important than smut? Women, that’s what’s more important than smut, young Timothy. Women.

TheEroticReview is a one-stop-shop for the reviewing of women from around the globe. Got a woman you want the inside scoop on? Come to TheEroticReview and read detailed information regarding said woman from all the men who’ve ever been inside her. It’s a fantastic system that aims to give you all of the information you could need on a bitch long before you ever have to take her out on a date or listen to her bitch and moan about her problems. That’s the worst part of interacting with women, isn’t it? When they start to complain about shit.

Learn About and Book Escorts

Well, thanks to TheEroticReview, you know precisely how fuckable a bitch is long before you’ve ever committed to fucking her. This website is an absolute godsend, and as far as I can tell, there’s no geographical limitation to it, so you can easily find bitches from across the world, depending on where you are. Sure, some rural areas are a bit left out in the rain, but that’s to be expected. There are only so many bitches in small rural areas, and most of them are probably already fucking their cousins or some shit. What do I know? I just review porn pages for a living.

TheEroticReview is also a great place to get in touch with the aforementioned bitches, so you have that going for you. If you want to find a girl to take out on a date, well, look no further. The bitches market themselves on the actual site so that you can see exactly what’s on offer and how much it’s going to cost you. Dates can be expensive. Women really value their time these days. But they are not immune to the effects of international financial situations, so even the overpriced babes are perfectly affordable. Of course, that is if you’ve got a regular paying job. You might need to save up a bit to afford the real top dollar girls, but you don’t have to hold out for that kind of bitch.

You could just find someone who is a nine instead of a ten and take her out instead. You’re sure to have a good time. A wise man once told me: a hole is a hole. Every woman’s hole is relatively the same because it fits a cock, and you can dump loads in her. That being said, you should still wear a condom. These bitches get around. You don’t want to catch something if you know what I’m saying.

It’s a Perfectly Designed Website

TheEroticReview is designed neatly. It’s built around the idea that the community’s impressions come first - it’s a review site, after all. They also go way out of their way to figure out whether the current review systems are relevant to the topic. For example, right now, they’re running a poll to figure out the effectiveness of image quality per girl on the site. The girls post images of themselves, so, naturally, the site owners want to know how much time and effort should go into encouraging these girls to amp up the image quality. That’s what the poll is all about.

It’s really nice to see sites like these devote precious hours to perfecting the experience for the average casual user. That’s the whole shtick behind TheEroticReview. It’s a site made for the people - it isn’t a site made by the people, though. It does have an owner, even though I don’t know much about them. The point is, the community provides the posts and the content, and the site’s owner just makes sure that you have all the proper tools in place to rate a bitch and find bitches out of a list in a given geographic region.

Optimized, Free with a Paid Version

There’s a ton of optimization that went into the sorting options. If you’re in a given geographic region and you want to find the perfect woman, then you’re in luck. You will most definitely find what you’re looking for, provided you use the tools that are made available to you for free. You can look at all the bitches in your area, check out their images and videos. See what they look like, read up about their personal information that they were willing to share, and finally, contact them. That’s right. You’re absolutely free to contact these girls any time, as much as you’d want, provided you’re not bothering them.

Not everything on TheEroticReview is free, though. They do have a VIP membership option that comes with a ton of goodies that really improve your experience on the site. I can pretty much guarantee that having a paid subscription will enhance your time on the site. There are a lot of features, and you should definitely check them out for yourself. Still, the one that sticks out for me is that you can use the built-in chat system to contact the girls directly instead of contacting them over the phone or whatever other method they have listed on the site. This is nice because it comes with an added layer of security and anonymity. You don’t want your girlfriend going through your phone and asking you questions about some calls you’ve made to an unknown number. So if you get a premium membership, use the built-in chat. It’s a godsend.

The Free Version

On the flip side, if you want to keep everything free, you’re still welcome in the countless chatrooms on the site where members get together to discuss particular bitches in detail. You’re especially welcome if you’ve hired one of these bitches to spend time with her. That gives you an in with the boys who want to know what this girl was like in bed if you slept with her, of course. Try not to embellish. The whole point of TheEroticReview is that these reviews are honest, from the heart. They serve to provide the community with valuable insider information into the experiences they can have with the girls listed on the site. So, don’t be the kind of guy who feels he has to impress. Everyone’s already sufficiently impressed. Just tell the truth, and you’re good to go.

All in all, this site is incredibly well designed. You can tell that a lot of money went into putting this place together. As far as I can tell, there are absolutely no ads anywhere on the site, and that’s precisely what I would expect from a website that charges people for premium memberships. A monthly membership will run you $21, which is a lot of money for a website that doesn’t provide a tangible product for you to enjoy. But I guess it does give you access to an ever-growing library of quality escorts who post a lot of content themselves. You can see a lot of smut on this site, and that’s sort of the bonus, the cherry that comes on top of the otherwise delicious pie that are the countless escorts that you are free to escort to dinner, a movie, and possibly the bedroom. You never know how these dates are going to end up.

Tons of Goodies

I really love that the site has a vast selection of secondary features like a blog that talks about the most recent escorts on the site, sorting them by popularity and quality, and discussing their bodies like their connoisseurs.
Whoever runs this site really knows their stuff when it comes to women’s bodies. I very much enjoyed reading the latest entry on their 2022 summer starlet. She’s a bit large for my taste, but I can see why the community loves her. Those tits are to die for.

If you’re considering checking out an escort in your area, come to TheEroticReview first and do your homework. Dig deep into any information you can find on her. If she doesn’t have a profile on this site, she should; you could be the first one to strike up the conversation about her. But it’s likelier you’ll find dudes who are already discussing the quality of her service, and on top of that, you’ll know precisely how to reach her to schedule a date. This site is terrific, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy your time on it. That’s a guarantee.

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