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The phrase “Tease POV” could arguably be used to describe any good first-person perspective porno movie. The best films of the genre bring you ever so close to being t...


The phrase “Tease POV” could arguably be used to describe any good first-person perspective porno movie. The best films of the genre bring you ever so close to being there, putting you practically inside the porn stud’s shoes as he bangs away at the hottest poon in the world. Still, without the actual feel of a warm, wet mouth on your dick and some titties in your face, the greatest POV titles still amount to something of a tease. It’s a damn good thing they invented those silicone fap sleeves, huh? (I got a custom one shaped like your mom’s kisser.)

Then again, referring to the whole genre as Tease POV might take away from this next premium joint. has been putting out high-quality POV blowjob flicks since 2016. Half a decade doesn’t seem like that long in the real world, but this is the Internet we’re talking about here, so that lasting power counts for more. Paysites don’t stick around long if they ain’t dropping good smut regularly, so you know I had to take a closer look.

Hot Sluts Sucking Cock in POV

TeasePOV’s got a classy G-rated logo to match the classy X-rated content all over their tour page. The presentation is actually pretty unremarkable in its niceness; it looks professional, but not overly flashy. A cute blonde with glasses and pigtails has her mouth wrapped around a dick at the top of the screen, a Play button between her nose and the bottom of the mushroom tip. I clicked it and watched her work it over for 30 seconds, sucking, stroking and licking it up and down. It’s shot POV-style, with our intrepid cameraman taking the opportunity to smack her with his cock and hold her head down on it.

I’m hard as a rock and I just got here. The blonde is Light Fairy, who I haven’t heard of before but who has a brand-new fan in me. They’re working with consistently gorgeous pornstars, including some hot up-and-comers. There aren’t a ton of really big names, but regular Internet masturbators will recognize chicks like Kimmy Granger, AJ Applegate, Whitney Wright and Carmen Caliente. I see they also did a scene with the lovely and talented Paisley Porter, who I recently got to know quite intimately over on the PornDudeCasting couch. (The video just went live, so go watch me fuck her in her pussy, mouth and ass!)

If you’re looking for a first-person site with a wide variety of all-holes action, you may want to head back to my full list of POV sites. It’s pretty clear from the thumbnails out front that these hungry hotties have a single-minded focus: eating as much dick as they can. is a blowjob-focused paysite. For some of you, this is going to be a dealbreaker. On the other hand, the POV format is practically made for cocksucking more than any other porn niche. There’s a lot less jostling for a good angle, and the eye contact is absolutely incredible when a girl’s got her mouth full and face right up to the camera.

How Many Porn Sites for How Much?

One of the big brags on the landing page of TeasePOV is that they’re offering “$2 million worth of content for $1 a day!” I’m not sure exactly how they calculated that $2m figure or if it’s really all that accurate, but I do know they offer a high bang-to-buck ratio. That’s because the
Tease POV membership comes with free access to 10+ bonus sites. Mylked is my favorite on the list, but they’re also throwing in such themed porno wonderlands as Over 40 Handjobs, Petite 18 and Cum Blast City.

Regular membership is thirty bucks a month, though I got a “Today Only” special for half off. I’ve been reviewing these things long enough to know that it’s probably not today only. Memberships get cheaper as they get longer, with a yearly rate that breaks down to a little under 8 bucks a month. For a dozen paysites, that’s pretty fucking solid.

Tease POV is also doing its part to fight hunger. They do this by feeding the girls plenty of sperm, and also by donating part of your subscription fee to a group that works with food banks. Your leaders may not always have your back, but these vile, depraved perverts and degenerates don’t want folks going hungry.

One of the big perks I saw mentioned outside was a Roku app, which would let you watch the movies on your TV without fucking around with cables or a media server. I was pretty excited about it, but once I got inside and looked around, I couldn’t find an app. In fact, there’s no mention of Roku anywhere in the members' area or support page. My guess is that it worked, but now it doesn’t, and they’ll hopefully bring it out again when they fix it. Porn channels are always non-certified on Roku, thanks to their content restrictions, which may be part of the issue.

Where’s All the Fresh POV Smut?

Once you get signed up and logged in, TeasePOV drops you off in their member’s area. The main screen is a blog-style setup that gives you some site news, a poll and ten quick links to their most popular scenes. Weirdly, the only images on the screen are ads for other sites, which is kind of lame. I clicked the dropdown menu in the header and made my way to the Videos page, where the action is.

Out on the signup page, there’s a checklist of perks, the first one promising “New Scenes Every Week.” Maybe they mean you get at least one new movie somewhere on that big network they’re selling you, because Tease POV ain’t updating that often. Once per week is my golden standard for paysites, and these guys are seriously underperforming. I’m reviewing this in March, and the last update was just over a month ago. There’s also a two-month gap between the newest flick and the one before it. These days, it looks like you’re lucky to get one update a month.

It ain’t all bad news, though. Since the site’s been around a few years, they’ve had some time to build up the collection. It ain’t the biggest POV paysite in the world, but they do have around a hundred scenes in the library. Throw in all those other bonus sites and you’re looking at sizable and varied collection of dirty movies.

I figured I’d start my fap test with the newest scene, simply titled Sensational POV Blowjob. It stars exotic nympho Kiki Klout as a real estate agent looking to close the deal. She’s sweet-talking the cameraman as the flick opens, but he’s resistant—that’s a lot of fucking money they’re talking about. She’s got to work hard to convince him, so she pulls out her big fake tits and starts licking his dick.

Kiki’s brown eyes are beautiful and that mouth is a machine. She bobs her head up and down, occasionally taking a breath and muttering some on-topic shit about how the beej is going to help make his decision easier. The shots are nice and well lit, very steady but with enough of that little wobble to help put you right in the scene. Still cameras don’t always have the same realism as these types of handheld shots, which is a major element of the industry shift to reality porn starting in the early aughts.

All the thumbnails out front show the pornstars working exclusively with their mouths, but Kiki takes the dude between her rack for a nice tit wank that she’s clearly practiced. I know some dudes don’t like the silicone boobies, but I bet Kiki could make you a believer. Hell, I bet some of you even help yourself to the included full-quality video downloads.

It’s sometimes hard to recommend a premium POV site to someone interested in the genre. Many of the little elements that differentiate them, like the scenarios and aesthetics, are pretty fucking subjective. Thanks to the focus at, it’s a little easier: this is a POV site for those who are mainly interested in the first-person blowjob scenes. I’d also recommend a look if you’re a value-minded porn consumer who enjoys a variety of content, because the expansive 10+ site network is going to keep your hands busy for a long fucking time.

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