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If you enjoy watching chicks stuff their face with food and gain weight, until they become chubby or fat, you are going to love what r/Stuffers/ is all about. This sub...


Reddit Stuffers, aka r/Stuffers! Is anyone feeling hungry? Well, you are about to be after you check out what the fuck r/Stuffers/ has to offer. This subreddit is dedicated to the Feeder fetish. Now, if you do not know what kind of a fetish that even is, your world is about to get a whole lot ‘bigger’ (if you know what I mean). Let me start by explaining the fetish overall… this fetish is a nesting bowl within the Feedism fetish. It is a sexual subculture, where overeating and weight gaining is seen as a fetish, as something you’d like to jerk off to.

Feeders both want to feed their partners, and they are also here to pig out… so you can expect a bit of both. I think that is as much as you need to know whether r/Stuffers/ is up your fapping alley, or whether you’d much rather check out something else. For those who are not really into the whole overeating extravaganza, you could check out thousands of other NSFW subreddits, plenty of which I have personally reviewed. You are welcome.

The rest of you sick fucks, who think that overeating and purposely getting chunky is something to be aroused by, welcome to a little piece of heaven called r/Stuffers/. I’ll tell you most of what this subreddit has to offer, and what you can expect on Reddit overall. I mean, the site itself is one of my favorites because it literally provides everything, from adult content to memes and all kinds of bullshit.

Lots of horny fatties.

I think that I could not have described what r/Stuffers/ is all about in the simplest way, but what kind of content can you really expect on this subreddit? Well, that is a different story. Right off the bat, I saw lots of fatties, naturally. All the posts here will feature women, so you do not have to worry about those old farts creeping up on you. Now personally, I am not really into the whole “Let’s get fat until our stomachs overlap with our knees…”, but I am not here to judge.

The first thing I noticed is that the majority of the content here will be pictures. I mean, that is all fun and shit, but I am pretty sure that my feeder-lovers would much rather play the flute while watching an actual video, and not just look at pictures. Am I right, or am I right? Well, it took quite a shit ton of scrolling to actually find a video, which is never a good thing.

The video that I did find showed a chunky girl, eating pizza… and you got a time-lapse where you get to see that she did, in fact, eat everything by herself. Most of the videos, however, were actually just fat chicks showing off their curves, especially their stomach. So, if you were hoping for some fatty porn, I think that you might want to check out a porn website instead.

I do want to mention that although Reddit has like a ton of porn subreddits, none of them are fap worthy. I am not saying that the content that some of those subreddits offer are not going to set your dick to a rock-solid state; all I am saying that the videos that are offered will mostly be very fucking short. You will usually just get the gist of what is happening and that’s about it. So, unless you are a champ of premature ejaculation, you should visit an actual porn site.

Okay, enough of that, let’s talk about some fatties who love to eat and enjoy taking nude, lewd and suggestive pictures for all the Redditors and voyeurs to enjoy. What kind of images did I actually see? Well, you have it all; some fatties took a full-body picture while standing, so you can see all them curves. There were also the chicks who prefer to sit down as they take a pic, and let their fat just cover the entire floor. Some of them reminded me of Ditto or Snorlax (who knows, knows), which is, I guess, the beauty of it all.

I think this is the right time to tell you that you have fatties of all sizes. Some cuties are just starting out with their fetish, and others who are posting their progress as they get bigger. But then there are the champs of the fetish, the babes who have gone above and beyond.

The majority of the chicks here prefer posting tummy pictures, which I already mentioned, and they will usually write something dirty on top. Some girls prefer to not include their faces in the picture, while other chicks do not really give a shit. All I am saying is that you have it all, so no matter what size you prefer, hair color, body type or whatever the fuck, you will find your perfect woman on r/Stuffers/.

You can register, but you do not really have to.

I am pretty sure that you got the gist of the content that you can expect, but what about the overall options? Well, you can choose whether you want to register on Reddit or not, which is neat. If you do not register, you will still be able to browse through all that has to offer, obviously including the crap you find on r/Stuffers/.

If you do choose to register, you can enjoy some of the usual privileges on Not to mention that registering on Reddit is free, so that is pretty dope. As a member, you can like/dislike and comment on any post you find on r/Stuffers/ or just in general. You can also choose to follow certain subreddits, and thus get updated when new shit is posted.

From what I have seen, the members on r/Stuffers/ are pretty active. They love to leave random comments about the chicks, their body, and the feeding fetish overall. I mean, you can do the same… although personally, I do not see the fucking point of that. But we know what they say, to each their own, my dudes.

You also have an option to chat with the members. Reddit allows its members to send private messages to one another, which is nice. However, the members on r/Stuffers/ are pretty much here to enjoy the content, and not actually chat with random idiots. If you would just like to chat with strangers, there are actual subreddits that are dedicated to that. For example, dating, hookup, swinger chatting, and other subreddits.

Post your own pictures.

If you are a slut who loves to pig out and stuff her face with food until the point of being ready to burst… why the fuck not post your images here? I mean, all the Redditors are allowed to post whatever the fuck they want on, but if you plan to do that, you will have to follow the rules. All the posting rules on r/Stuffers/ are listed on the side of the subreddit itself.

The rules are very simple, so there is no way you can fuck up… Keep in mind that if you are really that idiotic to manage to fuck up, after a couple of warnings, you will be banned. So try not to be a moron and read the rules. Some subreddits will not have any rules listed, in which case, just follow the overall title of the subreddit or the descriptions.

Oh yeah, on the side of each subreddit, you also have a description telling you what the fuck the subreddit is all about. Of course, the same applies to r/Stuffers/, and below that, you can see that the subreddit was created in 2012 and that it has over 46k members. From what I have seen, the uploads are frequent but obviously irregular… As everything uploaded on us uploaded by the users, so you never really know when the fuck to expect the uploads.


I think that simply knowing what the fuck the Feeder fetish is all about; you will be able to predict what kind of shit you can expect from r/Stuffers/. This all comes down to our personal preferences, so if chubby and fat chicks who enjoy stuffing their snouts with food and posting nude images make your dick hard… You will surely love what r/Stuffers/ has to offer. It is actually as simple as that, and if you are tired of r/Stuffers/, you have plenty of other subreddits to check out.

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