What's Studio FOW all about? I can't wait for their latest erotic game "subverse", but I'm sure many of you don't know who these fuckers are. Well, imagine you’re hours deep into playing Tomb Raider. You’ve been watching her ass bounce up and down for way too long now, but it’s fun so you keep playing. You run into a scene where you’re stuck on a deserted island. Suddenly some crazy assholes arrive and try to rape Lara Croft.

But of course, she manages to get away. You get fucking pissed, cause watching her get assraped by these fuckers sounds pretty damn fun. You’ve been staring at her ass for four hours now!

Well don’t worry, StudioFOW has the movie for you. It’s called “Lara In Trouble”.

Studio FOW is a porn production group that features 3D models from various video game franchises like Tomb Raider and World of Warcraft. The videos are all very high quality and feature great plots that tie into the game, hot ass bitches, and enough screen time that you can bust a nut (~15 minutes).

StudioFOW uses Source Filmmaker, a movie-maker based on the Source game engine from Valve. If you don’t know what Valve is, it’s basically the greatest game company in existence today, and StudioFOW shows us that Source Filmmaker can serve as a bitchin’ porn maker as well.

The same engine used to play Counterstrike also makes the best animation porn on the market? What CAN’T it do?

These productions are no fucking joke, and the quality stays consistent across all the movies. The first video was released in February 2014, featuring our big-tittied Lara Croft getting tied up and raped by some crazy motherfuckers on a jungle island. There’s some good voice acting in the videos as well.

However, the quality of the videos also means they are made fucking slowly. You’ll only get a handful of movies a year.

It’s funny that there’s plenty of other pornmakers featuring these characters as well, but I guess StudioFOW does too good a job.

In general, StudioFOW is a great boutique studio passionate about letting you bust a big ass nut. From starting with two members, it now features nine employees and lots of voice actors to give you a AAA experience.

Passionate about making porn

When you first go to StudioFOW.com, you’ll be slapped on your dick with a big fullscreen video of masturbating 3D bitches. It’s a hell of an introduction, and you’ll already see the high level of detail looking at her pussy hair and her eyes rolling to the back of her head.

The website features upcoming films, past movies, a gallery of pics, team member bios, and a blog. When I checked out the site, there were three movies in progress, with two recently finished. Since these movies take so long to make, it’s good that StudioFOW has multiple projects going on at once.

Next is the movie section, where you can read about the twelve films released so far. You’ll get lots of information like release date, what video game it's from, and plot, as well as awesome teaser animations as you read it all. On the top right are the download links.

In terms of cost, through the miracle of crowdfunding, all the movies are free! You can download them from StudioFOW.com, or even watch them on other sites like XVideos.com. The studio is financed by donations, so no paywall or ad bullshit here.

The gallery is another awesome (and free) part of the website. This is where StudioFOW posts their mini-animations to keep their fans satisfied while they work on the big productions. Think of these as little Pixar shorts of porno, like appetizers to the main meal.

A great but limited library

StudioFOW wants to be a revolution. There’s just no other way to describe it. When I see animations of this quality, usually they are only like five seconds long. This stuff is full fucking movies, with really good voice acting to boot.

Like I said, there are twelve high-quality videos to check out from StudioFOW. We got characters from Bioshock, Tomb Raider, Little Red Riding Whore, and more. The models are all created from the Source engine, making a 3D environment where StudioFOW directs all the scenes. The graphics hold up; this shit looks tighter than Red Riding Hood’s pussy.

The gallery is solid as well and features franchises like The Witcher, Resident Evil, and Mass Effect. You can bet your ass that most of these feature the hottest characters getting raped. I’m pretty surprised the studio hasn’t been shut down, but no doubt this porn is great publicity when you think about it.

StudioFOW also keeps a blog, although for some fucking reason they use Tumblr as their platform. I didn’t bother reading it cause fuck Tumblr. That shit is beyond degenerate.

I also want to note that much of the content is hosted on other sites. Actually, I would even recommend watching it on a tube site or something. The feature films can be seen on XVideos and other places, while the smaller animations are hosted on Newgrounds or download services.

But if you want that deep satisfying sesh, then download the HD videos. It’s worth the storage space.

What I Like

Great quality. These videos can pass as official in-game cutscenes, no joke. If I were a Blizzard exec, I wouldn’t be mad at all. I’d just be impressed and then leave the office early to go home and fap to it.

The AAA titles are also well-represented. Overwatch, Witcher, Tomb Raider- these are big franchises. You know sometimes you’ll be playing a game, and a character will look hot and you’ll start searching for some Rule34? StudioFOW is the best answer in this situation.

StudioFOW also respects that extreme shit. There’s no softcore, acting pretty bullshit here; these bitches are getting fucked in the ass when they least suspect it, no Vaseline. The team is good at keeping the action fun and unpredictable. Tears, crying, and fear are all over these videos.

What I Hate

Not much to complain about, except the website blasts too fast with the porn. It makes it impossible to browse StudioFOW in public when you immediately get hit with a fullscreen pussy in your face. I mean…it’s dope, but it’s hard to check out around the wife.

I also read some complaints about the studio being too slow, which has been a drag for its donators and patreons. Since 2014, StudioFOW has only twelve big films to show. This is unique in the world of porn, where production usually means tons of quick content rather than quality.

Get the fuck off Tumblr

The main thing for these motherfuckers is to get their blog off Tumblr. Tumblr requires you to sign up to read it, and Tumblr is fucking shitty anyway. Did you know they aren’t going to allow porn anymore? At least we know that shit will die off soon.

They also may want to think about expanding their team. The studio releases shit too slowly to really justify regular donations or being a “patreon” (although they’ve been kicked out). The minis in the library make up for this somewhat though.


StudioFOW has been featured in mainstream shit like BBC and VICE, and I can see why. This is some revolutionary 3D porn they are doing. More than production value, you really see passion and effort in the videos, from the Oscar-worthy voice acting of bitches getting raped, to the high-quality textures of the bitches getting raped.

I like that the StudioFOW team are big fans of hentai, and the content really shows this. There is no shyness about showing bestiality, rape, and all kinds of dark shit happening to these beloved characters. The scenes are classic hentai shit.

One interesting note is that Patreon shut down the StudioFOW account in November 2018. StudioFOW says that they saw this shit coming, so they stored up extra capital to keep moving on. They aren’t even accepting donations, instead of asking fans to “save their money right now and then help us push when we need it most.” It sounded like they have less than six months of funding, so hopefully, they pull through.

Anyway, StudioFOW is fucking dope. I can see why this place has a lot of supporters and people willing to fund their cause. This is some real professional-quality shit, and you can bet your dick that it’ll only get better. Once VR comes into the picture, it’s fucking over.

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