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Do you like to watch cute amateur girls undress and show off their curves? Well, you are more than welcome to check out everything that r/stripgirls/ has to offer beca...


Reddit StripGirls, aka r/StripGirls! Welcome to a subreddit dedicated to the hottest babes of, who love to take their clothes off and show you all the goodies. I mean, that is the gist of it, and I am pretty sure that you could have figured that out just by reading the name of the subreddit, aka r/stripgirls/. So, if that sounds like something you’d be interested in, you are in for a treat.

I always say that you are in ‘for a treat’ because is a free website. On top of that, it has thousands of other subreddits, covering both NSFW and SFW aspects, so even if you do not fancy what r/stripgirls/ has to offer, the chances are that you will find something else that will make your dick hard. At this point, it all comes down to whatever the fuck are searching for, to begin with.

To be fair, I don’t think that there are many straight men or lesbians who would not like what r/stripgirls/ is all about. You have lots of videos featuring slutty chicks taking their clothes, off, what is there not to appreciate about that? Well, you can always browse through on your own, and then decide whether this subreddit floats your boat or not.

Great design and lots to be seen.

When you check out for the first time, it should be obvious that this site has a slick design. You get to choose between the dark and the light layout, and I think the dark layout is just perfect for browsing. If you clicked on the link I provided, you would be sent to r/stripgirls/ immediately, and you will not have to search for it.

Although, even if you just check out in general, you will find your way around with ease, do not even worry about it. No matter which subreddit you check out, be it r/stripgirls/ or any of the thousands of others, all the information will be listed on the side of the subreddit. So you get to see what kind of a description r/stripgirls/ has, and that helps you know what that particular subreddit is all about.

No matter which subreddit you check out, there will usually be lots of naughty content for you to enjoy, which is neat. The same applies to r/stripgirls/, and if you are really interested in the content, you are welcome to check it out on your own… or you can continue reading because I shall basically explain all that you really need to know, so you do not have to waste your time with a subreddit that you might not like.

What kind of content can I expect?

chicks taking their clothes off, is what you can expect to see, which is hella obvious since the subreddit is called r/stripgirls/. So, if you are here to see anything other than gorgeous girls taking off their clothes, you are welcome to check out a different subreddit instead. A good thing about this place is that you have a lot of videos compared to others.

Usually, subreddits will be filled with a lot of images and videos, but here I only saw videos, and we all know that I prefer videos instead of pics. I mean, having images here and there is not a bad thing… but if there is no movement, I do not think that my dick would like that. I am also sure that the same shit applies to the majority of you fuckers.

So, what kind of shit can you expect? Well, lots of girls taking off their clothes. Of course, not all the babes actually having to show everything, or they have to even show their face. The whole point of r/stripgirls/ is that you have lots of babes revealing their beauty one way or the other. For example, in the first video, I checked out the beauty got fully naked and did a small twirl.

However, the second video I checked out, the chick was in her bra, and she showed off her ass and pussy, but her bra was never removed… shame, but it is what it is. I’ve seen plenty of girls who did not mind getting fully naked, and other chicks who love parading in public. For example, one of the chicks took off all her clothes and paraded naked through the city.

Another video that got my attention showed a pretty Asian girl displaying her petite curves. I mean, it was obvious that her ass was quite small, but with her skinny build and beautiful face, I don’t think any of us really care about that. Well, you are welcome to check out this subreddit as it is filled with some of the loveliest girls getting naked.

The quality of the videos will all depend on the videos you check out. They are all user-submitted videos, so you never know what the fuck to expect. Some users have high-quality cameras, and they love to post their HD videos, while others film with their phones… so you have a combination of all. I mean, all the shit on is uploaded by the users, so it is obvious that all of this will be amateur.

Register, or don’t. Your choice.

If you did not already know, you can become a member on and have added privileges, but you do not have to register if you do not want to. However, the registration on is free, so why the fuck not? With your registration, you will get some of the good privileges, such as commenting on any post and talking to the community through the comments.

I mean, obviously, you will be able to like and dislike posts and do all that shit. But, you will also be able to post your own shit. So if you are a cutie with a good body and you would like to share that with the audience, you are more than welcome to post your shit on r/stripgirls/. That is pretty self-explanatory, but that also applies to all other subreddits.

So, if you find a subreddit you think you can contribute to, you should. There are thousands of other subreddits, and you can post anywhere, just make sure that you follow the rules, that is all I will say. There are some rules you will need to follow, and those rules will change depending on the subreddit you check out in the first place.

I think that the rules for r/stripgirls/ are very obvious, and unless you are a retard, I believe that you will know what is what. However, you will have those rules listed on the side of the site, and the same applies to all other subreddits. Obviously, you need to check out the rules, since if nobody followed the rules, none of this would actually make any fucking sense.

Chat with the community.

Another aspect that I am sure you will be able to appreciate is the fact that you can chat with the community, and that does not apply only to r/stripgirls/ but the whole in general. As you see, there are plenty of members on this site, and you can chat with anyone you see. However, if you send messages to people from r/stripgirls/ they do not really have to answer.

Some subreddits are designed for you to meet and chat with random people, so you might want to search for those if you want to chat with the community. I think I do not need to say this, but if you are a fucking moron and a dick, you can be blocked or banned from the site. So, follow the subreddits that offer what you are looking for and pay attention to the rules.


So, what about the overall? Well, you have a subreddit that is pretty self-explanatory. If you are interested in checking out a subreddit dedicated to beautiful women who love to undress and show off their body, then welcome to r/stripgirls/, and if you want something else, you can check out a different subreddit instead, since has it all.

There are lots of subreddits dedicated to all kinds of other shit, so I am sure that you will find whatever the fuck you are searching for. is a free website with simple browsing options, so take your time and enjoy its content. While r/stripgirls/ is dedicated to girls who are stripping, there are plenty of other subreddits filled with different types of NSFW content, so enjoy!

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