I watched some StripChat fetish shows this morning, and I’ve got to say, some of these girls are real freaks! I mean that in the best way possible, of course, because a kinky girl is exactly what you want when you’ve got kinky tastes. Some guys are okay with a pair of tits shaking in their face or watching a beautiful woman finger herself, and I’ve definitely been known to crank it to a basic vanilla striptease from time to time on days with a Y in them. The thing is, the internet’s a bold and beautiful place, so there’s really no good reason to settle for anything less than exactly what you’re looking for. All you need is someone to tell you where to find the good shit, and well, you’ve come to the right place for that.

I’ve talked about StripChat.com a lot here at ThePornDude, and they actually occupy one of the highest slots on my extensive list of Live Sex Cam Sites. The joint gets more than half a billion visits a month, making it one of the biggest and most popular cam sites out there. Bigger is usually better, and that’s especially the case when we’re talking about a cam site. A big part of that traffic is the camwhores themselves. When you’ve got this much activity, you’re going to have a lot of options to choose from.

I’ve covered the basics of the site before, so today, I’m going to zoom right in on a particular segment of that big-ass selection I mentioned. StripChat has all kinds of models performing all sorts of X-rated shows, but right now, I want to tell you about all the freaky, kinky live fetish cam shows they’ve got under their banner. So grab the whip, the furry buttplug tail, and the silicone foot with the built-in fuck hole. It’s time to get into some perverted shit.

Just Look at All These Kinky Camwhores

It isn’t always easy to find smut if you’ve got a fetish. But those of you who’ve been shaking your dicks at the internet for decades know that it’s gotten a lot better over the years, but a lot of major sites will still leave you blue-balled if your main sexual interests fall outside of the usual bag of lesbians, blowjobs, and threesomes. Smaller websites that don’t specialize in kink tend to be the worst offenders, with nary a thing on the menu for the foot fetishists or bondage freaks. Many small cam sites seem to have nothing but bored girls waiting to flash their tits, nothing else, and only when somebody pays a few tokens for a tip.

That isn’t the case in StripChat.com’s Fetish section. I’ve already mentioned the sheer size of the fucking place. There are literally thousands of camwhores worldwide performing live at any given moment. Even when you narrow your range down to the kinksters, you’ll find hundreds of live fetish shows to choose from. I’m writing this up on a Friday afternoon, and there are nearly 700 live models with a fetish tag.

On many cam sites, the “Fetish” tag leads to a selection of babes who may or may not be kinky, and then it’s up to you to find what you want from there. It’s kind of a vague descriptor because there are all kinds of fetishes. One thing I like about the Fetish Cam section on StripChat is how they’ve broken down the page into different kinky subcategories representing the most popular freaky deaky subgenres.

If you follow my link or click the Fetishes button in the StripChat sidebar, it’ll bring up the current menu of live models. BDSM is their most popular fetish, so you’ll get a bunch of bondage girls at the top of the screen. Then, scrolling down, they offer groupings of Cosplay girls, Foot Fetish performers, chicks with Tattoos, those with Piercings, followed by babes wearing Nylons, and sluts in Heels.

While those are the only kinks that currently get their own subheaders on the Fetish page, the actual range of kinks is far deeper than that. There are models performing in all kinds of fetish subgenres that are difficult to find elsewhere. As I continued scrolling, the section labeled All Other Fetish Cams seemed to stretch on into infinity. From Fuck Machines to BBWs to Hairy chicks and Muscle broads, there’s a little something for almost every kind of sexual deviate out there.

Some people still think of high-heeled leather-clad dominatrices in dimly lit S&M dungeons whenever they hear the word “fetish.” And while I do see a few babes that meet that description under the BDSM header, it isn’t fair to lump all these kinkster camwhores into one big pile. StripChat is big enough that there are all kinds of camwhores performing fetish shows.

What are you into? Pink-haired cosplay teens diddling themselves or redheaded MILFs stroking dildos with their feet? You can watch a young tattooed blonde finger her best friend, tip a mature brunette babe to rip her own stockings, or even buzz a bound bondage babe’s Lovense vibrator, making her squirm and squeal while you watch. I could go on all day listing the practically infinite possibilities, but I bet your kinky little mind is already coming up with all the weird, sexy wrinkles you’d like to see. I’m telling you, dudes, the fetish camwhore of your wet dreams is live and waiting.

Step Right Up for a Free Fetish Cam Show

Basically, every webcam sex site out there claims they have “free” shows. That’s technically true, but I already mentioned the bored, clothed girls you find on the smaller sites. That’s why I recommend pulling up one of the bigger, fuller cam sites if you’re low on funds. The crowded public shows can be a lot of fun even for the most broke of perverts beating off in their mom’s basement, allowance blown on Cheetos and comic books. StripChat has long been one of my favorite spots for webcam freebies in general, and they’ve also got a ton of legitimately free fetish shows.

Literally seconds after I typed that last paragraph, I clicked a thumbnail of naked lesbians scissoring. I’m now typing this sentence while watching those very naked lesbians scissoring. I haven’t even logged into StripChat.com, let alone tossed a quarter in the hat, but some of the other 500 viewers are contributing enough to keep the fun going.

I came for the really kinky fetish stuff, though, so I X’d out of that and found a cosplay girl getting banged with a Fuck Machine. She’s got a nice dual camera setup: one side of the screen gives a POV doggy-style view, showing her ponytail and a whole beautiful ass, butt-plugged with a purple jewel, as the machine pounds her; the other side is a close-up shot of the dildo sliding in and out of her pussy. This smarty-pants deviate has the second camera attached to the fuck machine itself, which is absolutely fucking genius.

After a few minutes of getting banged by the robot, she flipped over and made the goofiest, sexiest ahegao face with crossed eyes and a gaping mouth. The anime weebs in the audience clearly fucking loved that because a whole bunch of tips came streaming in, prompting her to finger her butthole. Again, folks, I haven’t paid a fucking dime to watch this live spectacle of human and machine. Welcome to the future.

Of course, if you’ve got the cash for it, I always recommend tipping the girls. Those of you who want a personal, private show will have to pay more for the privilege, but it’s arguably a buyer’s market because you’ve got so many talented, beautiful women to choose from. On a similar note, my only real complaint about StripChat can be applied to basically any cam site and especially to the good ones: if you get addicted, fall in love, or you’re just bad with money, it can get expensive fast.

What else is there to say? StripChat.com is one of the best cam sites out there, mainly because they’ve got such a ridiculous number of camwhores performing at every hour of every day. With so many live models to choose from, it’s no surprise there are hundreds of fetish chicks among them. It doesn’t cost a damn thing to watch the public shows, so I recommend taking a look right now if you’re still reading this.

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