Reddit SluttyConfessions, aka r/SluttyConfessions! If you are ever looking for a good time with sex stories, there’s nothing better than reading real confessions online. Sex stories are great, and all, and they can go into detail about some of the most fucked up kinks and other shit that you can imagine. However, I think we can all agree that confessions are even better. It’s so hot knowing that one of these people really do this kind of shit. Anyway, if you ever want to find the best source for all kinds of sexual confessions, there’s no better place to go to than /r/SluttyConfessions. You see, the slutty confessions subreddit takes things to a whole new level when it comes to showing off what sluts are doing in their spare time. You should definitely read it all here

Great confession stories to jerk off to

As far as the content itself is concerned, it’s all just written, text content. I know, I know, it’s not hot pics or videos, but sometimes it can be that too. Of course, you’ll have to be a bit of a detective to get some of that visual stuff out, but there’s a way to do that too. Trust me, by the time you’re done with your Reddit wanking session; you will have cum a dozen times. So, here’s how you’re going to enjoy your Slutty Confessions sub journey. First, you’ll find the most interesting story and confession (which is usually going to be in the Hot section of the community). Then you’ll read it and jerk off to it for a bit. And finally, this is the best part, you go to the OP’s profile and look through their post history.

You can call it stalking, but I’m just calling it scavenging for some good material to jerk off to. By this time, if you chose a good story to read, you’ll probably cum already, but we haven’t even gotten to the fun part yet. Once you go to their profile, you’ll notice that many of them post slutty stuff on other NSFW subs as well. If you want to see a visual representation of some of these /r/SluttyConfessions stories, then you’re going to need to venture through to other subs as well. But you don’t necessarily have to do that. In fact, sometimes you can’t do it because these people don’t post anywhere else.

Better check that the confessions are real

It all depends on the individual, but we don’t have to look at that aspect at all. It’s just something that I enjoy doing. This also helps you figure out whether the story you’re reading is genuine or not. If you don’t see any other NSFW posts, then it could mean that the story is either genuine or not, but if you see some fishy posts that look forced on other NSFW subs, then it might be some kind of ploy to make you believe that the person is really who they say they are. The biggest give-away is when it’s a throwaway account. You just can’t trust those because the person can just post whatever they want.

But if you’re okay with living in a lie, then you don’t even have to check out their profile. You can always just read the stories and presume that they are real. If, however, you’re a person who values authenticity like me, then you’re going to want to find out more about the history of this poster and what they have been up to on Reddit recently. Trust me; it just makes the entire experience that much better when you know the stories are real. And that won’t be something you’ll have to worry about for too long since most of these stories actually are fairly genuine and authentic most of the time on here.

So many hot kinks and fetishes to read about

The problems arise with something else, and that’s the quality of the stories. You see, while the stories might often be real and authentic, there’s a very low incentive for people to write them since you get to read them for free. I mean, this is something that you should have already expected, but the stories and the writing is really low-quality at times. And I don’t mean the plot or the premise. Those are usually fine when you take into account that they are supposed to be authentic, so you can’t really expect anything too wild from them. The most you should expect is a bunch of kinks and fetishes to be fully exposed.

The reason I say that the quality is low is because the people who write these texts on Slutty Confessions aren’t exactly writers per se. In fact, they are usually really fucked up people, especially if they are for real with some of these kinks that they have. When you look at it closely, /r/SluttyConfessions really does have plenty of those people, and their texts are full of grammar and spelling issues, and they sometimes ramble on without any kind of coherence. It’s just not something that you are going to be happy with, no matter what. I guess you should have seen something like that coming, since /r/SluttyConfessions isn’t exactly like one of those high-profile sex story sites where people are writers.

A huge community of slutty confession readers and writers

Anyway, there’s a lot more to Slutty Confessions than just bad spelling and grammar. I think if you are here just so that you can have a good, fleshed-out text that you can jerk off to, then you better just go to some kind of sex story website. This place is actually more than just a bunch of strangers sharing their experiences. I mean, it IS that in its essence, but it’s so much more. Namely, when you take a look at this place, you’ll notice that it’s a huge community with people who come from all kinds of different backgrounds but who all share a common kink in that they love reading what other people are doing with their sex lives and so on. This can definitely be a fun experience, even for regular sex story fans.

When it all comes down to how this place runs, you have to give a lot of credit to /r/SluttyConfessions and the community that supports it. There are over 265,000 subscribers on this subreddit who are always ready to post some amazing sex confessions. If they are really sluts like they say that they are, then you’re going to have one fun time on this sub as you jerk off through everything that these slutty confessions have to offer you. I, for one, am a huge fan of reading what other people are up to with their sex lives. If you really want to be in the thick of things and kinks like those, then this place is it.

The design could have much more customization done to it

If there’s just one thing that I would change about Slutty Confessions, it would be the design. The guys who run this place didn’t really seem to give a shit about what the site looks like. They didn’t add any customization to the banner, to the avatar, or to any other aspect of the subreddit. You know, when you make a place on Reddit, you should really make it representable so that you can rake in as many people as you possibly can on looks alone. I guess NSFW subs don’t really give a shit about things like that, though. I just think they could do a much better job at showing off and marketing their sub.

But hey, free content is free content. And when it all boils down to be having a great time with some amazing free content, then I don’t even have to care about what this place has to offer in terms of design. And when you think about it, you can’t really give them too much shit for having this little fault on their sub. You can’t have it all, no matter how hard you try. The important thing is that the community stays active and that they keep posting Slutty Confessions so that we can enjoy them time and time again. Just go to the New section when you’re in need of some brand-new stories to wank to.

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