With all of my years of experience, I rarely come across a site and think to myself, “well, this is different.” But that’s what I felt when I first encountered pvt.sexy. This website is not hugely groundbreaking but is still a nice spin-off of established technology. If you have not read my general review or have never heard of this platform, well, it uses Skype to connect you with sex performers from around the world. I won’t rehash the whole thing, but I generally liked the site and what it allows you to do.

Even after that review, though, I felt the need to go back and hyper-fixate on a few other things, like the category of nubile ladies who broadcast on this platform. There’s something about them that makes them a feast for the eyes and worth going in on in detail.

How This Sexy System Works: A Pretty Quick Primer

Okay, before we focus on the nubiles, I know it only makes sense to go over this site’s basic participation requirements since not everyone will look up the original review. This is a site that hookups you up (virtually speaking) with a host of hot honeys who live to make your sexual fantasies come true.

All you have to do is get a Skype account and register with this website. After that, you will need to add a payment method (any major credit or debit card should do), and you are all set. Then it’s just an issue of finding a model (or two) who you fancy. At this point, you can just tap the Open SKPYE Chat button, and you’ll be in line to get a live performance with the model you want to see.

During shows and even when a performer is not broadcasting, you can send tips which I strongly encourage you to do. Not only will this motivate the broadcaster to spend more timing camming, but you might catch some much-wanted attention making potentially scheduling one-on-one time a soon-to-be possibility. Seriously, try it and see what happens.

Most of these ladies also have uploaded several preview video clips of themselves as previews or from their live performances. They look good and all, but when it comes to a site like this, I am sure that you are not interested in recordings. Rather, you want to know about the live-action, so let’s segue into that now.

Onto Discussion About The Young Dames

I try to avoid unneeded or inaccurate generalizations, but when appropriate, I will. As a rule, the models on the site are marvelous, and I have yet to preview one that disappoints. Based on what I have seen, there are hundreds of active users who fit the nubile category, and they all seem to specialize in at least a few titillating talents, so there’s a vast field of fabulousness to be appreciated. Most of them seem interested in interactive sex toys and findom, but the way they express this and act it out appears to be unique to each performer.

Of course, the number of models online is going to fluctuate. But because of the many different time zones that these ladies operate in, the sheer number of them, and no small amount of commitment to their craft, I estimate that there should be dozens, at least, online at any given time. English seems to be the lingua franca here (surprised, right?), but most of these babes are at least bilingual, not to mention bisexual. So, communication should not be an issue for most users, and even if it is, you can always use Google translate to spell out your sexual fantasies via text.

Ladies To Look Out For...So Far

Since the focus of this post is on the nubiles of PVT, I decided that it only made sense to give some PornDude shine to some of the standouts I saw when I was online. As I mentioned, there are so goddamn many online at any given time, and so I had to reduce my original list. I think this should give you an idea of the range that the models on this part of the site are presenting.


Cost per minute: 1.00 USD

Body: Curvy

Location: Ukraine

Languages: English, Russian

Sexy specialty: Body beautiful babe

It’s hard to operate in any part of the industry using a mononym, and that’s why only elite professionals typically do it. Lola is indeed one of those professionals, which is the reason she made this list. This versatile performer is open to a number of different shows but is worth getting an appointment with just because of her body alone.

I want to stress that she isn’t just a pretty face (with legs for days to match) but a well-rounded person. Seriously, her body is rounded in all the right ways; you would think Pygamllion himself sculpted her!

Of course, I also want to add that she has a warm personality and can entertain anyone with just her oral talents. In addition to ‘dirty’ talk, Lola loves roleplaying sessions and group calls with other female performers to get in on the fun and add to the experience. Her other talents include mistress, tongue, and, my favorite, slobber shows. Just make sure you prepay to be sure that you can secure a show that provides for what I mentioned.

веселитесь, товарищи!

Alice Brave

Cost per minute: 1.39 USD

Body: Slim

Location: United States

Languages: English, Spanish

Sexy specialty: Jill of all Trades

I could summarize this model as follows: she boasts a perfect rating of 5.0 stars, this model has never received a bad review, so there is no reason not to schedule a cam session with her. But me being me, I have to talk about why this is the case.

She has a sexual appetite that covers areas that surely will appeal to just about anyone who has a taste for fine women. She likes getting DPed, has the hots for cream pies, and while her sex toys of choice are not listed, I know for a fact that she loves to use them in her shows. How do I know? Well, let’s say I spent time – and no small amount of money – doing my own in-depth, independent research.

As with many of the top-performing models on this site, she has a kink for domination and seems to have an extreme fetish for cock-and-ball torture as well as small penis humiliation. Fellas who might think that they are not “well equipped” will certainly be made to feel good when camming with this woman. But, of course, that will come after being made to feel “bad” for having such a tiny pecker.

Another prurient interest that she has is one which I do not often see but was fascinating to find out about is CEI, also known as instructions for eating semen. So those of you who like being treated like a real man slut submissive, now you know where to go. Personally, I’m not into that, but I’m definitely into the fact that she likes to vape while performing. I don’t know what it is, but seeing smoke come out of that woman’s mouth while she moans with ecstasy while cumming just, really, really gets the juices flowing – in more ways than one, if you know what I mean.

And Goddess bless us; she charges a very fair rate for her services, too! #spoiled

Even if you check her profile at a time when she is not online, you can still get a (nearly) satisfying taste of what her shows are like because her on-site store is swollen with almost a dozen clips from her shows that are anywhere from three to eleven minutes. I put the qualifier on ‘satisfying’ only because to fully experience the lushness of Alice Brave; you need to see her perform live.

Since she is so popular, there’s effectively a waiting list, so call or prepay so you can get in line and then get online with her as quickly as possible!

Eva Cole

Cost per minute: $1.39

Body: Athletic

Location: Romania

Languages: English

Sexy specialty: The (slutty) Girl Next Door role player

This one is another who has earned a perfect score both from the fans and myself.

As my regular readers no doubt know, I love women of all sorts, no matter what they are into or where they come from. Besides my reviews, check out my blog if you need even more proof of this. However, I have noticed that certain cultures have a take on sexuality which I can only describe as being spectacularly special but, oh so, hard to define. That’s definitely the case with Eastern European women, as evidenced by Eva Cole.

Billing herself as being “not one in a million kind of girl. I am a once in a lifetime kind of woman,” she does an excellent job at selling the girl-who-never-would-do-porn-but-does with precision. But, of course, like any performer who puts on that persona (but is it really a put-on?), she can turn it on when it comes to getting downright ‘dirty’ during a live stream.

Fitting the Athletic body type to a T, this gal takes care of her body, and I have it in good authority that she will help you take care of your prick as well, or clit for that matter. According to her profile, Ms. Cole is bicurious after all, so it is likely that she takes all comers.

Valery Simons

Cost per minute: 2.25 USD

Body: Curvy

Location: Colombia

Languages: English, French, Spanish

Sexy specialty: JOI – jerk off instructions

This feisty señorita is thicc and curvy in all the right places and has a big-ass personality to boot. For the price of a cup of coffee, you can get told how to wank while watching this bossy b*tch play with her big balloons, bulbous butt, and caress other beautiful body parts. Just make sure that you have enough money on hand to keep the stroke session lasting. According to her profile, Ms. Simons also gets her and her clients off via ‘sissyfication’ and is a BDSM enthusiast. So, I imagine that she will milk you (in more ways than one) for all you are worth while making things last as long as possible.

“Money slaves to the front, with sexual submissives right behind them,” seems to be the implicit command from Valery, folks. Pro tip: if you’re into sniffies, I would suggest having some on hand when you sit (or stand up) down for a session with Ms. Valery seeing as her profile also lists poppers as being one of her interests.


Cost per minute: 2.99 USD

Body: Petite

Location: Mexico

Languages: English, Spanish

Sexy specialty: Uhmm, well, everything it seems

Proving once again that good things do come in small packages, this little lady comes across to me as someone who has an exceptionally high libido, even by porn performer standards.

Cris is the absolute epitome of a workhorse performer, as you can see just by looking at her profile. She has listed graphic previews of her previous in the form of multiple GIFs, preview clips, and pics of everything from her posterior to, well, almost everything else. And that’s just the visual samples of her taste in sexuality. The tags Ms. Cris identifies with are all over the place. She does seem to have a thing for being a bit of a dominatrix but is into everything from feet to using lovense to A2M role play (!) and has anything but wholesome (and I mean that in a good way) taste in costumes.

As you can see, compared to the rest of these girls and most of the cammers on this site, she does charge a pretty penny for what she does. But when you are this talented, why wouldn’t you? And given her impressive user rating and the suite of sexy performances that she can give, I think the price is more than justified. So try hitting her up and try to call me a liar, and tell this lassie who recommended you.

How To Find This Section And What I Ultimately Think

Besides using the link provided, there is an easy way to navigate this site. Simply log into pvt.sexy and then plug in the following search terms: 18-23 age group range and enter. Then just save that page to your browser’s favorites, and you’ll be good to go.

Now let’s sum up this section. First, I find that the number of models online is quite good, and the women broadcasting do all sorts of sexy action on camera. For the most part, the price per minute is acceptable, and even when a model charges a little extra, I would say that it’s worth it. As far as negatives, I honestly cannot come up with anything terrible to say about the part of this platform, either.

So, rather than judge this site as a whole, I will look at this section only within the context of pvt.sexy. With those criteria laid out there, I can confidently give this part of that site a sold five hands out of five.

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