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Reddit Short Hair Chicks, aka r/ShortHairChicks! I am pretty sure that there is no need for me to overly explain what r/shorthairchicks/ is all about… it is there in the name. So, if by any chance you are into pretty girls with short hair, you have come to the right place. The content is pretty random, but that is the one niche they all share… all the chicks have pretty short hair, and they are cute/sexy/hot.

Personally, I enjoyed my stay here, since what is there not to be enjoyed? You have lots of pretty girls who get naked and do all kinds of other things, it just so happens that they are all short-haired beauties. On the other hand, if you are not a fan of what r/shorthairchicks/ after you checked it out, you can always explore other subreddits that Reddit has to offer.

Great browsing options and user-features.

The first thing that got my attention is the fact that Reddit is really friendly towards the users. You could say that this is a user-driven website that is also shaped by the users. With that said, you can expect a lot of breezy browsing options and many great user-features that I shall mention more in-depth later.

What I really liked with r/shorthairchicks/ and Reddit, in general, is that I was able to browse through the site with the dark layout. We all know how annoying it can be when you get blasted with the white design at night, and this one just lets you enjoy yourself and browse with ease. So, if you are like me and you appreciate quality in all corners, this is a piece of info that you were probably interested in.

Plus, let’s not forget that the browsing options are straightforward. All that you will need is listed on top of the site, and that is really as much as you will use when browsing. You can search for other SFW or NSFW subreddits, or you can just browse through what r/shorthairchicks/ has to offer, since, at the end of the day, this is a free site.

Good statistics.

Every subreddit is different, and with that said, you should know that each subreddit will have all its information listed on the side of the subreddit. So, for r/shorthairchicks/ you get to learn what this subreddit is all about, but let’s be honest… even without the actual description, it is not like you would be baffled as to what the fuck this subreddit offers. It ain’t rocket science.

Below the description, you can also see that this subreddit was created in 2011, and from what I have seen, the updates are quite frequent. You will have a couple of updates a day, depending on the day and how active the community decided to be. Do not worry; in the majority of cases, you will have lots of new shit to explore, and if you do not, then you will have lots of old posts to check out instead.

Lots of cuties getting naked.

What is the gist of this place, you might ask… well, it is all the lovely short-haired girls who are here to post their pretty pictures and show off their goods. This is a NSFW subreddit, which means that all the images and content, in general, will be true to the niche, but they will also feature plenty of these beautiful girls who would love to show it all.

Again, this does depend on the beauty you choose to check out in the first place. So, let me make this a lot simpler by telling you about my overall experience on the site and what it has to offer basically. Thus, the first picture I saw on r/shorthairchicks/ featured a pretty short-haired girl who was showing her breasts while lying on the bed.

Another picture showed a very thick chick doing yoga… and while she was not naked, you could see all her desirable curves, and honestly, that pic just made me want to see the beauty naked. Now, there were plenty of images where you could actually see all the goodies that that beauty had to offer, like one picture where the chick was full of tattoos and bent over to show her juicy ass.

Some cuties had that innocent look; others were looking hella naughty. I even saw a couple of pics in motion, where you could see the babe suck dick and do all kinds of other shit basically. At the end of the day, this all depends on the picture you find… and believe me when I tell you that r/shorthairchicks/ is filled with all kinds of images.

The majorities of the pictures were of HD quality or passable quality; let’s not forget that this depends on the users who posted their image in the first place. But, other than pictures, it is also worth the mention that you have lots of videos as well. I’ve seen videos where these hotties were getting fucked, sucking dick, masturbating, eating pussy, and doing all kinds of other shit.

So, what I am trying to say is that it all really depends on the chick you run into, and you can expect t see a little bit of everything., let’s not forget that is a free website, so even if you dislike what r/shorthairchicks/ has to offer, there is a shit ton of other subreddits you can check out instead, so there is really no way you can complain.

Registration is optional but recommended.

You do not have to register if you do not want to, is all I am saying. You will still get to access most of what Reddit has to offer, even if you choose not to register. However, with registration, you will get to enjoy what Reddit really has to offer, together with all the user-privileges and all that other crap.

For example, you can comment on any of the posts you find, and you will see that the r/shorthairchicks/ community really loves to leave comments and chat. You can obviously like and dislike any of the posts, which is pretty neat. However, you can also post your own shit, which should have been obvious when I said that all that you can find on is submitted by the users.

However, if you do want to become a part of the community and post your stuff, you need to follow the rules of r/shorthairchicks/ or whichever other subreddit you are visiting. The rules for posting on this subreddit are very basic and straightforward, but my advice is to still read the rules and learn more about what the fuck you can and cannot do.

Keep in mind that if you do not follow the rules and start posting bullshit, you will be banned from this website. I mean, it is not difficult to not be an idiot and follow what the site is telling you. If you cannot find the rules on the side of the subreddit, they will be pinned as the first post… in most cases, and if you cannot find the rules at all, they should be rather obvious.

Chat with the community.

Let’s also not forget that you can
chat with all the lovely short-haired girls if you want! allows you to send private chats to random users of this website, which is pretty neat. However, r/shorthairchicks/ and most other subreddits are created for the content and not for chatting, so do not be surprised if people from this subreddit not answer you.

There are actually many subreddits dedicated to helping you hookup, find a date, or enjoy a certain sexual niche, such as swinger parties and all that crap. is filled with a little bit of everything for everyone out there, and all you have to do is browse through until you find what you are looking for.

<>h3Overall, as long as you love pretty girls and enjoy looking at random naughty images and videos, you will enjoy what r/shorthairchicks/ has to offer, I mean it is a big plus if you have a thing for short-*haired girls, but even without that, I am pretty sure that all straight men will love what this subreddit has to offer…

On the other hand, if you have to browse through r/shorthairchicks/ and you are not really satisfied with the content or whatever, you can always browse through other subreddits that has to offer. Sooner or later, you will find your kind; I am 100% sure.

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