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Are you ready to browse through a subreddit filled with a ton of beautiful women dressed in leather, PVC, latex, rubber, or just covered with oil? Well, that is what r...


Reddit ShinyPorn, aka r/ShinyPorn! Do you have a kink for a certain material? e.g., latex, PVC, leather, oil, rubber, and so on? Surprise-surprise, I am here to talk about a subreddit that will basically satisfy your dirtiest dreams when it comes to this shit and it is called r/ShinyPorn/. You are obviously very welcome to explore it all, and I shall mention the kinkiest and my personal favorite aspects of not only r/ShinyPorn/ but in general.

First of all, Reddit is a free website, and that is why I always like to say that everyone is welcome. No matter what kind of a thing you are interested in, Reddit has your back, because other than r/ShinyPorn/ there are millions of other subreddits you can check out as well. I mean, with so much to choose from, I am pretty fucking sure that you will find your kink sooner or later.

As for those who love these types of material, or as this subreddit likes to call it, the “shiny porn”, you should browse through r/ShinyPorn/. Of course, you can do this on your own, or you can continue reading, and I shall explain all that you really need to know. Yep, I am so fucking nice, and there is a shit ton of porn reviewed on my website as well.

Lots of shiny porn pics/videos.

I think that this goes without saying, but Reddit is not a porn site. Does it have pornographic subreddits? Yes, it fucking does, but it is still not an actual porn site. There are some videos, in r/ShinyPorn/ as well, but those videos tend to be so short, that I am not sure if you would actually be able to fap to it fully or not. I mean, you can always try.

Keep in mind that there are a lot more images than videos on r/ShinyPorn/, but I still managed to find plenty of tasty videos, which is great. I also enjoyed all the photos, since the chicks here really know how to get down and dirty for the camera, which I fucking love to see. There is a little bit of everything, and let me just mention some of my favorites.

So, the very first post featured a slut wearing tight nylon leggings with heels and bending over the kitchen table. It was a lovely picture, and those were very fucking shiny. The very next image showed a hot babe in red latex, with her booty cut out, so you could see her ass naked, while you enjoy the rest covered with latex.

Some girls have actual costumes, and full-on outfits for a BDSM party or whatever, while others were just wearing bits and pieces here and there. MY favorite picture included a white-haired hottie in a full-body latex outfit. Now, she looked incredibly hot, and I loved her dirty image since she took a pic from an angle where you get to see everything.

As for the videos, they will vary. The first video I checked out, the chick was wearing latex leggings, and she took them off slowly, to show us her nice ass in thongs. It was fucking amazing, but again, the video was like 20 seconds long, which is pretty annoying. One of the next was not a video but a gif, where a chick in a leather top was banged in doggy, and you get to see a cumshots cover her top basically.

There was another video that was very fucking odd. Basically, you were approaching a tied slave all in latex slowly, and that is all. I mean, not sure what the fuck I was expecting, but I just know that that was not it. It is understandable, considering that everything on r/ShinyPorn/ is posted by the users of, so you never know what the heck to expect, to begin with.

The quality of the videos will also vary, again depends on who uploaded it and from where. The images are the same, but from what I have seen, a lot of the pictures are posted by the actual users of Reddit, which is neat. The content here is not all about leather and nylon and shit like that. They accept anything that is shiny and sexual, so you can see just girls being oiled up or similar.

There is not much to think about this. You either love what r/ShinyPorn/ is all about, or you do not. And if you do not, you can always check out other types of crap that this website has to offer, since as I have mentioned, there are millions of other subreddits. Many of them are actually NSFW and offer pornographic content. So if you are interested, enjoy.

You can register, but you do not have to.

If you want to enjoy Reddit to the fullest, my suggestion would be to register, for obvious reasons… which I shall mention soon enough. I mean, if you are already planning to enjoy what this website has to offer, including the content from r/ShinyPorn/, why the fuck not actually register, and then have all the privileges that you can possibly have. Simple.

The good thing about this is the fact that it is your choice. You can register, but you do not have to because even without registering, you will gain access to most of what has to offer. As for the members, you can like, dislike and comment on whatever the fuck you want. You can chat with the members through the comments as well.

However, that is not the only way you can chat. You can actually send all the members of r/ShinyPorn/ and, in general, a message if you want. But keep in mind that the members of subreddits such as r/ShinyPorn/ are probably here to share and view that type of content, and not chat with strangers. With that said, many subreddits are actually created for chatting.

Some subreddits can help you find a date or a hook-up, others can help you find a good fetish party or whatever; while there are subreddits such as r/ShinyPorn/ that are dedicated to a certain niche, and in this case, it is obvious which one. So, as you can see, it all depends on what the fuck you might be interested in.

Upload your own content.

If you would like, you can share your own content in any of the subreddits, but only if you register. Now, if you intend to do that, you must follow the rules of posting. Some subreddits are pretty straightforward, such as r/ShinyPorn/, which does not really have rules because it is obvious what you should be posting.

But there are some subreddits that are very specific, and you should pay attention to what you are posting because you can be banned if you do not follow the rules. Do not worry; the rules are pretty simple every time, and you can usually find them on the side of the website, where you can check out other types of information as well.

For example, when you open r/ShinyPorn/, you can see a small description of what this subreddit is all about, which makes sense. I mean, with so many subreddits, it is good to have a short description, so people do not get confused with some of them. Other than that, you can see that this subreddit was created in 2009 and that it has over 156k members.

If you register, you can follow your favorite subreddits, and they will all appear on your front page, or you can browse through a specific subreddit separately. As I said, there are lots of privileges for registering, but at the same time, you do not have to. Whatever you choose, you will always be able to access what r/ShinyPorn/ has to offer.


I think it is pretty fucking obvious that I love what has to offer, and whether you will love it as well or not, really does not fucking concern me. There are many different subreddits here, so even if you are not really the biggest fan of what r/ShinyPorn/ has to offer, there are many other subreddits you can check out. In fact, I have reviewed a shit ton as well.

But if you are into girls wearing tight and shiny outfits, or just being oiled up, as they pose, undress or get fucked in a plethora of images and videos, I think that r/ShinyPorn/ is the perfect subreddit for you. Explore as much as you fucking want; it is free after all.

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