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Shemales is one of the largest and most active t-girl loving communities on the web. These people absolutely appreciate the art of t-girl pornography and ...


Reddit Shemales, aka r/Shemales! Reviewing Reddit subs has become a real drag these days because there’s a sub for every single fetish, niche and sexual preference you can think of – and about a million that you’ve never heard of before. That’s why I’m always glad to get the chance to review something that is a bit outside of my comfort zone. There’s a ton of smut that I’m personally not a fan of, but I’m an equal opportunity porn god, so I really enjoy covering other people’s smut. Sometimes I’ll dig into some female-centric porn to see what the girls enjoy, other times I’ll check out some gay shit to see what it feels like on the other side of the fence. I know that not everyone can drown in pussy day in and day out like I do, so it’s important to get other people’s perspectives.

The Anatomy of T-Girl Porn

Today, I’m diving deep into one of the biggest subs centered around the love for female man-meat. You know what I’m on about. – Trannies. The kinds of girls that everyone loves because they come with a pair of breasts and no risk of pregnancy. They’re an absolute love buffet and they never seem to get tired of bedroom antics, probably because they still have the horny mind of a male, with a toolset from both genders.

Outside of pornography, t-girls are just like you and me, just trying to make it in this crazy world. But, in the world of pornography, they’re the natural gods of sexual experimentation. I know it mostly has to do with the flexibility of their downtown toolset. I mean think about it – you’ve got a pair of titties, which means titjobs are very much on the table, and the beautiful feminine face could make for some amazing cumshots. On the flip side, you can have all the anal you want. If the girl in question likes penetration, she’s got to fork over the tight hole, because she doesn’t sport another one. What’s not to love.

And finally, there’s the man meat in the front. If you’re into that, you can play with it all day and all night. Thanks to the hormones they take and the way that the feminine penis works, they’re not like our dicks – they’re sensitive like clits. So you can rub and lick and suck to your heart’s content. Just think of it like a really oversized clit and you can’t go wrong. It’s also really nice that even though it’s not particularly male in how it feels, it still gets really hard. There are a million possibilities for it in porn. You could see a gorgeous t-girl get a dicking from two dudes at a time, or you can see her plowing some nubile cis-girl up the ass, because why the hell not. And if you wanna take things down another path, you can check out vids of t-girls straight-up fucking dudes in the ass, asserting their dominance and showing them who’s boss. The possibilities really are endless in the world of t-girl porn.

The World of Shemale Porn on Reddit

In the world of t-girl porn, the word shemales is everywhere. That’s one of the first neutral terms that were coined to refer to chicks with dicks and it kind of stuck around as a staple. Some have said that it’s very offensive because it’s derogatory. Personally, I can’t tell you which words are offensive and which aren’t. What I do know is that when it comes to porn, every word that refers to t-girls is used with a horny connotation. So whether you like to call them traps, t-girls, shemales or transgender female individuals, you’ve still got your dick in your hands to their vids. It’s all about t-girl appreciation up in here.

Back to Reddit for a second, there’s a sub for damn near everything on this site, so you can bet your ass they’ve capped /r/Shemales ages ago. The sub has been around since 2010 and has been growing steadily ever since. They’ve got three dedicated moderators that have been around for years and they’re damn good at what they do. The sub is very well managed and super active. They post new smut all the time. And with over a hundred thousand fans, you can bet your ass there’s a ton of variety in here.

The sub doesn’t have a specific preference for a type of porn, which is really nice because sometimes you just want to see anything and everything that contains a t-girl in the mix. There are other subs that get way more specific if you’re nitpicky. Like, let’s say you only want to see videos of t-girls asserting their dominance over cis-dudes with some hardcore anal. There’s a sub for that. But we’re covering the general t-girl love today, and that’s why we’re on /r/Shemales.

So Much Variety

Right off the bat I’m seeing a video of a bunch of t-girls and cis-girls in some hot lesbian action, with all the mixing and matching you can possibly think of. In this video I can see that every single girl is doing her own thing, just trying to come as much as possible before the camera’s battery dies out. It’s videos like these that got me into the porn industry. It’s all about coming, in my book. I don’t much care about staged stuff. I can appreciate it, sure, but overall I want to know that every woman in a five-mile radius around me is satisfied and screaming.

Beyond the full-fledged sex scenes, there’s a shitton of clips of t-girls sucking cocks and swallowing huge loads. Coincidentally, these are the same scenes that feature the t-girls with the most beautiful faces in porn. Take Sienna Grace for instance. This girl could give the average Triple-A cis girl pornstar legend a run for her money when it comes to sucking dick on camera.

There’s also a ton of solo stuff and I gotta say, when it comes to t-girls, their videos are a lot more interesting than the ones you get from say, solo cis camgirls. I guess it’s because camgirls are mostly driven by the desire for money and their fap sessions usually last a lot longer than they’d want them to. I’m not saying that cis camgirls aren’t enjoying what they do. And t-girls are also trying to make money off of their craft. The thing is, when you’re watching a t-girl masturbate on camera for an hour, you know that she’s edging because you can see it. When the money shot arrives, the stream might as well be over.

But, just imagine for a second that you’ve got a thousand dudes watching the same girl jacking it, all of them edging along with her, knowing that they’re building up to the same climax. It’s some mind-blowing shit. You don’t get that kind of synergy with cis camgirls. They could be faking every orgasm for all you know. It’s not like you’re there to verify. They have incentive to lie to you anyways, so you should probably just assume they’re never showing you what’s up.

A Very Dedicated Sub

/r/Shemales is a super active sub considering how small the following is. They’re growing in numbers every single day, but even as it currently stands, the sub is constantly flooded with new content. They’re also very careful with the way that they share the content, which leads to more quality smut for your enjoyment. They have a list of supported image hosting sites, so that you know the smut links are real and you’re not being taken for a ride. They’re also really careful not to allow any marketing or shady links, even on the actual images that get shared. It’s worth noting that because they’re so careful, you’re not allowed to share pictures taken directly from cam streams, probably for legal reasons. Still, if the same camgirl has a video of herself uploaded on a public porn tube, that’s free game.

Thanks to the fact that all the videos are linked externally, finding a clip or image that you enjoy on this site usually means that you can follow it through to its source and jackoff for literal hours if you enjoy what you’ve found. This sub isn’t just a jackoff location, it’s an information source for all things shemale. Like if you’ve never heard of Sienna Grace before and you check her out and grow a crush, you’ll have an infinite supply of free videos of her across the web to look forward to.

It’s a great sub to discover the best of the best in t-girl porn as well as a place where you can talk to other people that share in your love for t-girls. You can strike up conversations, exchange porn links and jack off until you’re blue in the face.

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