We’re used to seeing dudes doing all the work in porn. They are the ones who always do the fucking and banging, and the chicks are just there taking it. Well, I don’t know about you, but from time to time, I like to just kick back, relax, and let the chick do everything. If you want that too, then you should check out /r/SheFucksHim. This place is made for guys who like to relax during sex, as they let the chick do all the heavy lifting. Listen, it might seem unfair to let chicks do all the work, but you have to admit that usually, they aren’t doing anything. You have to let them do something every now and again, so they fuck well.

Everything’s free on this subreddit

Otherwise, you’re going to end up with a limp girl who just expects you to thrust inside her over and over again while she just lies there, like she’s dead. Well, excuse me for putting this image in your head, but I’m not a fucking necrophile! I like to fuck a girl who knows what the fuck she is doing, and if she isn’t doing anything, how the fuck can I tell that she is actually doing anything, right? Anyway, if you ask me, /r/SheFucksHim is a great place to check out even if you like being dominant. Guys can still be dominant while allowing chicks to be the ones doing the work. That’s what makes us guys, after all, I’d like to think!

And besides, it doesn’t hurt to just check out a free subreddit on Reddit.com. This place is known for its free porn content and /r/SheFucksHim is no different. Usually, it’s professional videos being posted here, so you can expect some really high-quality shit for the price of ZERO dollars. Yeah, that’s right. You don’t pay anything. The price is none, zero, nada; it’s free! Does that sound good to you? Well, you’d have to be swimming in some serious cash if you’ve got money to spend on porn and you don’t give a shit about saving any of that cash for other things. That might be where I’m at right now, but I still care about you!

High-quality content on Top and Hot

I know that there are many guys out there who can’t afford to check out premium porn, and so they resort to Reddit communities for their porn content. While this isn’t the first place I would come running to if I wanted to jerk off, it certainly doesn’t hurt to use this place if you feel like doing something like that. If you ask me /r/SheFucksHim is the best place to check out even if you are looking for premium porn just because it’s usually the top pornstars who have their fuck scenes included where they’re doing the work. Let’s be honest; usually, porn is about dudes fucking the girls, but here only the top models who know how to ride a dick make it into the best sections of the subreddit such as Hot and Top.

So if you want to see the best of the best when it comes to the content where girls are the ones doing all the work in fucking, then the Top and Hot segments of /r/SheFucksHim are the places you should check out. These places are the ones you can go to whenever you’re feeling like the stuff you see on New and Rising just don’t satisfy your needs as far as quality is concerned. Not gonna lie, that happens quite often with subreddits in general, so I usually like to check out Hot and Top the most when I go to Reddit, no matter which subreddit I’m not. I have to say, I always make a good choice when I do things like that.

Chicks doing all the work

So, what does /r/SheFucksHim even allow as content? What constitutes as content where the girl is doing all the work? Well, as long as she’s the one pumping, that’s good enough. It can be anything, from a good cowgirl position where she’s jumping up and down his dick, to even something like a no-hands blowjob. This means that the dude has no input in how the blowjob is performed. He keeps the hands to himself and the girl is the one who does everything and makes the dude cum. That sounds good, right? Yeah, I agree. I love to just relax from time to time and let the chick please me. I feel like I deserve that!

What else? Oh right, when you’re on your knees like you’re fucking the chick doggystyle, but in the end, she is the one slamming back on your cock. That’s also something that you can expect on /r/SheFucksHim. So, whenever the girl is the one doing all the movements, that’s the kind of content you can expect on this amazing subreddit. Color me impressed, but they manage to moderate their sub and only allow gifs, videos, and pics that actually include this content. I don’t think I’ve seen a single dude here move a muscle since the second I came here. It’s simply incredibly how well /r/SheFucksHim have managed to curate the content so that it really represents what they were trying to achieve here.

Hundreds of thousands of subscribers

The size of the community ain’t too shabby either! This is one of the bigger NSFW subs I’ve been to and I have to say that it probably has something to do with the fact that the content is just so damn hot. It’s really irresistible. I mean, don’t listen to me, I invite you to check out the place for yourself and see if you can stand for a few minutes without starting to jerk off and then see if you can last an entire 5 minutes before nutting all over the place. Trust me; it’s harder than it sounds. I am well versed in porn and even I couldn’t stand for too long before I was ready to nut. It’s just something about the content.

Anyway, I think that the community here could be a bit more active, but it’s not such a big deal since most posts get a fair amount of engagement and interaction if they reach the Hot segment. There are over 269,000 members here and the subreddit was made in 2015. This means that they have had a few years the get the ball rolling, which they definitely managed to do and now they have hundreds of thousands of people tuning into the subreddit every single day looking for amazing content to jerk off to. It’s absolutely refreshing to see all this stuff in action and I have to say that I’m thrilled about the sub.

Really lazy subreddit design

Finally, let’s talk about a part of /r/SheFucksHim that just isn’t all that thrilling, and that’s the design. For some reason, NSFW subs just decide to cheap out on the design of their subreddit despite it being really easy to change these things. I mean, anyone can put together an avatar and cover photo, not to mention that changing the color scheme of the subreddit is really easy too. But /r/SheFucksHim just didn’t do anything about any of these things and instead, they left it all on the default settings. I’m pretty sure that’s the worst thing you can do next to really fucking up the design with some ugly shit and colors.

But at least you’ve got all the features that Reddit comes with to explore. The only ones that aren’t really used by /r/SheFucksHim are the flairs and rules. I really think that /r/SheFucksHim should use both the flairs and the rules in order to make their place look a bit more professional than it does right now. It really makes a difference, so maybe the mods will realize the potential of /r/SheFucksHim and start implementing these things soon enough. Or perhaps they just won’t give a shit like the case is right now. But hey, I won’t be too quick to judge about what they do in the future until I see it happen. So yeah, check out /r/SheFucksHim for hot content of chicks doing the fucking!

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