What is the Shape of Beauty? Ask a hundred different dudes and you’ll probably get a hundred different answers. Body types seem to come in and out of fashion in the porn business, from the silicone-enhanced bimbos of the VHS era to all those sexy girls next door you see in reality porn these days. What if you’re looking for something a little bigger and better, maybe even a little something more real?

ShapeOfBeauty.com is a premium BBW porn site, showcasing some of the sexiest, fattest ladies in all kinds of absolutely filthy situations. It’s also an Adult Time original series, so it comes with some fucking incredible perks that we’ll get into shortly. If you’re the kind of pervert who appreciates a girl who will give you shade in the summer and keep you warm in the winter, you may have come to exactly the right place. Grab that tub of chicken grease; it’s time to get lubed up and fap to fat girl porn!

What Is the Shape of Beauty?

What’d you have for breakfast? For me, it was a cup of joe, a fresh orange, and a big bowl of Cap’n Crunch sprinkled with Viagra. Looking at the broads on the landing page of ShapeOfBeauty, I’m thinking their first meals of the day are something a little more substantial. I’m talking about platters full of sausage, bacon, eggs, pancakes, waffles and French toast, all coated in a hot, slippery coat of butter, maple syrup, and probably a hearty amount of semen.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen and chubby chasers, these are some true BBWs in every sense of the phrase. They’re big, but they’re beautiful, too. I always wonder where they find these fat pornstars, because all the fat chicks in my town look like the surly, chain-smoking lunch ladies you remember from school.

ShapeOfBeauty.com is working with some of the sexiest BBW pornstars, plus some smaller ones to mix it up. The Models page has Karla Lane showing off that big ass, Bunny De La Cruz promoting her massive rack, and Courtney Trouble giving us the most adorable smile that seems way more innocent than her name. You’ll see some of these BBWs fooling around with more traditional starlets like Angela White and Alina Lopez, two of the sexiest names in the business.

It’s pretty clear from the big names and the crystal-clear thumbnails that Shape of Beauty ain’t some half-ass porn site. Just to be sure, though, you can check out a free, full-length BBW scene on the tour page. Running nearly 40 minutes, Who’s The Boss features the impossibly thick Alexxxis Allure banging her boss in an office setting. The chick is soft and sexy, with great skin, nice jugs and an appetite for ding-dongs, and the flick gives you a good feel for the high-class BBW vibes they’re pushing here.

Super-Size That Shit on the Cheap

I’ll be honest: as soon as I saw that ShapeOfBeauty.com was an Adult Time production, I knew we were in store for something good. I’ve talked about the network here at ThePornDude on numerous occasions, because they have a lot to offer and seem to keep banging out even more. They’re in the top ten on my list of Top Premium Porn Sites, a strong foothold I don’t think they’ll be losing any time soon.

Part of the reason I love Adult Time is because they put out good smut, but another big part of the equation is that you get an absolute fucking shit-ton of it. Your Shape of Beauty membership comes with access to the Adult Time Network, and all the fun that entails. You weren’t planning on leaving the house for the next month, were you? Shit, even if you ain’t social distancing, it works on mobile, so just take longer restroom breaks.

By the numbers, Adult Time gives you at least 8 updates a day on top of access to over 52,000 videos. There are over 250 channels covering just about all your pornographic bases, besides the really deep-niche fetish stuff you have to get off the kinkster sites. They’ve also got Roku support now, which means you can enjoy that shit right on your TV. If you’re looking for the Netflix of porn, this is a pretty fucking strong candidate.

They’ve got a couple of different membership plans. The default is twenty bucks for 30 days, which is cheaper than most paysites but doesn’t include downloads. The yearly rate, which breaks down to a tenner a month, includes both streaming and downloading. There’s also a no-downloads three-day trial for three bucks. I usually complain if downloads ain’t included in the base price, but considering the low rate and the monstrous size of the collection, I won’t nitpick.

But How Many BBW Moves Are There?

I ran into a weird bug when I logged into the member’s area of ShapeOfBeauty. The screen went blank and white, and I ended up having to go log in at the main AdultTime website. I’m sure this is just a temporary glitch, because the company wouldn’t have made it this big if they were fucking up like this on the regular.

It isn’t a big deal. What might be a bigger concern is a typical issue with these porn network memberships. Sometimes you’re really after just one thing on the menu, and sometimes the network just doesn’t have much of it in relation to the rest of their stash. That’s the case with AdultTime and Shape of Beauty; AdultTime has 52,000 flicks, but only 14 ShapeOfBeauty films so far. (Fortunately, there are a couple of other BBW channels on the network, so you ultimately get a couple of hundred fat-girl pornos.)

The ShapeOfBeauty.com content is, unfortunately, a bit stale. They had a strong start at the end of 2018 and halfway through 2019, putting out a flick or two a month, but things petered off. They only added two in 2020, but I’m writing this nearly a clean 365 days since the last update.

It sucks that they ain’t adding anything new, but old ain’t a dealbreaker. Shit, I’m hard as a rock just looking at the thumbnails. The big question was just where to start my official fap test. One of the early flicks was a big group-sex extravaganza with three hot fat chicks, and they’ve got a nice mix of lesbian and straight BBW porn. I can’t get over how pretty some of these big girls are; check out Estella Bathory and Mischievous Kitty, looking all classy and gorgeous in the thumbnail for their video tryst.

I wanted to see a BBW get all full up on cock, though, so I chose a more recent flick with Estella. The half-hour Special Occasion opens with the babe getting all dolled up to meet her husband. There’s a high-class fashion-shoot vibe to the cinematography and the lighting, giving the whole thing a sensual feel before we even see Estella sucking dick, that big round ass taunting the camera while she works.

You know what they say about fat chicks: they suck hog so well because they’re always starving. I know the haters might not appreciate it, but goddamn, Estella’s a legitimately hot chick, and goddamn, can she fuck! There’s a ton of oral in this one, the genital-licking taking up about half the film before the dude sticks her from behind, that magnificent ass jiggling as it bounces back against him.

I love her loud, wild enthusiasm when she rides his cock, and you’re going to love watching that big body bounce. She’s definitely loving it and super fucking eager for stimulation, which is always sexy as hell to watch in a porno. It’s kind of a shame this is niche porn, because I feel like she should be a little more famous. She’s one of my favorite BBW pornstars after watching this, up there with Krystal Swift but with even more sweet cushion for the pushin’.

The movie ends with Estella swallowing cum with a big, legit smile on her pretty face, and with me wiping cum off my damn keyboard yet again. This one definitely gets my seal of approval, and I’d recommend it to any chubby chasers.

Really, though, I could probably say that about all of Shape of Beauty. The only real downside is that there are only a handful of films released under the brand, which sucks. At the same time, Adult Time is one of the best values on premium porn out there, and does include some other BBW content under the umbrella. Check out that free movie on the tour page and see what you think about the production values, the girls and the sex.

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