Sexy Stars! What the fuck is it about deepfakes that makes you simultaneously laugh your ass off and pop a boner? I don’t understand how something could be so hilarious yet sexually appealing (depending on the subject of the deepfake) to make you keep browsing for more. It’s a mystery, but one that I’m keen on investigating!

Well, if you enjoy deepfakes that way, I invite you to check out Sexy Stars. But this is not just a porn picture site to visit when you want deepfakes; you can also find authentic pictures featuring a ridiculous number of celebrities from all over the world. So take a look and start jerking off to some of these amazing galleries!

Hilarious deepfake pornography

Look, if someone was trying to create deepfake pornography that appears realistic, I fucking apologize. Sort of. Before I start talking about some of the deepfake celebrity porn you can find on Sexy Stars, let me preface by saying that this site has more than just deepfake pornography. Hell, some of the deepfake content doesn’t actually suck (more on that in a moment).

With all of that out of the fucking way, yes indeed, a lot of the content on Sexy Stars features deepfake pornography so laughable I don’t know why the hell it is on the site in the first place. It has to be that the minds behind Sexy Stars have a sense of humor and want to make everyone laugh. It just has to be!

It isn’t so much the quality of the deepfake pornography on Sexy Stars, either. Rather, it’s more to the fact that some of the celebrities’ deepfakes are goddamn gross! Seriously, who the fuck wants to see Hillary Clinton spreading her wide-gaping pussy? She’s old and has zero sex appeal. And that’s not my fucking opinion; that’s a goddamn fact!

Or Angela Merkel, for that matter? My God, who the hell thought that it was a good idea to create deepfake content featuring her sagging fat cheeks? Well, if you click on her listing, you will find a fuck load of deepfakes of her as well. Granted, some of them are not that bad. You can almost believe that her face is sitting atop a chunky body with perfect tits. But then you think for a moment and remember, ‘hey, her tits have to be sagging below her knees at this point,’ and then the entire deepfake image looks unrealistic and laughably exaggerated.

And if you think the Angela Merkel deepfakes in her gallery are hilarious, just wait until you check out Oprah Winfrey’s gallery on Sexy Stars! There is no existing universe where Oprah Winfrey has big, round titties and a fat body that actually looks attractive. Oprah has never looked as good as she does in Sexy Stars’ gallery. Really, she should be thanking them for making my penis flinch for the first time after seeing an image of Oprah.

Once again, every one of these deepfakes is ruined because they make the subject sexier than they really are. Many of the deepfakes are not believable, which ends up making them hilarious. But I will say this. Whoever took the time to make Angela Merkel, Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Clinton, and some of these other dinosaurs ooze sex appeal, you have serious talent. Like I said, some of these deepfakes are hilariously bad; pre-2000’s bad, at that. But some of them are incredibly good, so you have to applaud them even though you will find yourself shaking your head and saying to yourself, ‘fuck, there’s no way they look that good!’

With that being said, there are a fuck load of deepfake images that look amazing. Just like it takes serious talent to make ugly, ancient celebrities look better than they could ever look, it’s also a talent to make beautiful stars look like they are posing nude. Or choking on a cock.

I noticed amazing deepfakes of celebrities like Serena Williams and Alexa Bliss as an example. Maybe there is something about sports stars where it’s easier to insert them into porn than other types of celebrities, who knows. Just know that even though there are laughable deepfakes on Sexy Stars, there are some sexy, well-done deepfakes as well!

Various celebs just have sexy pics

Sexy Stars is not all about deepfakes, though! There is more to this celebrity porn image site than just a fuck ton of deepfakes that will make you spew cum out of your nose from laughing so hard while jerking off. You will also discover a host of amazing, legitimate celebrity images.

Some of the content that you will find on Sexy Stars features general content you can find anywhere else on the Web. You will find content from photoshoots, ‘red carpet’ type of photos, and of course, nude scenes that the celebrity has been featured in over the years.

A perfect example of the type of general content you will find on Sexy Stars is Jordana Brewster. Hoping that I could find some perfectly crafted deepfakes or at least a few nearly nude photoshoots, I clicked on her and found a whole bunch of nothing. It was merely a few photoshoots over the last 20-years and nothing more.

So not every gallery is a knockout. Some of it is the same kind of celebrity content you have seen for fucking forever. But some galleries have an amazing assortment of sexy images that will force you to take out that ghost penis and start stroking.

See how many images each celeb is featured in

As you browse the library of celebrities featured on Sexy Stars, you will, undoubtedly, notice the number of celebrities on the site. Sexy Stars features over 30 pages of celebrity porn galleries. That is over 2400 celebrities for your horny ass to browse! It is an insane number, and you are not going to run out of celebs to beat off to for some time to come!

It is easy to see how many images are available for each celebrity. The cover image for each star shows the number of images for that celebrity. When new content is added, you will even see a ‘+’ label that shows how many images have been added for that celebrity. During this review, I noticed that one of the latest additions to the site featured Bella Thorne, with a whopping +53 images added to her gallery! Holy shit!

And if you want to browse a particular kind of celebrity, Sexy Stars allows you to browse celebrities by country. All you have to do is select a country’s respective flag on the left sidebar of the homepage. There, you will find that you can explore celebrities from countries like the US, Britain, Russia, Germany, Poland, Canada, Australia, Italy, Sweden, China, Japan, and many more. You will find a ridiculous number of countries that you can browse by on Sexy Stars, and it’s impressive, to say the very least.

Again, if there is a particular celebrity you want to search for on Sexy Stars, this is fucking easy to do as well. All you have to do is go to the top of the homepage and type your query to see whether the celebrity you want to look for is featured on the site.

Note that you cannot browse by category on Sexy Stars. In a sense, the categories are the countries featured on the left sidebar. Still, it would have been even more helpful if you could look for celebrities by ethnicity, age, decade, etc.

Overall, Sexy Stars is a damn fine website to explore if you want to jerk off to celebrity porn images. Sure, some of the deepfakes are laughable. And while some celebrities have ho-hum content that won’t turn you on. But beyond all of that, the porn site is still worth visiting. There is a ridiculous amount of content available to explore, and thousands of celebrities featured on the site. So take a look, and find the kind of XXX content that will fucking get you off!


Sexy Stars is a porn site that features over 2400 celebrities showing off their best features. Some of the deepfakes are hilariously bad, but that’s some of the appeal to browsing Sexy Stars. Even so, there is still a fuck load of sexy images for you to browse and jerk off to. And while some videos would have been appreciated, for what Sexy Stars is, it’s a site that at least entices you to keep coming back to see what’s new.

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