Reddit is full of great NSFW subs and I love exploring through them and seeing what it is that they have to offer. And in the end, I find all kinds of content. I find amazing pictures, sexy videos, and then some subs are entirely text-based. And when you think of text, you probably don’t have sex as the first association to that word, even though it does rhyme. Well, /r/sexystories changes that, with some of the sexiest fictional and non-fictional stories for you to read and enjoy. There are all kinds of plots and premises to read through and some of the sex stories here can be pretty captivating and arousing too.

Explore sex story kinks and fetishes

When it comes to this sub's content, I will immediately tell you that you can only expect textual posts and nothing else. There are no pictures, no videos, just text. If you don’t like reading and your pea-brain can’t handle reading a little bit of text and enjoying yourself that way, then you won’t find any fun here. For caveman DNA dudes who get off to strictly hardcore porn videos, there is nothing here that will give them the same feeling as that. This is more refined content made for those who can handle a little bit of imagination and plot before the climax. It really sets up a good anticipation and reward thing.

However, I will say that I know many people just won’t be attracted to this kind of stuff. Many guys just want to watch some porn, rub one out, and jizz all over themselves. That’s fine; I just find them a bit retarded is all I’m saying. I mean, come on, you can’t base your entire sex drive on videos of other guys fucking hot girls and pornstars. On /r/sexystories, you get to put yourself in the driver’s seat as you can imagine yourself in the shoes of whoever is telling the sex story. Or you can just enjoy the story for what it is and explore some of your kinks and fetishes with ease. It’s really a different kind of experience.

Fictional and non-fictional sex stories

The main difference in the content you can get here is between fiction and non-fiction. With fiction, you can do all that taboo and fetish shit, but some of the more offensive stuff gets downvoted to hell. I did notice that many people just didn’t want to allow anything too taboo to get out of New and instead, it gets downvoted to hell. This is the kind of fiction that involves shit like bestiality and incest. I can get the bestiality part, but let’s face it, we all thought about incest in a horny way at least once in our lives. We all have that hot cousin, and some of us even have sisters that we would think about fucking if we were not related. Let’s face it; some chicks are just too good to pass up, so at least in fiction, you can have it.

The main distinction between the content here is the non-fiction and fiction divide and you can really get a lot out of that. I always go for the fiction when I’m looking for something taboo, and then I go for non-fiction if I want to hear about some real stories with real people in some hot and sexy situations that ended up with hot fucking in the end. These non-fiction stories can vary a lot, but many of them involve some really fun stuff like cheating. For me, cheating is rough for guys that get cheated on. That’s why I never have a girlfriend, and instead opt to fuck any girl I can manage. I end up "managing" a lot though.

Completely free stories without a Reddit account

In the end, I feel sorry for the shmucks whose girls I boned like there was no tomorrow, but I think that I just have to do that if an opportunity presents itself. I can’t help it! I’m just too good of a catch for these girls and they just can’t help themselves either at that point in time. I must say, though, when I don’t feel like going out and picking up girls, reading a good sex story might just be the thing that will replace that feeling that I need. So, if I ever want to get some kind of advanced feeling with a sex story that just changes it up a bit and gives you a stiffy like you never got before, /r/sexystories is the place for that.

The best part about it is that all of the sex stories that you’ll be able to read on /r/sexystories are just 100% free of charge for you to read. Not only that, but you don’t even need to register to Reddit. I know many people don’t want to really use Reddit because it takes up way too much of their time. Well, in that case, you might just want to go to this sub as a guest user. You don’t have to set up a profile or an account. You just go there and start enjoying the sex stories. With all this in mind, it seems a bit weird to me that not more people are on this platform enjoying themselves on the /r/sexystories subreddit.

Low member count and few upvotes

I mean, I get it; not everyone is into sex stories. Is that why the sub only has just over 100k users? I don’t know, man; I think there is a bit more to that number than just the fact that this is a sex story subreddit. And it’s not just the number of users that is the problem. Instead, you’ll find that even the top posts of all time on this sub haven’t reached a thousand upvotes and the top posts of all time only have a few dozen comments too. Most posts in the hall of fame on this sub only have a few hundred upvotes even and I don’t think that this is a good showing if you are looking at the all-time top posts of any subreddit.

I think that things can be a lot better on /r/sexystories in terms of the number of members. It was made almost a decade ago and yet it just recently passed 108,000 users. For me, those numbers are just not good enough. On Reddit, you are battling for the attention of various users, and you really need to bring better results to the table if you want to get noticed. In the case of this sex story sub, I feel that it could potentially do much better if they managed to promote themselves a little bit. How they would go about doing that I leave up to them since I can’t really say for certain here.

Great flairs for categorization and different tags

The subreddit is in need of some rules instead of just the sticky post. I don’t think that they have gone into detail enough about what kinds of sex stories you can post and what types of sex stories you can’t post here. Not only that, but there hasn’t been much done to the design of the subreddit. For example, I can tell that they changed the default blue color for a lighter blue color scheme on their subreddit, but it’s really hard to tell it apart from the default shit. The avatar is nice, though I think that it’s a bit low-res. I don’t know if this is because they downloaded it or screenshotted it off of some other source.

But there are things that I do like about /r/sexystories, and those are the tags that they tell you about in the rules section. They give you the acronyms of mandatory and optional tags as well as what they mean. This is all great and I enjoyed looking through all the tags and seeing what it is that the mods expect people to post to this subreddit. On top of all this, there are flairs that you can click on in order to find fictional and non-fictional stories, as well as parts 1 and 2 of certain longer sex stories.

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