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Sex Stories 69! There are times in every horny bastard’s life when pictures or videos won’t cut it. Fantasizing about that hot bitch you will never have the opportunit...


Sex Stories 69! There are times in every horny bastard’s life when pictures or videos won’t cut it. Fantasizing about that hot bitch you will never have the opportunity to fuck won’t get you off either. Hell, thinking about something fucked up like your mother riding your penis also won’t get the job done!

Sometimes, you just need to read some written erotica to cum. But I’m not talking about one of those old fucking romance books your grandmother read as your mother rode your little ghost cock. I’m talking about erotic fiction that ordinary saps like you write on Sex Stories 69. However, unlike your dumb ass, many of these authors are very talented. There is a unique story waiting for everyone on Sex Stories 69; one quick look, and you’ll become a fucking believer!

Over 185 pages of sex stories

Trust me; there are stories suited just for everyone’s picky fetishes on this platform. Specifically, there are over 185 pages of sex stories on Sex Stories 69! And with about 20 stories per page, you will have access to a whopping 3700 stories across the site! Oh wow!

Stories 69 is such a unique written erotica platform. The site does not feature typical sex stories and fiction. This isn’t the long-winded erotic fiction that you have probably found on some sex story sites. On the contrary, this site is filled to the brim with exclusive erotic fiction.

But what really makes this site so fucking different? Well, mainly, the language is what makes Sex Stories 69 unique. Most of the stories that I read sounded more like confessions from the author’s perspective than someone trying to write an ordinary erotic story. As a result, you don’t have to deal with someone setting up a scene with a cast of one-dimensional characters. Instead, many of these authors jump straight into the thick of the action.

I will cover the small lengths of many of these stories in a moment. But I have to fucking stress how different all of these stories indeed are. Many of them are written crudely. But that isn’t to say that they are written poorly and that it takes away from the story’s overall appeal. Far fucking from it!

The point I’m trying to drive is that the tone of these stories makes you feel like you are reading a diary. But still, that isn’t always the case. Everything on Sex Stories 69 is 100% fiction, and you will realize this is a good thing when you start reading some of these stories.

Hardcore fucking stories

Let’s get one goddamn thing out of the way here. If you are sensitive or squeamish to some themes and scenarios, you may want to tread lightly. Sex Stories 69 isn’t for the erotic reader that wants to read vanilla eroticism with a dab of S&M from time to time. If you want that, buy an erotic fiction on your Kindle and steer clear of Sex Stories 69. However, for those that want a genuinely no-holds-barred erotic site where barely anything is off-limits, this is where you want to go.

When you first log onto the site, all you have to do is look at the ‘recent stories’ and ‘recent comments’ sections. This will give you an idea of the most popular types of stories that you will find on Sex Stories 69. As of this review, the most popular stories involve incest, rape, and a little bit of zoophilia sprinkled in for good measure. So if you enjoy reading content about hot bitches getting it on with dogs, you’ve come to the right place!

Sex Stories 69 also doesn’t censor the language that is used on the site either. I’m not going to go into the kind of derogatory terms thrown around on Sex Stories 69, but you will see what I mean when you start reading the stories on this site. Again, if you are fucking sensitive about certain themes or language, you might want to find your fap fodder elsewhere. I have reviewed several other sex stories websites on ThePornDude, so browse through and see what you find.

But for those that want an anything-goes erotic fiction site, this is where you are going to find the stories that will make you cum. There seem to be new stories every single day as well. And because the stories rarely ever take up a lot of your time, you won’t have to spend a fuck ton of time trying to relieve your balls.

Easy to digest sex stories

And because the content on Sex Stories 69 comes across as more confessional than an ordinary erotic story, the stories are typically shorter than you would expect in regular erotic fiction. Well, I know some of you think I’m full of shit, but just think about it for a fucking second!

There is absolutely no build-up to a lot of these stories. And if it is there, usually it is just a few sentences introducing the narrator and other parties that are part of the story, which is typical considering that these stories are more confessional-focused. It helps because you are almost always thrown into the middle of the action. Meaning you don’t have to waste time reading about the author’s opinions on the characters and so on.

Sometimes, you just want to start jerking off to smutty literature, and Sex Stories 69 makes that happen in nearly every story. The authors on the site don’t waste time writing out the details of the sexual encounter that they are describing.

In my opinion, this is a perk for the site. The confessional genre has been around for eternity for a goddamn reason. You see, erotic fiction that builds up properly is all and good. But when you want raw, unprofessional, amateur, dirty, raunchy stories that read as they came from the mouths of an ordinary person, this is where you are going to find that kind of content.

Easy to read stories

Now that you know this website has great content, how the fuck do you get started with reading some of these stories? Well, it is straightforward. Go to the homepage, click from one page to another and select a title in a story listing that looks appealing to you. But before you click, take note of the information that is in each story’s listing. Alternatively, you can click on one of the categories at the top of the homepage and see what you find.

Every story has a title (obviously) and the number of comments, rating, date posted, relevant hashtags, byline, and the word count. That last bit is extremely important, as it allows you to focus on only short or long stories. For instance, if you want to read stories that are less than 1000-words, this is how you filter the content.

To that end, it would be convenient as hell if it was possible to sort stories by word count. As of this review, visitors can only sort stories by best rated, most rated, and random. That’s helpful, but I wish that you could sort the content by word count so you can ignore the stories that are either too long or too short for you.

Decent categories

Not all stories on Sex Stories 69 will make you want to take out your cock and start jerking off right where you sit. Therefore, it makes sense to filter your content by categories.

To do this, all you have to do is hover over the ‘categories’ section. There, you can browse a handful of different categories such as blackmail, incest, zoophilia, voyeur, virgin, and more. Click on a category, and you can see all of the stories that match that particular category.

Perhaps you are hungry for hardcore, extreme content that typically comes across more like a confessional than actual erotic fiction; Sex Stories 69 is where you will find it. On the other hand, maybe you want to read more traditional erotic fiction, don’t worry; this site has you covered. Besides, there are series that you can follow along. And to that end, it would also be helpful to have a category where you can only read erotic series.


Sex Stories 69 is a sex story site that has a little something for everyone.. Well, there could be a few more convenient options added to the mix, like more sorting features and a few more categories, but there are nitpicky details. If the site continues getting new stories submitted all the fucking time, they will continue to grow for a long time to come.

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