Reddit Sexsells, aka r/Sexsells! If you look at the name of this section carefully, you can see that it's true. Sex indeed does sell, and that's for a reason. Sex, believe it or not, is a big part of the human experience. You have all kinds of different actions that you can perform during the 'mating ritual.' You can play with toys, or you can hook up with a real human person. Hell, you have three holes to choose from too! Some folks also like guys, while others prefer to fuck women. Overall, the sexual experience of humans is vast, versatile, and, in a way, indefinite. We still don't know everything about fucking and how it works. But, some people like to focus on physical pleasure, which is why this Reddit section is here. If you're looking for a place where you can find sexual goods and services, then feel free to stick around and read this full review.

The classic Reddit subsection homepage

I think that is the perfect place for Sex Sells ever to exist, and if you're asking yourself why then let me tell you exactly why my opinion is like that. People who use this godforsaken website are mostly virgins or people who usually can't get any. That's because most of them don't work out, only eat overly salty chips, and, of course, they complain about everything. All that, while including fighting for social justice. I mean, I can't believe someone can overwork their brain that much and still be thick as a brick. So, of course, Reddit is naturally the place where people will desperately search to buy an excellent bang session or a bag of sex toys. Thus, the homepage of this place is the same as all others.

Since this place is pretty much like a whole collection of the internet, stuffed on a single website, it's understandable that you'll find something like this there. So, you have the name of this section, as well as the joining button, and a list of rules and mods. Plus, you also get a short description. So, luckily, this page belongs to some people who mostly work hard to keep everything in check. Usually, I'm the first to mock Reddit mods and their rules, but this time, they're right. Of course, I'll explain the rules later, but still, this is an unbelievable phenomenon. And, you know how odd this is, especially for me. All I do is make fun of these virgins, and now, finally, they managed to impress me.


When it comes to's overall navigation system, well, that's easy. You get on this site, and then you have the homepage. Through that, you can find some new sections to get you started. For example, you have the Ask Reddit page, where people ask the same questions repeatedly, year after year. If you like that, you can check it out. Then, you can also follow political pages, where most folks complain about Trump, while the other half defends him like he's some Messiah or something.

Both sides are retarded, but it is what it is. You also have additional sections for pictures, where you can see women shaving their heads, and then fishing for compliments because they need someone to tell them that they're brave. Now that you know what this fucking place is like, let me tell you something else. If you're asking me, your best bet is to stay on either porn or music sections of this place. These places are chill. Of course, if you're searching for something specific, just use the search bar and find it.

Now, let's go over the Sex Sell's navigation system. It's the same for all subsections here. You get the name of the place, the joining button, and that whole rule/mod/desc list. In the middle, you have the content, and you can view it all the time. For porn sections generally, Reddit mostly is full of pictures, and some videos here and there. But, in this case, this isn't truly a porn part of the site. Instead, it's more like a little market, where thirsty ass dudes come straight from Porn-hub, just to buy some images from ordinary women.

For some reason, most of these chicks aren't even that attractive, but dudes keep buying their shit. Also, this website has that weird up-vote/down-vote system, and that's the reason why it's shit. If the content's poorly rated, then it goes to the controversial section, where most people don't see it. So, it's easy to form a hive-mind kind of experience here, which is why people hate in general.

The perks

The perks of Sex Sells on Reddit are, in a way, fantastic. Besides the fact that you can save yourself from feeling internally lonely for five minutes, you can also make someone's day. You have services like sharing and selling images, looking for prostitutes and escorts, or getting private, custom videos. So, this is pretty much the modern version of porn. Instead of looking for the prettiest babes online, finding their videos, and jerking off to them, now you can do something else. Now, you can go and find that regular college girl with a pussy that smells like a rotten fish, and you can overpay her for some shady, blurry pictures. I mean, it's a beautiful world, and is a part of it.

Of course, another great benefit of this place is that it leaves you alone. You don't have to put up with shady sponsors, or scummy promotions at all. You don't even have any pop-up ads, which is exciting. Here, it's just straight content browsing, and that's it. So, in a way, as much as I hate every fake intellectual and thirsty person, and these are the folks who usually hang on this place, I must admit that this is a good idea.

The content and the video player

Also, I wanted to tell you all about's other benefit, at least when it comes to Sex Sells. Usually, when someone online tries to sell you anything even remotely tied to sex, they fail or don't make a significant profit. That's because they always go through websites, where they pay for memberships or have to give up a cut of their money. And that sucks. I mean, I'm the one who whips my dick out and takes images of it for middle-aged women to see, right?! Then, shouldn't I be the sole recipient of the money? Unfortunately, the internet doesn't work that way. Also, drop your credit cards, ladies, I don't truly take pictures of my dick and sell them, it was an example.
That's like a great thing that I wanted to mention because I enjoy free markets and people selling their shit without restrictions.

Well, honest to God, this section, Sex Sells, does have some restrictions, but these are okay in my book. For example, if you want to be a seller here, then the mods must verify you. That means that you'll either have to show your pussy or your collection of dirty dildos to them. Huh, now I get it! Excellent job, moderators, that's genuinely classy! Make a free market just to get some pussy pictures, nice. Okay, all jokes aside, the whole 'no verification, no selling' thing is smart. That way, you won't order a brand new dildo, only to get like a big stack of woods for fire or some other creepy shit. Who knows, maybe you would've gotten a dead lizard from a scammer, from all I know. So, saving users like that is smart.

Some services include dick rating, which I think is pathetic, but okay. If it's small, you already know it. The same goes for if it's humongous. Other services on Sex Sells include sex texts, custom videos, images, phone calls, and all that other shit that beta dudes always seek online.

Registration and conclusion

Now, if you want to join and become a member of this top section, then there's something that you need to do. And that's, of course, making an account. Registering for Reddit and Sex Sells is pretty much super easy. Put in your email, think of a secure password, and then make up a creative username for your account. And that's it, you're in, and you can join this section right away. Also, my conclusion for it is wholly and entirely positive. This subsection is a great little place, a cute open market, for selling excellent sex services without having to go through a site and give them money for pretty much nothing. So, if you enjoy that, check this place out!

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