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Throughout history, chicks with dicks have had a passionate following of men turned on by the simple thought of their existence. Slapping a cock on a bitch and beating your meat is a popular pastime. Sure, it’s not for everybody, but for those who love it, it’s a passion.

If the thought repulses you, let me ask you a question that I have already asked readers in the past. What is gayer? Watching a dude fuck a chick or watching a chick with a dick fuck a chick. Ah-ha! I’ve got you, didn’t I? You came to this article confidently, but I have shaken you to your core. If you already watch tranny porn, then I’m not saying anything you haven’t already realized.

I’ve made points on this in the past but let me introduce some new concepts. How much difference is there between watching a chick with a strap-on fuck a bitch and watching a chick with a built-in strap-on fuck a bitch? I say it is not nearly as much as you think. The colors are different, but I don’t see much besides that. Plus, when a bitch is balls deep, you can’t even see penis anyways.


I want to provide evidence for both sides of the aisle, and the avatar theory is excellent. When watching porn, men often put themselves in the actor’s shoes. That’s why POV porn is so popular. It makes sliding into character easier when you can’t see the dude’s face. Plus, it feels less gay not to look a man in the eyes while jerking off.

It’s more difficult putting yourself into the shoes of a chick with a dick than it is a dude. It takes you out of the experience and makes you a fly on the wall instead of a participant. That’s not a bad thing, but it is not where most men’s imaginations go.

I will concede that in reality, while watching trannies fuck chicks may be less gay, fucking a tranny is not less gay. However, I reject this as an argument in this context because fucking a tranny means a male and tranny coupling, not a chick and tranny coupling.

Let’s stay in reality a bit and ask who you would rather be fucked in the ass by? A dude or a chick with a dick. I think most of us would choose the tranny because a gay guy is naturally gayer than a chick with a dick. So, if the chick with a dick is inherently less gay than a dude, isn’t watching a tranny less gay than watching a dude?

Now you are getting a sense of how convoluted this debate can get. This isn’t even my first time approaching it in an article. It’s tough to say whether we will ever arrive at a definitive answer. Perhaps this is a problem we can never solve. If not, I still say it is a matter worthy of debate.

With that said, I may have sparked your interest in observing some chicks with dicks yourself. Or if you already do, I probably have you drooling onto your keyboard. Well, make sure to wipe that up. Your poor keyboard already has to deal with a daily onslaught of cum showers. Don’t add saliva to the mix.

When you’re done cleaning your computer off, hop onto Scrolller’s “Bigdickgirl” page. When it comes to tranny porn, these guys have a superb collection. Unfortunately, much of it is homemade amateur content. But don’t worry. Just because it’s amateur doesn’t mean it has shitty video quality. Even the folks out there who jerk off to tons of tranny porn will find plenty of shit they have never seen before here.

The website looks silky smooth. It takes its design principles from sites like Instagram and Twitter since all the content is either pictures or GIFs. There is a drop-down navigational menu at the top of the website with the options Home, Favorites, Following, Leaderboard, Search, Install app, Categories, Community, Get premium, and About.

That will get you around the entire site. Below is a menu for the big dick girl room with Follow, Sort, Filter, Source, and Share. You can sort by Random, Top, Hot, New, and rising. You can filter by None, Pictures, Videos, and Albums. And don’t forget that share button. But, of course, you wouldn’t want the next family reunion to be a comfortable one. Who wants to attend a high school reunion where your ex-classmates don’t know what you beat your meat to? It sounds like a real bore to me.

The “source” button will take you to the sub-Reddit page that this content originates from. You could see it there, but Scrolller makes seeing as many chicks with dicks as you can easier.

The only thing left is the eternally scrolling rack of content. You can scroll down until your finger falls off or your jerking hand cramps up. Any GIFs on the screen start to play automatically without you clicking. The thumbnails are large enough to watch, but you can open them up to see a full-size version.

When you open up a GIF, you have the option to turn the volume on. There is also a small menu where you can Download, Share, Favorite, and visit the source. The content will keep playing on repeat until you have had all your perverted heart desires.

The content on scrolller covers a lot of ground. The bulk of it is solo selfies of trannies showing off their cocks. I hope ladies see this and realize how fun having a cock is. Bitches always complain that we are too obsessed with our cocks, but the moment you install a cock on a lady, she starts playing with that shit constantly. You can’t blame us for our dicks being entertaining.

Where the Tit Drop Meets the Dick Flick

The dick reveal is a popular way to show the dong off. Think of it as a tit drop but instead, the dick is tucked down and then flicked out by shifting the clothes. I must say that I far prefer a tit drop, but I get the appeal if this is your kind of thing. Plus, these bitches can do both at once.

There isn’t a whole ton of sex on Scrolller, but it’s usually a cum shot video when it does pop up. If you are only going to show a short GIF, you might as well get right to the point. Blow jobs pop up a bit more often. Once again, it’s usually a clip of the load bursting forth. I will note the skill with which these bitches deliver a blow job.

It makes complete sense. In fact, trannies might have the best mouth game in all the land. Think about it. It’s a woman’s mouth with a woman’s sensibilities combined with the blowjob know-how only having a cock can give you. When those powers combine, it’s like a power rangers Megazord of throat fucking. Wow. This hadn’t dawned on me before. Is it worth the sacrifice of having a human with a penis blow me to experience orgasmic bliss? More questions, few definitive answers.

Cosplay rears its head now and again, usually in the form of anime, although I did see some Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Star Trek also. Of course, the cosplay only lasts so long until clothes are removed and penises come out. But at least there is a pair of tits to join them.

One thing I will say for the bitches on the site: they have fucking massive hogs. God damn, it’s a little disconcerting. Are you telling me there are millions of women out there with a bigger member than mine? What the fuck? Is it a thing? Do trannies naturally have monster rods? What sick joke is the Gods playing on us? I hope this is just confirmation bias and survivors’ bias, but I’m worried.

Scrolller is a great place to get your fill of shemale porn. They have a vast selection and make scrolling through it all a breeze. It’s great when you don’t have much time but want to shove as many nude trannies down your visual cortex as possible. In a short five minutes, you can see dozens and dozens of chicks with dicks.

Scrolller could become even more efficient by expanding their filters. It would take some work, but you can let posters create their own tags, so the admin doesn’t have to worry about it. That way, if I ever find myself here again, I can filter out all these giant cocks. I don’t want to live in a world where women have bigger dicks than mine.

If trannies is your thing, then Scrolller is where you can get your fill. Perhaps you can ponder my question while you masturbate.

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