Reddit RandomActsOfMuffDive, aka r/RandomActsOfMuffDive! Have you ever just felt… thirsty? As in thirsty for some giving, instead of taking? Have you ever simped for pussy, is essentially what I am asking… Well, if you have, there is a special subreddit dedicated just to you, and it is called r/RandomActsOfMuffDive/. This is a place where all the givers can give, while the beauties get to enjoy the act of giving, usually with nothing to return… does that make any sense?

Well, I shall get more into detail in a bit, first I want to tell you all that Reddit is a free website and it has thousands of other subreddits. So no matter what the fuck you were hoping to check out, I am sure that you will find it on Reddit sooner or later. As for those who are interested in what r/RandomActsOfMuffDive/ has to offer, you are welcome to stay and browse through… and I shall explain the subreddit the best that I can.

I do also want to say that this is not the only NSFW subreddit for you to check out… I have personally reviewed plenty of them. You can check out all the subreddits I have reviewed, as I have taken my time to find the juiciest ones. And let’s not forget that all of them have an actual review, so you will know what the fuck you are getting into before you actually visit the site.

How does this subreddit work?

So, I can see how you might be a bit confused as to what the fuck r/RandomActsOfMuffDive/ is all about, but lucky for you; I am here to explain the gist of it. So, when you open r/RandomActsOfMuffDive/, you will just see a lot of posts, and not much content, because this place is not like the usual NSFW subreddit, I review.

You do not have content, because it is meant for people who are here for muff diving, and that works both ways. So, if you are a chick who is looking for a muff diver, you are welcome! But if you are a dude who wants to go muff diving, you are also welcome. As for those who do not know what muff diving means, that is basically the act of tongue twisters with a pussy, cunnilingus, pussy licking and so on.

So, the reason why you will not get to see lots of content is because people are here to post their “ads” but not really. Basically, you can see lots of women just searching for some muff diving action. So they post their description or whatever the fuck they want, and they obviously post what they are searching for as well.

Let me give you some examples…. The first post I checked out was posted by a virgin beauty who was just looking for some fun. She was a bit on the chubbier side, and since she never had a dick in her life or was eaten out, she was basically looking for her first time. Usually, people will post their area or city or state, and you can see whether they are close to you… I mean, if they are not close, this does not really make any fucking sense.

Another post that I saw was of a chick looking for another girl for fun. It was just the usual lesbian hookup thing… and there were lots more. But at this point, I realized that the majority of the people searching for pussy lovemaking on this subreddit were men. This was not really odd or anything, we all know that men are the ones who love to lick pussy the most.

The men who were searching for beauty are also searching for a girl to go down on. Like 90% of these posts were men searching for a pussy to lick, and often times there will be no reciprocation, or whatever. But that also depends on the post and the person who decided to post the shit in the first place. I’ve seen all kinds of requests and stuff, and most of them will want the same thing in the end, which is what r/RandomActsOfMuffDive/ is all about.

Become a member.

Now, there is really no point in browsing through what r/RandomActsOfMuffDive/ has to offer if you do not intend to become a member of Do not worry; the registration to is free, and once you are a member, you can actually interact with the members of this subreddit as well as any other. I mean, you do not have to register since you will still get access to what Reddit has to offer.

However, you cannot really do anything else. The whole point of r/RandomActsOfMuffDive/ is to help you find a delicious pussy to eat, and you cannot really interact with the users without registering, so it is only logical. If you do decide to register, you are in for a treat, because you can not just like and dislike posts and leave comments, you can actually chat with the community.

Reddit allows its users to chat with each other and send private DMs if that is what you prefer… I mean, after you find beauty or dude who is searching for a pussy on r/RandomActsOfMuffDive/, you can send a private message, and then the two of you can see whether this shit will work or not, simple as that. Otherwise, it does not really make any sense to be a part of this site.

Of course, you are able to search as well. You can create your post and search for a pussy or a dude to lick you, depending on what you have to offer. I think this is all rather self-explanatory, and you will get the gist as soon as you start browsing through r/RandomActsOfMuffDive/. I mean, you either know how the fuck this shit works or not.

So, check out r/RandomActsOfMuffDive/ and browse through. There are loads of posts you can check out, and no matter who the fuck you see on, you can send them a private message… if they respond, they respond, and if not, move on. Oh yeah, and make sure to read the rules and regulations when it comes to posting to r/RandomActsOfMuffDive/ or any other subreddit.

How about the statistics?

No matter which subreddit you visit, there will always be a description of what that subreddit is all about on the side of The same shit applies to r/RandomActsOfMuffDive/, and you are welcome to check that out. There you can see that this subreddit is NSFW obviously and that it is designed to pair up a mouth with a delicious cunt.

It was created in 2013, and it has over 188k members. From what I have seen, the community in this subreddit is pretty fucking active. There was a new post every couple of hours…. So the chances are that even if you do not create a post here, you will find a pussy of your liking sooner or later… or a mouth, since there are a fuck ton of dudes posting their shit here aw well.

Find your muff diver… or your muff!

That is the gist of it all. You have a subreddit that is dedicated to the community, and once you register, you can enjoy the privileges. S, the first thing you need to do is actually register, and since it is free, that will surely not be an issue. After that, start browsing through r/RandomActsOfMuffDive/ and see whether you find somebody who interests you… and if you do, you can send them a private message.

Of course, you can post your own stuff as well. Although I feel like I do not have to say this, but don’t be a moron and actually post your address. Be discrete and just post your state or whatever. Post what and who you are looking for, and what you are willing to offer. Since this is a subreddit dedicated to pussy living if you are willing to offer the same shit in return, be sure to mention that.

That is all I have to say. is filled with a shit ton of similar subreddits, and others that are just dedicated to content. You are more than welcome to check out everything r/RandomActsOfMuffDive/ has to offer, or take your time and browse through thousands of other NSFW or SFW subreddits if that is what you prefer instead. Simple as that.

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