Reddit ProneBone, aka r/ProneBone! If you were to tell me that there is a NSFW subreddit devoted to a sex position, I’d throw my beer bottle across the room and tell you how fucking stupid that sounds. What kind of subreddit would put themselves in a corner like that? It looks like a sub that’s dead on arrival, and you’d probably be right in most cases.

But that’s not the case on The subreddit has hundreds of thousands of members, each of which has a thirst for one of the best sex positions a man can find himself in. Fuck yeah, it’s good, but is it enough to form an entire subreddit around it? I think it fucking is! When I saw the content, I felt my cock growing exponentially to the point I thought it was going to rip through my trousers! Oh God, if I had a hot bitch to pronebone when I was checking this shit out, I may have ripped her in fucking half!

Your mileage may vary, though. Whether you are into proneboning shit or not, this sub is going to help you to at least get off to the sexy content that’s within. Check it out, and find something worth getting off to!

Nearly 250,000 members in the subreddit

For a subreddit devoted to only one kind of sex position, certainly has a ton of members! There are nearly 250,000 members to be exact – a solid number for a subreddit founded less than a decade ago. It’s popular, and although it pales in comparison to other NSFW (Not Safe For Work) subreddits that have double the member-count, let’s be fucking realistic here:

The sub is devoted to only one kind of sex position! Do you see sex positions like missionary and dry humping getting these kind of accolades? I think not! When you have a sex position that is so popular that people want only to see that particular sex position in action, you know you have a winning subreddit on your hands. Judging by the amount of content that has been posted over the years, other people seem to think so as well.

Keep in mind that a portion of the content here is crossposted. What that means is that the content was initially submitted in another subreddit, but because is relevant to the content they just submitted, it was additionally posted on this sub. That’s perfectly fine, and in truth, noticing the crossposted content could turn you on to other NSFW subreddits you never even knew existed. ThePornDude may have even found a few subreddits I never knew existed, so keep your eyes peeled as you look around on this sexy sub!

A subreddit dedicated to one sex position

You may think it’s crazy that so many people are going ape shit over one sole sex position, but unless you’ve ever actually done a pronebone before, you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. Look, I’ve never had a raging hard-on from one type of sex position. But unless you’ve experienced the majesty of what the pronebone does to your cock as you fuck that tight, wet pussy while you’re deep inside the bitch, you can’t imagine how good this shit feels.

I don’t have to tell you how good it feels, either. An entire subreddit exists around the position! If it wasn’t popular and didn’t feel fucking amazing as hell, nobody would be here.

It goes to show you how niche some of these communities truly are. I’ve said it before, and by God, I’m fucking saying it once again: Reddit is best when it brings unique communities together. You would never in a million years find a free tube site devoted to proneboning – you’d be lucky if you found a sub that had the position as a category!

Reddit brings people into the same kink and niche together to create one-of-a-kind communities that fill a void. While the type of content you find on most of these NSFW subreddits consists of images and GIFs (with a few videos thrown in for good measure), it’s still an incredibly sexy destination for getting off time and again. Even if you’re remotely interested in what proneboning is or you want to recall that fateful night when you proneboned a hot bitch under the moonlight while a crowd gathered around to give you a round of applause for how hung you are, is for you!

And by the way, that wasn’t you I was talking about. That was me under the moonlight. ThePornDude, not you!

Needs more content

One of the downsides of browsing a subreddit that is this niche is that you run the risk of the sub not having as much content as other NSFW subreddits., unfortunately, falls into this trap. That isn’t to say that there isn’t any content on the subreddit – it’s there – but once you look at all of the sexy smut when browsing by top and the like (more on that later), you’re going to be left wanting more.

With years’ worth of content, it is going to take a while for you to run out and not have anything to watch. But once it happens (and if you’re into proneboning like I am, you sure as shit will), you’ll be left with only a few posts per day. While I was reviewing, I noticed how there were only a handful of videos posted daily.

On some days, there were less than six posted. On others, it was a little more than that but under a few dozen. It’s unfortunate and a pain in the ass – especially when you want fresh pronebone content, and you have nowhere else to get it. Add to the fact that a lot of the content is as stated earlier crossposted, and you will personally come to the realization rather quickly that a lot of people on here are not visiting and submitting content directly to the subreddit. It all falls on what content is posted on other subreddits and whether someone remembers to crosspost the content. seriously needs to have consistent, original submissions posted to the subreddit! Crossposts are fine, but when they make up such a large portion, it’s easy to see that there is a problem. How the sub can entice others – specifically, amateurs – to post their own pronebone content and get people engaged is unclear, but it needs to happen.

Same sorting options you know

Those that have used Reddit in the past probably already know about the various sorting options that are available on every subreddit. For those unaware of how to sort on Reddit (where have you been?), it could not be easier. Best of all, users can apply these same sorting options to other subreddits as well.

To get acquainted with the sorting options on the subreddit, go to the top of the subreddit and click on either hot, new, top, and rising. They are all self-explanatory for the most part, with hot featuring content that is the most engaged while rising features content that is on the cusps of becoming popular (those that want to engage earlier with posts will want to use this sorting option). If you want to see the hottest fucking content that the sub has to offer, you’re going to want to browse it by top.

Select top, and you will see the most upvoted content of today. If you want to see the most popular content, filter by date. Select the drop-down menu titled today and choose from the following: now, today, this week, this month, this year, or all time. Choosing all time is the best way to see the best of the best on the sub, and let me tell you something: it’s fucking amazing how perfectly these sluts get fucked!

Whether you’re into watching this kind of shit, you’re curious, or it’s all of the above, you do not need to miss out on what has to offer you. If you want to see animalistic fucking (between humans – not between wild beasts you fucking sicko) between people that are so horny they can’t help but do the pronebone to get off, this subreddit is exactly what the porn doctor ordered. Check it out, get off, and become a subscriber!

Suggestions: has over 250,000 members and counting contributing and engaging with content surrounding one, sole sex position. That’s an impressive number for a niche subreddit, but there is barely any content posted daily. The subreddit needs more; consistent content submitted every single day if it wants to continue to grow. Otherwise, the sub could begin to shrink and lose members.

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