You weebs want nothing more than to have an obedient Japanese waifu suck you off and let you fuck them in their tight pussy whenever the mood comes up. I get where you’re coming from. Who cares that it’s a pipe dream? I’m not going to stand in the way of your steamy Asian fantasies. Go ahead and keep learning Japanese and tell yourself it’s to one day find a hot schoolgirl of your own instead of just using that skill for understanding your favorite tentacle hentai. But maybe you want to feel like that petite Asian slut is right there in the room with you. If that sounds like a frequent daydream of yours, then, boy, I have got a treat for you. is a premium porn site dedicated to providing fappers with the hottest, highest-quality Asian POV videos. It’s part of a large network of premium Asian porn sites with other hot fetish content like creampies, anal, and bukkakes. You get the idea. It’s a network full of Asian sluts getting fucked anywhere and everywhere. There are over 20 sites in the network, so you’ll have your hands full with content if you plan to shop around. Anyway, this particular porn site has been around since 2013, but I’d hazard a guess that the domain has changed hands since there isn’t much in the way of traffic data for the current site.

Monthly Subscription Starting at $39.99 & a 3-Day Trial for $3

You’re not going to be able to spread the legs of these Japanese whores and take a look at the good stuff without paying. This is a premium site that doesn’t offer any freebies or previews. You can see how many videos the site has and check out previews for every single one, which is nice. Loads of premium sites like to hide their catalogs and don’t reveal anything until you dish out the dosh. This site is pretty transparent. You can see that they have around 100 videos in total. I know that doesn’t seem like a ton, but most of them are full-length scenes with bold claims of being in high-quality HD.

The memberships aren’t cheap. You can get a 3-day trial for a dollar, but that will renew at nearly 50 bucks a month if you’re not careful. A year is going to run you $155.88. You can’t pay by the month unless you go for the monthly option at $39.99. As I said, this is a pricey membership, especially since the site only has 100 videos. Luckily, this membership includes access to all 20+ premium sites in the network. I won’t be going over those in detail for this review. Suffice it to say that you’re getting a fuck ton of hot content. If you plan to use those other sites, then the deal looks a lot better.

Only 100 or So POV Videos & DVDs to Jerk Off to

Once you sign-in with your premium credentials, you’ll be greeted by a bunch of previews and a background with a couple of Asian cuties flashing their tits. It’s a pretty solid site design for a premium site. It doesn’t blow me away or anything. But I’ll take it over half of the shitty layouts and designs I see. The most popular videos get a large sliding preview bar up top, while the highest-rated videos take up the rest of the homepage. You can sort the selection by newest, file size, and most views. It’s a strange selection of filter options compared to more traditional filters, but at least they give you some options to work with.

The header is packed with great options. You can check out a full category list of fetishes like amateur, hardcore, fisting, teen, and other fap-worthy tags. You can also browse by model if you want nothing more than to jerk your cock to Ai Uehara’s whole catalog of videos. She’s got a sweet ass and perky tits. I can’t say that I blame you for going all-in on this slut. There’s a DVD page for checking out full movies of your favorite Asian pornstars.

Content from the Hottest Asian Pornstars as well as a few Amateurs

But this section is deceiving. It’s like seeing a couple of hot twins. Sure, they’re both sexy babes, but taking them home is like fucking the same whore twice. They’ve got the same bodies down to the freckle by their nipples. This site’s DVD and video tabs have the same content, just presented differently. All of the videos are taken from these DVDs. It feels like Povjp is trying to make it seem like they have a larger catalog of content than they actually do. Tsk tsk. I’d much rather see unique content in each section over these videos and DVDs in disguise.

Regardless of what you end up searching by, you’ll be greeted by a lengthy list of video previews. They’re pretty bare-bones in terms of information. You get a static image. No slideshow. No preview clip. Fucking lame. I expect more from a premium page. I want to see part of the action before I click over! You also get a title, video length, and the name of the pornstar starring in the video. That’s it. You don’t get fetish tags, a rating, or view count. The full video page gives you more to work with. You get 10 screenshots next to the video, a short description of the movie/scene, a favorite option, and even an option to leave thumbs up or down rating.

Download any 720p HD Video for Free

Unfortunately, the videos leave a lot to be desired. By “HD”, this site means 720p HD. You know, the same quality of videos that you could find on any free porn tube out there. I was hoping for nut-bustingly good scenes in 2-4K UHD that made it feel like these horny Asian babes could walk right out of the screen. Instead, you get pretty dated movies that just don’t really compete that well with modern scenes and shoots. Fucking bummer. Oh, and the mobile site is alright. It’s basically a straight port of the desktop site with some minor changes. It can be clunky to use, but it works well enough to take these videos with you on the go.

ThePornDude’s Favorite Features

This is a tough one. I liked the content on the site, for the most part. The quality won’t blow you away or make you feel like your steep subscription cost was worth it, but there are some damn good scenes worth fapping to on here if you don’t mind the whole 720p HD thing. If this were a porn tube, then I’d be singing this site’s praises until my voice gave out. This would be one hell of a free site, but that doesn’t make it quite worth the premium charge this site is trying to get out of you cucks. The site layout is solid. It’s easy to find content, but I have to attribute most of that easiness to the slim catalog.

ThePornDude’s Suggestions

Man, this site needs a fully updated catalog of actual HD content that horny fappers will want to pay for. I ain’t getting out of bed and grabbing my credit card for 720p HD. I know you nerds have ultra-wide monitors with 4K displays. You want the good shit. Not this gritty, pixelated mess of dated content from pornstars that are currently getting into their late 40s and 50s. For the price they’re asking, I’d expect content that is brand-new, high-quality, and full of the freshest Asian sluts in the industry.

ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts

Overall, is a tough site to give a hearty recommendation for. It’s got 100 or so fap-worthy videos of Asian hotties getting down and dirty. And who doesn’t love some sexy POV action? You get to look through the eyes of lucky fucks plowing pussy that you can only dream of having. That part of the site is fucking awesome. It's just that the level of quality here isn’t equal to the hefty price tag that this site makes you pay. The video catalog is slim, and the scenes you do get are only in 720p. That’s pretty lame.
I only recommend giving this site a shot as part of a bigger membership to the massive network of 20+ fetish sites.

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