Reddit Playboy, aka r/Playboy! I’m pretty sure you’ve all heard of the magazine Playboy. It’s one of the biggest names in the adult industry, and it has existed even before porn was a thing. This magazine was the best thing a teenager in the 90s could hope to get. Blockbuster and other video renting stores never let minors rent out XXX movies, so the only thing they could hope to get is a playboy magazine at the corner store from the shop owner who doesn’t give a shit about what these guys are doing. Anyway, if you want to go back in time and see vintage photos of the Playboy magazine, and also check out new stuff from this magazine, then there’s a subreddit that’s perfect for you and it goes by the name of /r/Playboy on the site

The hottest Playboy models you’ve ever seen

So, you’re into Playboy, huh? Why is that? Well, I think that there’s one reason why most people like this kind of content and it has to do with the eroticism. Let’s face it; the reason most people enjoy this kind of content is because they enjoy seeing these erotic babes show off their hot bodies in a very artistic way. The photographers of Playboy know exactly what they are doing when they capture these babes from various angles and really show you what you’re in for with them. Most people just like seeing these girls and imagining that they could fuck them one day. Guess what, you’re never going to fuck these girls.

But hey, a man can dream. I know you guys hope to be able to fuck Playboy girls in your life, but that only ever happens to macho guys like me who are loaded with cash. I know many guys who are photographers for these babes, so I know what kind of stuff goes down in the “behind the scenes”. That’s why I went to a couple of photoshoots just so that I can enjoy the afterparty. I managed to fuck so many hoy Playboy bunnies; it’s insane. Anyway, I’m sure you’re going to love everything about the sub /r/Playboy if you’re into these hot Playboy girls since you get all this content here 100% free of charge.

Both vintage and newer content

One of the things that I really like about this place is that it concentrates on both the vintage photos and the newer stuff that the company is making to this very day! Playboy bever really stopped making all this amazing content, so it’s nice to see how they have evolved over the years. And I don’t just mean in quality, but I also mean in the choice of girls that they have on their covers. It went from curvy and pinup girl style to this skinny but with big ass and big tits style recently. You can really see an evolution both in style and in the choice of girls that make it in any Playboy magazine edition and all that jazz.

Here’s the thing though, I think that I love both the vintage content as well as the newer photos. I think I like both the old style that the girls used to have of looking like hot yet curvy pinup girls as well as the trend that we have been seeing these days. I swear that some of these babes are the hottest sluts you’ll ever see with perfect tits and a body to die for in general. I know many guys will just wave this off as some kind of marketing talk, but I dare you to look at these latest models and tell me that they aren’t the most gorgeous and the hottest girls that you have ever seen. That’s right; you just can’t do it at all!

High-quality and high-resolution photos

And since we are looking at a sub that deals with professional photography and nothing else, quality isn’t an issue. It’s a place where you will only see high quality and resolution photos of these babes and I think that you’re going to love every single picture that ends up on this website. When you see /r/Playboy and you start looking at all the nooks and crannies that this sub holds, you’ll see nothing but quality. I guess the only place you can go to where there could be some bad photos is the New section, but this is only because that kind of content could be breaking the rules and not be from Playboy at all.

As far as the rest of the sub is concerned, you’ll see nothing but quality. Quality tits, quality asses, and overall quality faces as well. Ugly babes don’t get to be Playboy bunnies. Sluts with ugly faces go into the porn industry, and not into artistic and erotic magazines. Eroticism is a lot different than what you’re used to with porn. With eroticism, you are a lot freer to advertise and sell, and that’s because people generally find that kind of stuff acceptable. So, if you want quality adult content that is a-okay by most people’s standards, then you’ll find I on this sub right here. I think that you’re going to get hooked from the first step you take to this subreddit. There is just so much to see and check out here.

Not that much activity unfortunately

Honestly, it’s a damn shame that /r/Playboy doesn’t have more subscribers. You’re usually used to seeing NSFW subs have from 200k members up to several million even. Well, with /r/Playboy, that’s not the case. Here you can just find around 156k members, and I can’t quite put my finger on as to why this is. The sub was made in 2011, so it has had plenty of time to get many people interested. It’s also a mainstream thing since most people are into Playboy magazines and pictures from said magazines. And finally, the place even has a good design! I have no clue why it has performed so poorly over the years.

Because of this low membership count and the fact that the place doesn’t really have much in the way of interactive content, it makes sense that the engagement is so low of many of the posts on /r/Playboy. I think that there are ways that this could be improved, but for now, I don’t know that there really is some kind of way that you can improve the statistics here. People just don’t seem to be all that interested in /r/Playboy right now… I do hope that this kind of erotic content makes a comeback and gets insanely popular on Reddit because it means that I can expect a lot more of it going forward!

Many reposts, but a great design

I guess one more thing that kind of holds /r/Playboy back is the fact that it’s pretty difficult to find posts for this place that haven’t already been on the sub. Reposts are a common thing here, and I don’t even think that this is the fault of the people who are the ones uploading the pics. Most people will upload something that they didn’t see on the sub, and as it turns out /r/Playboy is full of people like that who think that they are posting something new, but it’s actually a repost. Ah, well, what can you do? I actually don’t know what you can do about that, but what I do know is that there is some quality stuff here too.

Unfortunately, there are only so mand Playboy photos to post before you run out and you’re waiting for the next edition of the magazine to come out. The only good thing about all this is that there are just so many vintage magazines to sift through and post the photos from them here. On top of all this, Playboy has also become a sort of an online sensation and they are posting a lot of stuff online that doesn’t make the cut to the magazine. There are just so many Playboy bunnies and girls, in general, these days that there is so much content that could potentially make its way over to /r/Playboy. You just have to have hope! So, free quality photos, hot babes, and a great design? Check out /r/Playboy today damnit!

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