What’s in the Pinup Files? It’s an innocent enough question, but how would you answer it if your mom asked? Pinups were invented a long fucking time ago, so they’ve been around your whole life unless you’re the most ancient motherfucker ever to visit ThePornDude. In all that time, it hasn’t changed all that much. We may be gawking at pinups online instead of in the pages of nudie rags hidden under your dad’s mattress, but the content is largely the same. It’s just in higher resolution.

To be fair, though, PinupFiles.com isn’t shooting any old Betty Page wannabe or half-ass Dita Von Teese. The site, clearly, has a type, and it’s just what I was looking for this morning. PinupFiles.com is putting out premium photos and videos of beautiful women with absolutely enormous boobies. Tits are one of the most popular features in adult entertainment, so it’s never a surprise to find a site with such an emphasis on them. These guys get half a million visitors a month, so I’m guessing these titties are worth a look and probably a wank.

What’s Pinned in the Pinup Files

As soon as I got the PinupFiles link in my DMs, I started picturing those classic burlesque broads, black-and-white bondage shoots, and tri-folded spreads torn out of glossy sex magazines and taped to the wall of your stoner friend’s basement. But when I actually clicked on the link, what I found was a lot cleaner, brighter, and newer. There’s no smell of old paper, dried sperm, or bong smoke, no yellowing along the edges, nor crease marks through nipples and faces.

In fact, the photography looks gorgeous. But unfortunately, the thumbnails on a typical porn site tend to be screengrabs from videos. So while I definitely love the video format, a still image from a movie is not quite the same thing as a high-quality posed nude photo. I often feel like nude photography is dying, as even the big paysites often have “photo” sections consisting of nothing but automatically generated screengrabs from the videos.

PinupFiles offers a mix of real high-end photography and videos, which you’ll see as soon as you hit the front page. It’s easy to tell which is which, even before hovering over the vids for a moving preview. The photoshoots are posed and framed beautifully, with lots of smiling, pretty faces, eye contact, and big, naked boobies. I’m immediately drawn to a gorgeous blonde chick in a Santa hat, a red-gloved finger to her lips, and one of her huge knockers is just hanging out of her red lingerie.

I clicked through to see more. The full gallery is 23 images, but I’m still on the free tour, so I only get to see a few more thumbnails. The site doesn’t seem to have a hard set publishing schedule, but they are dropping new content multiple times per week. This is the latest set on the site, added just a few days ago.

After that, I wanted to check out one of their videos, so I went to the next most recent update. Visitors get to watch a couple of free videos per day, so choose wisely before you burn through the freebies and have to wait another day. It’s never a good idea to blue ball yourself. Then again, if you’re just here for the freebies, you may be doing yourself a disservice. It’s hard to keep your credit card and your dick in your pants if you get hard enough.

The first video I watched was a 96-second preview of this chick Cheryl Blossom who has a pretty face and some glorious tatas. In the video, some lucky dude is massaging those big mammaries throughout the clip as she smiles and laughs. It’s a pretty straightforward video and softcore by any modern standards, but I’m really fucking turned on.

Once you exhaust your daily free previews, you’ll get a message saying you’ve got to Log In or Join Now. At that point, you’ll probably assess just how horny you’ve become to decide if the ticket is worth the price. Sometimes the preview isn’t quite enough to convince you, though, because you’re still wondering what’s really behind the curtain. In that case, well, isn’t your pal ThePornDude always such a big help?

How Many Pinup Files Are There?

PinupFiles describes their gimmick as “Classically Inspired Busty Pinup Girls.” I feel like it’s classically inspired in at least a couple of different ways. For one thing, they’re posing naked by themselves instead of getting their brains fucked out like they are in most modern porno. Also, solo photography is classy and artistic rather than pulled directly from the videos.

I wondered, though: were their prices going to be as classical as the classical pinups from days of yore? Could I staple some hottie’s image to my wall for two bits, or would the price be a bit more modern? I know of a few high-end nude photo sites that charge more than the usual paysite, so I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best as I made my way to the PinupFiles.com signup page.

There were no real surprises to be had there. It turns out they’re asking the same thirty bucks a month like most other premium porn sites out there. However, the yearly membership breaks down to ten dollars a month, which is one of the better deals I’ve seen lately. I also really appreciate how the 2-day limited trial rebills at the regular rate instead of gouging you like most paysites will after a trial.

One of the biggest questions with any membership is just how much of a bang you get for your buck. PinupFiles.com has been around for a long motherfucking time—the domain was registered way back in 1997 before a lot of you deviates were even born. That means they’ve had a ton of time to build up that collection.

The archive only stretches back to 2003. I’m not sure what happened to the older material, but I don’t think you’re going to be hurting for fap fodder. As of this writing, Pinup Files has over 1,100 nude galleries and nearly 1,400 videos. That’s a fucking massive collection, on par with some of the porn networks but all devoted to big-titty nudes. Nice!

Digging into the Pinup Files

Sometimes I’m so overwhelmed by content that I’m not sure where to start my official PornDude fap test when writing up these reviews. With PinupFiles, it was a little easier because some of the girls out on the tour page got me so excited that I knew I needed to see more ASAP. One of those was a blue-eyed, blonde-haired, huge-boobed babe named Beth.

It was a 20-image set, one of nearly 30 Pinup Files Beth has been the star of. This one’s actually a Behind-The-Scenes set, a follow-up from an earlier Halloween photoshoot. Some might argue that’s recycled content since they’re breaking individual photoshoots into multiple releases. My position is that as long as the updates are fat, I’ll be happy. The galleries are big enough and the vids long enough that I’m not complaining, especially when they’re putting out something new every couple of days. The distribution seems fair for the price.

Downloads have been disappearing from paysites again over the last year, a trend I’ve been blaming OnlyFans for. PinupFiles.com is an older site, and I was hopeful because older sites tend to keep the older perks like downloading. That turned out to be true here, with easy video downloads and zip files full of photos. The zips are especially important on a nude photo site since they’re arguably the meat of the sandwich, and this site will let you feed without needing a third-party browser plugin to save the files.

PinupFiles.com is one of the better nude image sites I’ve reviewed lately. So many of these sites look like they were built twenty years ago, but this one has the kind of sleek, modern presentation you should damn well expect when you’re shelling out thirty bucks a month. Design aside, the site’s been around so long because they put out good content, and they put out a fucking ton of it. The library spans thousands of updates starring sexy, well-endowed ladies, all shot by professional photographers who know exactly how to showcase those big, bouncy, beautiful assets.

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