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Are you interested in hot Filipino girls? If so, would you like to check out r/phgonewild/? This subreddit is basically dedicated to the hottest Filipino girls, and si...


Reddit PHGoneWild, aka r/PHGoneWild! So, are you ready for another juicy Gone Wild subreddit? Welcome to r/phgonewild/, aka Philippines Gone Wild, where you get to see just what you would expect. I think I have explained this on many occasions, but the ‘gone wild’ subreddits are basically all about sexual shit of something particular… such as this subreddit, where you have Philippine chicks getting dirty basically.

First of all, I think it is safe to assume that you are into lovely Asian girls, right? Otherwise, why the fuck would you be browsing through the Philippines section? Well, if you are ready to see loads of hot Filipino babes getting naked and dirty, you are going to love what r/phgonewild/ has to offer. Not to mention that it is all free.

I mean, is a free website, so you can browse and enjoy it as much as you fucking want. Even if you end up not really liking what r/phgonewild/ has to offer, let’s not forget that has thousands of other NSFW subreddits you can check out as well. So, at the end of the day, it all really comes down to what the fuck you might be looking for.

Now, if you are interested in what r/phgonewild/ really has to offer without having to waste your time exploring the website, I am here to give you the gist. Of course, you are more than welcome to just explore the site on your own, as much as you fucking want. I don’t really care what the heck you do. All you need to know is that I shall cover the important aspects right here.

Lots of gorgeous girls sharing their lewds and nudes.

What the fuck can you expect from this subreddit? Although I am pretty sure I was clear on what the heck you can expect, let me give you more examples. As soon as you open the subreddit, you will get to see loads of gorgeous girls getting down and dirty, and since the name of this subreddit includes the Philippines, that means that you can expect a lot of Filipino beauties.

This is a place where all the gorgeous Filipino girls get to post their naughty stuff, and you can do the same if you want, obviously. So, if you are ready to see some of the hottest Philippine girls, you have come to the right place. Explore as much as you want, since the very homepage is bound to drive you in… with so many cuties wanting to get noticed.

For example, the first picture I saw was of a cute brunette girl leaning on the wall, with her ass naked for everyone to see. A couple of next images showed babes taking a close-up photo of their pussy and showing it all. There were many types of selfies where you do not get much else, just a nice picture of their pussy.

There were also pictures of some naughty action. For example, a couple took a pic from his point of view, where you could see the babe being on top and riding like a slut, as he is enjoying the view. Well, we were all enjoying the view, I am pretty fucking sure. I saw a couple of similar images like this one, where you just get to enjoy the content from a POV.

Some cuties love to get right down to business, while other chicks prefer to be a bit more discreet. I’ve seen girls who just went full-on nude in public, and some were flashing shyly, I guess. Some babes took naughty selfies and showed it all, and some girls were in the midst of the action when the pictures were taken. So, I think it is again safe to assume that you have a little bit of everything.

I think the ones where the cuties could be seen in action were the hottest. I mean, you had girls who just went down and dirty; one of them was snapped as she sucked two hard cocks at the same time. Another cutie got her picture taken while her boyfriend was fingering her love tunnels. So, I mean, you really have a little bit of everything.

I did run into some videos as well, but not that many. The majority of the posts here will be images of these hotties, and then you can find some videos here and there, but you really have to search for them. The videos that I did find were hella short, and they just showed some bits and pieces from the action, which I guess makes sense.

Register, if you want.

The key part here is the ‘if you want’, which means you do not have to. So, those who are not interested in the overall user-features and all that shit, you can skip this part. As for those who love to have the added privileges and do not mind registering, you can stay, and I will tell you what the fuck you can expect from

So, the registration to Reddit is free. If you register, you will get the expected privileges, such as the ability to like and dislike whatever the fuck you want. You will also be able to comment on each post, in case you have something to say. Now, if that is nothing nice, then I suggest you do not actually fucking comment… obviously.

From what I have seen, the Filipino girls here are very talkative, so if you comment something nice, there is a huge fucking chance that the chick will actually respond. So, if you are into that, why the fuck not, right? I mean, you do not have to comment; you can just enjoy the actual content and ignore the privileges I have just mentioned. This is completely your choice.

This is a subreddit of people who want to post photos of themselves, so if you are interested in seeing more of their content, you could comment that for an example. Although, I think that that was already self-explanatory. You might be interested in knowing that you can actually chat with the members of in private. Yep, Reddit allows you to send private messages to other Redditors, which is pretty neat.

However, if you are just here to chat, how about checking out an actual chatting website instead? I have reviewed a ton of them, so be my guest if that is what you are interested in. As for those interested in Reddit chatting, you can send messages… but most of the members of r/phgonewild/ and similar subreddits are just here to enjoy the content or share their own.

With that said, you do have subreddits that are dedicated to chatting instead. For example, there are subreddits for dating, hookups, certain fetishes, weird kink parties, swingers, and so on. Basically, I think it is safe to say that there is a subreddit for all your dirty needs.

Post your own naughty images.

If you are a Filipino slut, and you think that people should check you out, how about posting your images here? Keep in mind that the users submit everything on Reddit, but on r/phgonewild/ all, the photos are actually of the users who post them. That is like an actual rule of posting on this subreddit, which brings me back to my next topic.

Each subreddit is different, and r/phgonewild/ just like every other will have some rule listed. If the subreddit does not have any rules listed, that just means that the rules should be fucking obvious. As for r/phgonewild/, the rules are on the side of Reddit, so check them out if you want to post your own naughty shit on r/phgonewild/.

That’s pretty much it.

As long as you think the Philippines is filled with pretty chicks, you will love what r/phgonewild/ has to offer. This subreddit is dedicated to all the hot Filipino girls who enjoy posting their nudes and lewds, and since it is free, you can explore as much as you fucking want. is filled with a little bit of everything, and r/phgonewild/ is just one of many hot NSFW subreddits you can check out. On the side, you will always have some information listed; for example, you can see that r/phgonewild/ was created in 2012 and that it has over 125k members… and from what I have seen, the updates are frequent. So that is pretty neat.

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