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Pacific/Praries Escort Review Board! Because there are quite a lot of sites on the internet, it is quite impossible for me to review them all, and when it comes to escort and massage sites, is supposed to cover all of that for me…or at least that’s what’s supposed to happen.

The idea of the site

Like I already hinted, this site is supposed to be a place that contains various reviews of different sites related to escort services as well as massages. The site is in the form of a forum on which you can register for free, and you too can become a part of the community and submit a review for a site that which has already been submitted to the “database”, or you can submit an “undiscovered” site as well.

The design

One of the first thing that you will definitely notice is the general design of the site, I mean come on, you cannot tell me that it doesn’t remind you of one of those old pop-ups that have a bunch of flashing ads with a very shitty bland single-colored background.

While the top of the page does feature some minor design besides just having ads slammed on a one-colored background, it still looks like some kind of a template which you will be able to find on a computer of an art school student from the previous century, because that is exactly how fucking outdated it looks.

On the top, where you can find the design done by a random student, you will be able to find a couple of drop-down menus which will direct you to various areas of the site. While the site looks quite outdated, I was surprised that all of the links actually worked, and they directed me to the correct part of the site.

Of course, some of the links will take you to a completely different site, and I will speak more about this later in the review. Some of the drop-down options also seem unnecessary, like registration and forgotten password links which should be kept on the forum only, since you will be using those features only there anyways, and not on the homepage of the site.

The button that really made me interested, is the “sugar babies” button, and I was quite curious what was hiding within that page. However, once I decided to click it, no matter from which section of the site, the page just reloaded, which was very disappointing.

One thing that I definitely appreciate is that the site doesn’t run any ads that are not related to the content that the site revolves around. You will not have any of those annoying pop-ups that suggest how you can increase your dick size, and how doctors hate the guy who is giving away those tips, I am really fucking glad that they didn’t put any of that shit on the site.

The Forum

As I entered the forum section of the site, I immediately recognized that old-school VBulletin format that has been extremely popular among forums back in the early 2000s. While it did cause a lot of nostalgia, it didn’t take me too long to realize how messy it actually looks.

For starters, the login and registration buttons are quite smaller, and they are tossed in the top right corner of the screen, which is a minor design flaw but still annoying for new users. Other than that, you will notice that there is no real indication of which section is which, and you will have to read through the general sections of the forums to find your way towards your interests.

What I found quite fascinating is that almost all sections had posts that are at least from the current month, which made me wonder, how many active users does this site have. When I went to check out the “about us” page, and I read that there are over 250,000 members and that there are 5 million posts as well.

Of course, I found these numbers quite unbelievable, and I remembered that old forums usually provided information about their members. By scrolling to the very bottom of the forum homepage, you get to see who is online, what was the biggest amount of members online at the same time, and of course, the total amount of members as well as the number of posts.

I found it quite disappointing that the number of posts is cut all the way down to 1.3 million, and the amount of registered users is only around 100,000, which is still quite an impressive number. Of course, the “about us” page might be outdated as there could have been a purge of inactive accounts, which is probably the case as the forums do seem quite active.

When it comes to the content of the forums, there is quite a lot of information to go through. Because everyone can register on the site for free, there are a lot of posts that are completely useless, however, there is an impressive amount of posts that are actual reviews of certain escort and massage services.

However, even if the site does represent itself as a place where you can find a lot of reviews, the amount of content seems to be focused more on advertising instead. While this might seem like a disappointment to some, others will find this to be an amazing find.

The forums are actually well organized, and you will be able to find all kind of locations across the globe, and massage, as well as escort services within those locations. While a lot of advertisements do provide some kind of links to a site, there are plenty of independent escort girls as well as masseuses that are looking for someone who is interested in their services.

Naturally, the ones who post advertisements will usually post in the section related to the city they live in, or at least the closest one to their location, and because the forums are locked to some default browsing settings, the posting date is going to be completely irrelevant.

The solution that this shitty forum site uses is a small tab on the right side of the forums where you can see the latest ads, which will definitely find what you are looking for. A lot of members post not only full descriptions of what they are interested in or what they are offering, but plenty of them actually post pictures and videos.


While the forums are filled with all kinds of posts, and plenty of really dumb ones, the “sponsors” section of the site is probably the one that will interest you the most as they will provide you the content that you might have come for in the first place.

The "sponsor" drop-down menu will allow you to check out some escort agencies, independent escorts, strip clubs, massage parlors, as well as the directories for escorts and massage parlors as well. Besides the links to the websites that are related to those topics, you will have some “recent forum posts bellow” that are related to the section as well.

Even if those are also technically advertisements, they are the essence of the site, because after all, that is what the site is all about. The community plays quite a big role on this site, and if you are looking for a place where you can meet other people with whom you can exchange information about escort services and massage parlors, you will probably have some fun while browsing through this site.

Live Sex Cams

I was quite excited to see that the site also offers some live sex cams, hoping that some of the girls that advertise escort services show off their desirable bodies to draw in some clients. However, upon clicking on the link, I was redirected to a completely different site, which was a bit disappointing.

To make things worse, I was immediately directed to the registration page, and while you can check out the models that are online without registering, the site looks like a generic live webcam sex site that you can find on the first page of Google. In fact, I am sure some of the models are the same ones that you can find on a couple of other webcam sites as well.

The conclusion

At first, I was not sure what I was getting into as the homepage is quite confusing. However, after browsing it for a while, I can see why it has such a big community, and I can easily recommend it to anyone who happens to be in search of escort and massage services in various places of the world, as well as to anyone who is offering those same services.

You might have some trouble with the outdated design and the forum formula that offers, but if you can look past those flaws, which are quite a big no-no for me personally, you are probably going to visit this site more often than you can imagine.

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