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Reddit PassionX, aka r/PassionX! Of course, as we all know, Reddit is full of sissies. So, even when they post porn on there, they still slam that shit with some sensuality and romanticism. Unfortunately, I have to review this soft porn, so, for today, we'll do that. I mean, I don't have anything against soft porn. As with all spaces, women need their little squares too. But, I, as a tough man, used to hardcore porn, don't do this shit. But, anyway, I know that most of you do.

If you use Reddit, you probably already have some man boobs and a massive belly, so your estrogen levels are high. That's why y'all are even demanding to see this shit. So, accept my generosity and enjoy your review today. Anyways, let's start this before I rapidly go bald and grow some fat flaps myself from all this girly porn that I see right now.

The homepage

Of course, like all other pages, Passion X looks the same as all of them. The only difference is that they're not as boring or annoying as all different sections here. I mean, I didn't expect that, but I'll gladly take it. People who lost their minds due to all the fucked up porn that they're consuming have tons of rules on their subsections. But, these folks, because they're still at the surface of this circus, have their sanity. So, what can you expect to find here? For starters, you have the name of the place. Then, you have the joining button next to it, and that's it. Beneath that, you have a small welcome message and the number of users that are members of this section. And, beneath that, you have a shortlist of moderators, and that's it.

I mean, you don't have like a set of twenty-five different dumb rules, flairs to use, or any other type of shit like that. Instead, here, they're straightforward with you, and they let you post and consume porn. Jesus Christ, this is what Reddit could've been if virgins and women with middle crisis didn't invade it! It almost seems like a parallel universe where most people are chill because they take care of themselves and don't need to argue or pity others just to get a justice boner. Oh, the world we could live in! So close, yet so far away.


I mean, since the navigation system on Passion X is practically nonexistent, let's first discuss the general Reddit navigation system. On, you have the homepage. There, you usually see the most popular shit. Unfortunately, now, that includes annoying Corona updates, police brutality, politicians bashing each other, and mindless sheep falling for it all. I mean, I don't like using the word sheep, because I think virgins and self-proclaimed intellectuals use it, but still. This instance is where that word applies, and I have to put it in practice. But, that's just the surface of Reddit and the reason why everyone hates it in the first place.

If you move far away and search for other sections here, you'll find out that it's a cool place. That's because you can become familiar with all sorts of subjects, but only if you search for different subsections and join them. Also, once you do that, you get like your feed, where you can see only the shit you want to follow. And this is the best way to use Otherwise, you'll probably get a brain aneurysm from all the cringe that you'll generally see.

On Passion X, though, you don't have a lot of shit to do. And that's how it goes with particular spaces. That's because people post content, and the only way to see it is to scroll. And, unfortunately, that's how it goes with all popular social media websites. You think you're scrolling for more content, but in fact, you're scrolling into smartphone addiction and fatness, because the only thing you end up doing is jerking off and laying all day on your phone. All jokes and darkness aside, it's a cool place. You get the joining button, as well as that welcome note, and then you have mods. Usually, Reddit mods take every possible chance to expose themselves, and scold bad people, like some fucking power parents on the internet. Luckily, the situation seems to be a little bit different, so you can get your hopes that you'll have a fantastic experience here.

The perks

When it comes to perks of's Passion X section, then, well, that's pretty fucking simple. I mean, I do Reddit reviews regularly, so I thought you brainless morons already knew this shit. But, for semi-normal people who frequent my website out of boredom or curiosity, let me explain this shit. On Reddit, everything is fucking free. You don't pay for content, and you don't pay for any extras. The only thing that you pay for are these stupid little fucking virtual awards that no one gives a fuck about, yet people act so stoked when they get one.

Overall, the whole culture is annoying, but if you're an average, financially responsible human, you need to know it. Everything here is for fucking free, and you also don't get any ads. That means no pop-ups for fake sex games, porn sponsors, and promoters trying to sell you memberships for sleazy websites. Instead, all you get here is the total freedom to browse and to enjoy your day. Of course, that's as long as you avoid the famous places.

The content

Do you ever get that stupid idea to watch porn with your girlfriend to spark your passion and love back and all that gooey shit? Well, Passion X is the perfect section of for that shit. That's because, here, you don't have any hardcore content. That means that you'll see no throat fucking, finger fucking, rough anal, slapping, bondage, sounding, or any other fucked up shit you're into online. Instead, you'll pretty much see all those annoying, sensual couples having sex, right before they start hating each other and filing for divorce soon. I mean, if you're into that kind of crap, then that's cool. Overall, when I slow down for a second and think about it, this isn't so bad at all. You get fantastic, slow-paced content, where you can enjoy yourself without having that vein on your forehead right before you cum your last drops of semen after masturbating for the seventh time.

Also, on Reddit's Passion X space, you'll see that most of the content is purely professional. You rarely have any amateur shit, and if you do, it looks okay. Plus, the clips are all wonderful. I have no idea how, but you could fuck your girlfriend in the ass until her intestines fall out, and it'd still look romantic if you use slow motion cuts and pink lights. So, that's the kind of shit that you have here. It's not bad, and it looks romantic and fantastic.

If you're desperately attempting to save your relationship with the girl who's probably already fucking another guy, show her Passion X. She'll love it. Then she'll probably hang on Reddit until she gets pregnant for the third time and starts going bald. That is unusual for women, but nothing surprises me on anymore. There, women voluntarily shave their heads! Jesus, this is making me realize that Passion X is one of the last ordinary places here.

If you really must, you can apply something that completely ruined, and it can never go back to the way it was. Unfortunately, Reddit has this shitty up-vote/down-vote system. And, when one is bigger than the other, users stop thinking with their heads. I swear to God, if Jesus had two down-votes more than up-votes, people would keep disliking him into oblivion until he decided to retreat to heaven. But, Passion X doesn't seem to have that issue, so that's pretty cool with me in general.

Registration and conclusion

The registration process for this godawful place called is reasonably straightforward. On Reddit, to get an account, you'll need three fucking things. You need to have a unique username, a functional email, and a secure password. Once you have these things, you can register and become a member of the best and the worst site in the history of the internet. Also, you can 'subscribe' (YouTube ruined that word for me) to Passion X and enjoy yourself there. That's why I conclude that it's a useful, chill, and fantastic place where you can look at sensual porn and relax every once in a while. So, take advantage of that! Peace out!

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