Reddit NSFWcyoa, aka r/NSFWcyoa/! Okay, okay, I’ve got a pretty weird one for you guys. Not weird as in super taboo and fetishy though. I’m not here to tell you about my new favorite belly inflation prolapse porn site...though if you find one hit me up. Weird as in niche. Not a lot of you fucks will be on board for this one. I honestly find it a little tedious, but it can be hot as fuck when it's done right. Choose your own adventure hentai image things. I don’t know quite what to call them if we’re being honest, but, fuck it, we’re going to dive right into this shit anyway. or r/nsfwcyoa is a subreddit dedicated to these erotic choose your own adventure games. These usually aren’t animated. You aren’t getting videos. I don’t want you horny cucks to get the wrong idea and start throwing complaints my way. They are kind of like those choose your own adventure books but shorter and a lot sexier.

Quick Reddit Rundown

Before I start throwing numbers and shit at you we should talk about Reddit. Most of you who stumbled across this review probably know what Reddit is and how it works, but I’ll cover some of the very basic features in case you don’t have a fucking clue what I’m going on about. Reddit is a site based around different groups or “subreddits.”

Every sub has a different focus or theme. You’ve got subs for hobbies, education, and memes, but the best ones are, of course, the kinky NSFW subs. Every sub has a set of rules to follow for sharing and talking about posts. If you like a post you upvote it and give the user some “karma,” which are bragging points that do next to nothing. If you don’t like it then you slap that downvote and watch their score plummet.

Small Sub With a Loyal User Base

The rest you have to figure out on your own. I’m not here to hold your hard. I don’t know where that fucking thing has been anyway. This sub is smaller than Alexis Crystal’s perky little tits. They have a little under 19 thousand members, which isn’t too terrible. Though I’d only expect 2-3 hundred of those horny weebs to be online at any given time. Definitely not the biggest NSFW sub out there.

Only a Couple Mods and No Set Rules

Subs need a few things to be successful. Traffic, users, and a kinky concept are key. But to continue being a place worth visiting subs need a decent set of rules and good moderators to keep the quality of the content high. I don’t think this sub has either. The only “rule” just says “you were a jerkface, bad job!” I don’t know what the fuck that’s going on about. And there’s only one mod with full permissions. They look to be trying to keep shit under control, but if this sub grows they’d be rightfully fucked.

But that’s enough about logistics and all that boring shit. You want to know what the fuck the porn is like. These are "choose your own adventure" sex games. Each upload will have a different system or way to “play” it, but the concept is the same. You have a list of races, babes, or game types to choose from. Some are roleplay games where you assume the role of some hot piece of ass who loves dick and you go and RP from there.

CYOA Images, Games, Interactive Stories, and More

The more popular uploads are usually about building the perfect waifu cumslut to fulfill all of your desires. And the key here is that there’s usually some sort of random aspect to it. You have to roll dice or choose at random what features you want. You can cheat, of course, but that kind of defeats the purpose. For some games, you roll to find out who your hot new waifu is going to be. Is she a big tittied snake bitch? Is she a milk-laden cowgirl? Is she an elf slut who craves cock? Roll and find out!

From there there’s usually some other features to choose from like: sexual appetite, if you have a giant futa cock, if you’re a giantess, ticklishness, tit size, fertility, and an incredibly wide range of other hentai fetish shit. And, uh, from there I don’t get exactly what you’re meant to do. I guess you could fap to the idea of your freshly create OC fuck toy if you want. Some probably roleplay as these babes, but what you do with your creation is up to you. There’s no real goal in most of these. Some have little stories, but most are mainly about creating the character and that’s it.

Occasionally you’ll stumble across people talking about some kinky CYOA game that they love, or an interactive game like “Your Own Medicine.” I recommend checking that one out if you’re new to these kinds of games/scenarios. You can also post a request for games from certain fandoms like your favorite anime or maybe your favorite kink. There aren’t really any hard and fast rules that I could find. But, at least the community seems to be pretty decent. People help each other out and are generally chill to talk to. I didn’t see many, if any, elitist assholes here.

Solid Mobile App and Site

As with anything on Reddit, the mobile site is second to none. The mobile site is great, though it’s clunkier to use than the app. If you’re going to be browsing through these kinky adventure texts while on the go, then I highly recommend you get the free mobile app. And, since it’s on Reddit, you don’t have to worry about downloading some seedy third-party app from a sketchy porn site. That’s the kind of bullshit that would brick your phone. So, yeah, check the mobile app out. It’s fucking great.

ThePornDude’s Favorite Features

The content here is more unique than a college art hoe’s made up sexual orientation. Only attracted to guys who radiate a love aura? Whatever Chelsey. You still suck mad dick when you’re high, which is all the fucking time. Anyway, yeah you won’t find this sort of content many other places. It’s definitely for people with very specific tastes and fetishes. Not all of you fucks will find this shit as much fun as some of these dudes do. But, I have to admit, I like the game aspect of it. Creating my own busty, cock hungry, monster whore was some time well spent.

And, if you can find them, the interactive games are fucking amazing. I found maybe a half dozen of them by scrolling back through a few months of posts and I was not disappointed. I only wish more were in that style. Seeing all of your choices come together into the perfect hentai slut was a fun experience. And some of the full-fledged games on here weren’t half bad either, though they usually lacked the same amount of customizability.

ThePornDude’s Suggestions

The sub could use some base rules, upkeep, a better about section, and general details that would polish things up. New users are just kind of thrown in without any guidelines. I wouldn’t want to get a temp ban or something for some rule that the mods and everyone else knows that I don’t. It’s simply not put together very well. There needs to be structure. Like a giant pair of tits. They need some support or they’ll sag down to that bitches knees when she’s 40. Can’t be having that. It’s a good sub with kinky content, but some explanation would go a long way in bringing and keeping new users in.

ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts

Overall, this sub is great if you’re the weeby kind of fuck who loves role-playing games and shit like that. If you got kicked out of your last D&D group for building a sexy fuck doll who tried to derail the campaign to get herself railed, then this place is for you. It’s fun to fuck around with and make these hotties, though this definitely isn’t the sub to go to for a quick nut. It’s more erotic than it is sexy. It’s a slow burn. But I like it. Get your ass over to r/nsfwcyoa and give it a go.

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