Noodle Magazine! A warm welcome and shoutout to all my Russian peeps out there, cause today I’m checking out a website just for you. It’s called, and it’s everything you’ve ever wanted out of a porn site. Listen, if you’re a Russian guy looking for free porn and you want it in full-length as well, then you might have just hit the jackpot. I guess you’re going to have to keep on reading to see whether this website is really what you have been looking for all this time. Let’s take a closer look at NoodleMagazine and see what kind of features it offers as well as what type of content you can expect here. I think you’ll be amazed at just what we might find on this incredible porn tube site. Let’s dig in and check it out.

All porn movies here are completely free for you

The first thing we should obviously mention when we’re talking about Noodle Magazine is the fact that this is a completely free website. You can enjoy it as much as you want, watch as many videos as you want, jerk off as much as you want, and even blow as many loads as you want to this website, and the site won’t stop you from doing it. They seem to be doing an incredible job at showing off all the astonishing porn videos that we all need when we want to jerk off to something, and they do it for free. Now, I don’t know about you, but that seems pretty insane and incredible to me. Everything here is free!

I couldn’t believe my eyes the first time I found out there are sites out there where you could look at porn for free. You see, I grew up at a different time when it was pretty difficult to grab hold of any kind of adult entertainment. You usually had to go to your local Blockbuster to rent out a porn movie in the adult section, and then you had to find out how they would sell it to you if you weren’t of age and so on. It was a difficult time, but now you’ve got sites like Noodle Magazine that give you all these videos free of charge! For me, it’s an incredible preposition that you can watch as much porn for free anywhere.

You’ll just love all of the porn content on here

All you have to worry about is how hard you’re jerking off. Trust me; if you go too hard, you might just end up ripping your dick off from being too aroused by all the content on NoodleMagazine. Listen, I read about this guy one time that managed to rip out his balls from all the sexual excitement that he was getting on one porn tube site. Granted, he was watching some heavy BDSM crap, so it doesn’t surprise me that he did it. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if he was using some kind of weird ball contraption that might have just ripped off his balls for him! Either way, try not going overboard here.

Good-looking and pretty modern user interface design

What else is there to talk about here? Ah, yes, the design. You see, I’m not a really big fan of the way you navigate through the content here. You see, on most other sites, the videos are separated into pages. Here you just have to scroll down until you hit the edge of one section and then click on the ‘Show More’ button near the bottom of the screen. This just doesn’t seem like a very efficient way to load the videos. I think that they should switch up the way in which the people here navigate through content. The page numbering system is great, but hopefully, they will allow you to visit the last page when implemented.

So, what else is hiding under the hood of this website? Well, I can safely say that Noodle Magazine is a pretty good-looking porn tube site when compared to the competition. Especially when you take other Russian porn tube sites into consideration, is a pretty well-made porn site. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone said that they use NoodleMagazine just for the design of the place. They really seem to have done everything neatly. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen the Russian do. Now, I’m not calling you guys sloppy. I just think that you don’t care at all sometimes and you just create what’s the easiest at the moment. You guys just need to spend more time on the shit you create is all I’m sayin’.

Russian porn is the most popular category here

With that being said, there aren’t many changes I would make here other than adding all those extra navigation features and perhaps changing up the layout. Right now, when you want to check out the trends, you have to scroll all the way down. I’d put that near the top. I would make all the buttons a bit bigger. Then I would also change up the features so that they were more obvious and not shoved into the corner like they are right now. It’s bad enough that the Categories are shoved into the top-right corner of the screen as well as additional settings for the website that I would like to be clearer.

So, what can Noodle Magazine do to create a better user interface? Well, all those things that I mentioned would do just fine for the time being, but I would also put a bigger emphasis on Russian porn. You see, the main reason why people go to is because they just love all the incredible Russian porn videos. seems to have a huge Russian audience because of this, so perhaps a special dedicated button for that genre in the navigation bar wouldn’t be a bad idea. Trust me; there are just so many Russian pornos to enjoy on NoodleMagazine, it’s insane!

A few changes to the layout would be great

The only problem you’ll find with NoodleMagazine is the fact that they have so many video ads play before the pornos here. I know that it can be a hard thing to adjust to, but once you notice that it only takes a few seconds to skip the ad, I think you’ll be more open to watching them. I mean, you’re getting premium content for free here. The least you could do is let the guys who created this website earn some money as well. I mean, they are sticking their necks out for you here since they are providing high-quality premium content without you having to pay for any of it. That shit isn’t easy to do at all. I know for a fact that the only reason those big companies aren’t doing shit is because it’s made by Russians.

And I get that, who would want a Russian hitman scoping their apartment at 2 AM? Not me, that’s for sure. So I would just rather enjoy watching all this content for free after I pay my dues with the ad watching experience that you’re sort of forced to go through. And finally, I just want to mention quickly that I love the suggested videos when you click on any clip. They seem to do a great job at recommending all these different videos for you, according to the one you’re watching at that point in time. It just makes a lot of sense to me that they would implement such a good algorithm here.

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