I recently came across NiksIndian, and I was immediately intrigued. As a full-time porn reviewer and smut peddler myself, I get to fap test all kinds of perverted content out there. I’ve given in-depth looks at thousands of sites here at ThePornDude, but the Indian stuff is still so fucking rare. India is one of the most populous countries in the world, but until today, I only had half a dozen Indian paysites ranked and reviewed. Counting this one, I now have seven.

But is NiksIndian.com any good? That’s what I wanted to know, and I’m sure it’s what you’re wondering. There are definitely some good signs out front, like the fact that they’ve been around in some form or another since 2013, at least according to the copyright date at the bottom. The shitty sites tend to die out quickly, but this one’s practically an elder if we’re counting in Internet years. I’m guessing it’s maintained its foothold on the Internet not from a tiny group of core fans but from a broader range of masturbators looking to rub one out before the dhal and samosas are served. With half a million visitors a month, I figured I’d be in good company.

Serving Up That Rare Desi Porn

NiksIndian isn’t the flashiest site I’ve seen this week. In fact, the presentation is a little bit last-gen compared to all the newer sites hitting you with a big, auto-playing montage the moment you hit the tour page. This joint doesn’t even have a real logo, just a basic NIKS INDIAN all in caps at the top of the screen. I won’t lie; the setup looks cheap. I get the impression this is almost precisely what the site looked like when they started setting up shop nearly a decade ago.

Does the porn itself look cheap, though? That’s kind of a tricky question because it depends on what kind of standards we’re going by. If you compare it to the typical Indian tube, NiksIndian looks like a million bucks. Most of the Desi smut I see are short, shaky amateur iPhone videos where every blowjob is called an “MMS scandal,” thanks to those traditional conservative values.

On the other hand, if Niks Indian were an American site, I’d probably describe them as a polished amateur operation. It doesn’t have the sparkle of the big-name sites like Brazzers or Reality Kings, where they can rent out mansions and hire the most expensive girls, but the flicks look nice. I’m talking about decent sets, multiple camera angles and handheld shots, and an overall sense that they know exactly what the fuck they’re doing.

NiksIndian.com was started by an Indian dude named Nik, who makes the bold but perhaps accurate claim that he’s the first-ever male pornstar from India. He’s since included some of his friends in the fun, so you’ll see some other toffee-toned cocks swinging through, but honestly, I’m way more interested in the girls. They’re shooting with gorgeous Indian and international models, pornstars, and amateurs. You’re not going to find a lot of big-name recognizable video whores on this site, but you’re not going to be beating off to a bunch of uglies, either.

Free Samples and Kinky Desi Mamas

Usually, when I review a premium porn site these days, all the “Play” buttons out front shuffle you along to the signup page instead of giving you a taste. NiksIndian, maybe because they’re a little older, keep it old-school by giving visitors some free video samples. You only get a couple of minutes, but that’s more than you’ll get from most of the big boys in the year 2022.

I took a sneak peek at the freshest video on the menu, Big Boobs MILF Anal Fucked By Stepson. You can tell right from the name that these guys aren’t sticking to those traditional values that keep the porn tame; instead, they give a nice range of truly depraved Indian content. Damn, if they consider it a scandal for a girl to suck her husband’s dick on video, what would they think of all this incest and butt-fucking going on? You’d better not let your favorite Bhabhi see this. Well, not unless she’s into that sort of thing.

I can’t usually tell the different Indian languages apart when I hear them, but I can tell this big-titty MILF isn’t speaking English as she shouts that dinner is ready. Her son is whacking off to porno, aggressively humping his pillow with his pants on, and he’s fucking annoyed at the interruption. She tells him, in English, that she’s going to clean his room while he eats. Sonny boy forgot to close his laptop, so she sees exactly what he’s been spanking it to.

The next thing you know, she’s demanding that he take his pants off. She slaps him in the dick and sits him down on the couch, where he starts whacking off. Next, mom starts doing the dishes, which he rudely interrupts with his hard hog. The teaser ends there with a message saying you’ll have to grab a NiksIndian.com membership to see the whole thing.

Cheap and Delicious Like an Indian Buffet

Do you know what absolutely fucking blows my mind sometimes? You can go to an Indian buffet in the biggest, busiest, most bustling fucking city in the world and eat as much as you want for about ten bucks. That popped into my head, along with a craving for pakora as I made my way to the NiksIndian sign up page. Would it be a similar value?

Kind of. The first option they gave me was fifteen bucks for a week of access, which is simply way too fucking much. The regular price is a much more reasonable twenty bucks a month, which is about ten bones less than a typical paysite. The quarterly plan breaks down to fifteen a month, which is decent, but I was hoping for a bigger break considering the regular price.

The current Niks Indian collection contains 83 videos. And that’s actually a relatively slim stash for a site of this age. It turns out the archive only goes back a couple of years, not back to 2013 as it says on the copyright. I don’t think that’s going to be a dealbreaker for anybody because while sites like TeamSkeet dwarf it, this is a cheap site in a rare niche. That pile of Desi fuck flicks is certainly big enough to keep those hairy palms busy for a while, plus they’ve got 30 photosets available for fapping if you’re into still pictures.

NiksIndian releases a new movie about once a week. The newest one is that MILF movie I previewed, and last week it was a sweet, newly married Punjabi girl having a sensual time with her husband before swallowing his cum. Before that was an anal devar cheating scene, a COVID patient getting railed by her doctor, and a South Indian maid pissing and getting boned. I told you this stuff was a lot kinkier than your typical Indian tube!

Punjabi Girls Getting Super Freaky

The MILF getting ass-fucked in the newest Niks Indian flick was sexy, with thick legs and an appetite for cock, but I was eager to see more of that hot Punjaban from last week’s update. She’s wearing some traditional attire as the flick opens, but I can already tell from the tattoos on her chest that she’s not a strict adherent to all the usual cultural values. But, of course, as a porn fan, that’s always what I love to see.

This chick is truly stunning, with beautiful feet, a pretty face with gorgeous brown eyes, and an absolutely smoking body. The opening is slow and sensual, but it heats way the fuck up as soon as the dude climbs into bed. They make out, he pulls out her tits, and then we’re treated to some hardcore pussy-pounding and cocksucking. As hot as this girl looks with her clothes on, wait until you see her fully naked and all full of dick!

It’s hard to find anything to complain about at NiksIndian.com because he really does nail what I look for in a porn site. Nik and his buddies are banging some of the most beautiful Desi chicks I’ve seen in dirty movies and doing messier things than I see in most Indian porn, with production values way higher than your average Desi dirty movie. Admittedly, it is a relatively slim collection for a site that’s been around since 2013, but with 80+ videos and weekly updates, I think you’re going to be more than satisfied. So check out those previews if you like Indian chicks.

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