Ages ago, I reviewed, which I must say is one of the better porn blogs that I have read. It is not quite as good as my own, of course, but it does have a certain level of charm. Unfortunately, in my initial overview, I had pretty much nothing about good things to comment on Naughty Blog.

But I realized when writing that I will have to revisit this site to go into different aspects in an appropriate amount of depth. So, to do this adult-oriented blog justice, I’m going to do a quick review of the anal content that this blog covers.

The Number Of Websites Covered Makes This Site #winning

Alright, there’s not much of a pretense here. As with the rest of the blog, these posts are about rude humor and, in this section, a heavy focus on doing it in the other hole. Honestly, anyone could develop a blog like this, but this one is special due to the concept’s execution.

The number of scenes covered come from all of the top-shelf, middle-shelf, and relatively obscure anal sites. I would complain about the lack of amateur content, but given that everyone from the work of Woodman Casting X to Brazzers to Facial Abuse is covered, I will let it slide. In total, there’s an archive of posts that are now approaching nearly thirty thousand uploads!

TBH The Average Review Can Be Sweet Or So-So

There are at least a few or several posts on a typical day for butt fun daily. The frequency of uploads is fantastic though the quality of each post varies a little. The best posts have an arousing description of the scene, a link to the full version, a free preview clip, and a sample of choice photos from the scene’s gallery. Most posts have that, or rather some of those features. Still, as free content and recommendations go, this is not a deal-breaker for me. Plus, you will still get plenty of complimentary carnal content with so many regular uploads.

Such Progress; Much Improvement; I Can Help

Alright, now that I have covered the highs and lows of this website, let’s move on to being constructive. Again, I want to stress that this is a quality blog when you look at it in a general sense, but there are some issues that could still be addressed to make the anal content even better.

Make the menu more manageable – When I first reviewed Naughty Blog, I remarked that I did not mind the recommended offsite links since they are reputable and a few are rather informative. I still feel that way, but I have started thinking that the side menu could be redone. If I had the chance, I would program it to render as a drop-down menu with all subsections collapsed into sub-menus.

Bulk up all of the posts – While many blog posts have some nice descriptions, others do not have much of anything at all. In the interest of being consistent and bringing in as many readers as possible per post, I would add (more content) to every new anal post. Even when it comes to the posts with promotional text, I would have spent the time adding a few hundred more words in. Not only would this bring in more viewers onsite, but it would be an excellent opportunity to add keywords to grab search engines’ attention organically.

Add advanced search options – The selection of anal content is very good and all, and this blog might have more butt stuff than just about any other adults-only blog that I have seen. The problem with such a massive archive is that it can be a pain in the ass to find the oldies-but-goody sorts of smut from way back.

Sadly, you’ll have to click incessantly to get way back to the older posts. To fix this and make it easier to find exclusively anal action that includes other forms of erotic performance, I’d add an advanced search feature of some kind.

Include other ways to interact – According to Alexa Comparisons, this website does have a bounce rate that’s lower than the competition, and this section explicitly gets a fine amount of traffic given the niche that it is in. With so much attention being paid to the anal category, it makes sense to me to consider expanding the Naught Blog brand.

If I were running the site, I would add a plug-in to the already huge side menu and a poll or series of survey questions. Given the topic of this review, I would start the first round of questions with queries like “why do you like butt fucking so much,” “what’s your favorite fanny fucking position,” and “have you ever dealt with the ‘chocolate factor’ before?” You know, something to keep this section of the site light and a fart.

As always, I would be happy to offer my exemplary services to make this blog all the better. Well, how about it webmasters over at NaughtBlog?

**insert doggo stare here**

Not Much Else To Say, Check It Out, And CYA

Part of myself is torn over how I should rate this part of the blog. There are a ton of things that I had to say about this part of the site which were positive, but I could not help but think about what could have been. Having taken the time to think about all of these things and, at the same time, meditate on what my decision should be under the light of the full moon, and whacked off to one of my old PornDude Casting videos, I’ve unified my mind. To be fair, I figure that this section of Naughty Blog should get a rating of four hands.

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