Are you a Nanny Spy? Well, if you aren’t, it might be because you’ve never seen this next website before. Nanny fantasies are nothing new in the world of smut, and in fact, the scenario is a staple of the genre thanks to its easy-to-believe nature. For those who appreciate dirty movies with a semi-realistic storyline, the idea of fucking the babysitter doesn’t stray too far from reality. Maybe you’ve even rubbed one out thinking about the teenage nymphette who watches your own crotch fruit. Perhaps even your wife knows you too well to let you hire a good-looking one.

Whatever the case, I’ve got some good news for you: will let you explore those fantasies without risking an expensive divorce or a visit from the authorities. This is premium pornography with a nanny theme, and frankly seems like a better investment than hiring an actual nanny. The kids will probably be alright if left to their own devices, but what are you going to do with that painful set of blue balls? I’ve got an aching boner, and I know exactly what I intend to do to solve this raging hard problem.

Are You a Nanny Spy?

Right away, I had some mixed feelings about NannySpy. The joint’s got an outdated, low-fi vibe. The logo is alright, not all crusty and pixely, but it doesn’t quite have the sparkle as some of those other big-name paysites out there. The layout itself looks fucking old, the wall of thumbnails lined up with an aesthetic sense a good decade out of place. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought this was a new site from some unknown startup still hammering out the kinks.

I do know better, though. Despite the funky presentation, I recognize a lot of these girls right away because the nannies of NannySpy are some of the most popular pornstars in the world. Riley Reid is wrapped in a towel and giving her best innocent face near the top of the screen, Aidra Fox is in her underwear looking concerned and begging for something, and Kimmy Granger’s got some dad’s dick in her face. Further down the screen, I spot a couple of my very favorite pornstars: Brooklyn Gray is unbuttoning daddy’s shirt, and Katie Kush is riding some dude’s hog with her legs spread wide up in the air.

I clicked the Play button hovering over Katie’s flat, kissable tummy, expecting it to send me straight to the signup page. It turns out, NannySpy still lets users see some free video previews. It’s a dying perk on the paysites, perhaps because they expect you to get your samples on the porn tubes, so I always appreciate when they’re offering up some sneak peeks. After a little intro of the website, we get a one-minute montage that opens with Katie talking to the camera about doing “the bad girl challenge.” She’s given herself some goals like flashing her titties and having sex with a married man, which quickly leads to moving images of these very acts. Be careful about filling up on freebies at Nanny Spy, though, because you only get five per day. If you need more, you’re going to have to pay for a ticket.

Smallish Library, but Growing Fast

I was hoping for a fat list of perks on the signup page, but they don’t tell you much about what you’re getting before you are inside. The login page says they add new videos two or three times a week, which is fantastic. As you know, if you’re a regular around here, I like paysites to have at least one update per week; any less, and you’re getting a reduced bang for your buck. These magnanimous babysitter-humpers are doing two or three times better than that.

But here’s where it gets a little weird. The domain has been around since 2005. If they’d been up and running the whole time, dropping 2 or 3 new flicks a week, they’d have built up one hell of a babysitter porn collection by now. But that isn’t the case, though. It turns out they have a relatively slim collection: there are about 40 movies in the current Nanny Spy collection.

Forty isn’t a terrible number, but it’s definitely not the biggest bang you’ll find for your buck out there, and it doesn’t jive with the supposed 2-3 updates per week and the old domain. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find upload dates anywhere, so it was hard to be certain of anything.

You will get a fucking shit ton of offers to upgrade your membership, though. NannySpy is on the same network as sites like Passion-HD, Tiny4K, PureMature, and Holed, and they make sure to let you know it. It’s $120 to unlock the full package, which is a pretty penny, though it is less than the $750 they claim is the “real” price. There’s a lot of smoke and mirrors with porn prices, though, so don’t overthink it. If you want it, get it, but if you’re mainly interested in collection size, there are other full networks I’ve reviewed that you can buy into for $30.

The upsell offers are pretty goddamn unrelenting, too. Try not to get distracted by the rotating banners or all those network scenes they tease you with, posting thumbnails right beside the shit you do have access to, leading you to yet more signup pages. I feel like premium sites should lay off with the spam since that’s one of the big reasons to pay for your smut in the first place.

Let’s Watch as Charlotte Sins

I decided to start my official fap test with the very latest movie in the collection. I picked a good time to review the spot because the freshest flick features none other than the lovely and constantly horny Charlotte Sins. After the NannySpy intro I’d seen earlier, the 33-minute film opens with Charlotte strolling into a living room wearing a tiny skirt and a pair of high, sexy wedges. You know, the typical nanny uniform.

Charlotte sets up the scene by asking if she can use the pool. Since she’s basically part of the family, the dude tells her to enjoy herself. Having just caught a glimpse of the beautiful Charlotte, he immediately goes upstairs and starts cranking off. For a straight audience, I thought the solo male jerkoff scene ran a little too long, but maybe your wife will appreciate it.

Charlotte sure appreciated it. She walks in on the dude with his cock all up in a Fleshlight, but she’s not going to spill the beans to Mrs. Parent. Instead, she immediately whips out her tits, climbs onto the bed, and starts caressing his legs. Now I see what he meant when he said this nanny was part of the family because she’s topless with his cock in her mouth a minute later.

I skipped ahead a bit. And after she sucks him off, she works him over with that Fleshlight a little bit, sucks his balls, and then grinds her goods in his face. The dude licks Charlotte’s asshole and pussy, savoring the flavor the same way she totally housed his ding-dong. Her pubes are trimmed neatly into a little triangle that serves as a cherry on top of the, um, cherry.

The humping starts nearly halfway through the flick, beginning with a POV cock ride while Charlotte’s eyes roll back in her head and she squeals. You can tell from her face and the way she rubs her hands all over this dude that she’s really feeling it, and I was really feeling it as I played along at home. She rubs her clit, screams a little, and then spins around to ride it backward.

Members can download all of their favorite Nanny Spy videos. The mp4s go all the way up to 4K, or you can snag a 720p WMV file if that’s your bag. (Honestly, if you’re still using WMV, you owe it to yourself to download VLC and stop limiting yourself to those Windows files. You’ll get better resolution from NannySpy, and just more control of your offline porn collection with a real video player.)

While I was disappointed by the total collection size on, I definitely can’t complain about the quality of the films. These take the classic babysitter formula and film it with some of today’s hottest video whores, and the end product is every bit as hot as you’d expect. Check out those freebies out front and tell me I’m lying.

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