I watched Nafty TV all morning, and I’ve got to say, it’s way easier to crank it to than the 24-hour news networks. I may not have learned much about the recent goings-on in the world, but hey, would you rather be depressed or bust a really satisfying nut into an old gym sock before you head off to work? Well, if you ask me, that’s barely a choice because I’ll always opt for sweet, sweet porno. It’s right there in my name, my dudes!

What’s in a name, though? The folks at Nafty.TV might be able to shed some light on that, considering I hadn’t even heard the term until I started checking out the Nafty sites. Yesterday, I checked out their social porn site Nafty Babes, where they offer up a big-ass load of OnlyFans stuff for one cheap entry ticket. Nafty.TV is more akin to a traditional paysite, regularly dropping premium nude videos on a subscription model. Let’s find out what really separates them from the Brazzers and RealityKings of the world.

What’s Good on Nafty TV?

Nafty.TV has similar vibes to Nafty Babes, their landing page making a strong impression with a clean, expensive-looking layout showing off sexy chicks in various states of undress. The nudity out front isn’t all that hard compared to most modern porn sites, with only a couple of stray nipples and butt cracks visible. The joint feels classy like you’re about to enjoy a glass of champagne while being treated to a world-class blowjob, a stark contrast to the cum-drenched teasers on some of the bigger sites.

One of the other things the seasoned masturbator will notice right away are the girls. This isn’t the kind of place where you see big-name video whores like Abella Danger or Angela White. Some of you big porno consumers might recognize a girl or two like Mila Azul, but they’re mostly working with beautiful amateurs and gorgeous Euro sluts. That does have some implications; Nafty’s mostly got white girls with body types leaning toward the slim side. Chubby chasers, look elsewhere.

Many of these girls are among the early models over at Nafty Babes, making the connection easier to see. The two sites make good companion pieces to each other. Yesterday, I cranked off to some homebrew videos on Nafty Babes by this hot young cosplay chick named Alice Bong. I see she’s got more professionally shot material on Nafty.TV, but I only get a 30-second preview because I’m still just checking out the tour.

Of course, as a full-time masturbator, both professionally and personally, I definitely appreciate that they’ve got a shitload of 30-second previews. So many of the bigger sites have dropped the video trailers, but these guys still let you take a peek before you decide to pull out your wallet or your dick.

Those short little clips are a pretty effective tease for the full ticket. They’re softcore by any modern measure, mainly featuring solo girls working their bodies for the camera. However, after watching this chick named Bia Khalifa grind against the wall, I really wanted to get inside and see what the full version was like. (Yes, you read her name right: Bia Khalifa, not to be confused with that other pornstar. What was her name? Gia? Kia?)

Pay in Regular Money or NAFTY

Like any good porn site, Nafty.TV does their best to sell themselves right from that classy looking landing page. They do that with the sexy girls, of course, but they also mention how
they’re way cheaper than the average paysite in 2022. It’s just twenty bucks a month if you’re paying with a credit or debit card like most people do when they’re signing up for premium porn.

Twenty bucks is a deal for a month of premium porn with updates hitting the site every week. If you’re a regular around here, you know, once a week is the golden standard by which I measure all paysites, and it’s the schedule I release on over at PornDudeCasting. Do you want to know something fucking rad, though? You can actually get into Nafty TV for half that price if you use their NAFTY currency. You read that right: they’ve got their own porn-friendly cryptocurrency.

If you’ve never fucked with crypto before, there is a little bit of a learning curve, but their Buy NAFTY page gives you a step-by-step walkthrough of the process. What’s the point, though? Well, besides that lower entry fee, one of the big points seems to be circumventing the bullshit restrictions the banks like to put on porn sites. That means everyone gets to avoid the excess fees and risks associated with more old-fashioned payment models.

I loved the idea as soon as I heard it but wondered how viable it was. It turns out, NAFTY is off to a great start. Besides Nafty.TV and the other Nafty sites, you can use it to get into websites like FanCentro or Vitaly Uncensored. The token’s also tradable on big exchanges like Coinbase and Blockspot, which arguably makes it legit as fuck.

Naked Girls Strutting Their Stuff

One of the big claims out front is that “Nafty.tv has it all!” I’m not sure how true that is, though. Once I got inside, I started typing things into the search engine. I got one result for Lesbian and no results for Hardcore, Anal, Blow Job, Masturbation, or Dildo. However you want to slice it up, it’s primarily softcore solo nude videos. Nafty TV is definitely not the site for you if you’re looking for penetrated pussies, impaled buttholes, and pretty mouths full of hard cock.

Scrolling through the full list of videos, I see pretty girls in skimpy dresses, bikinis, and lingerie, but I don’t see a single one taking a cowgirl ride or stuffing her ass with a double-sided fake ding-dong. Nonetheless, I do see about 50 videos starring hot chicks showing off their bodies. Admittedly, it’s a small collection, but Nafty is still a new site.

I decided to conduct my official Nafty TV fap test with an enticing video called Dream Teen Ivon Fully Nude On Couch. It opens with this chick in fancy boots kneeling on a white couch and licking her fingers. The camera pans over her body; the shots cut quickly together, more like a fashion shoot or music video than a typical porno. I don’t like to use the word “erotica” because it conjures images of arty-farty bullshit that’s hard to crank it to, but this isn’t the hardcore porn you’re used to.

I got my hopes up for a moment as a male hand came into the frame to help Ivon out of her clothes. Then, suddenly, the video was over before the 80-second mark. WTF? The video never even showed her tits, but the image gallery below is slightly more explicit.

I tried another one, Nude Teen Toni In a Sexy Wet Shower. This one was a lot more fap-worthy, with more real nudity. It was longer, but at under five minutes. That’s still a short bit of smut. You can watch it in slow-mo if you want to get in a little more fap time, but you can’t download it to add to your custom offline porno playlist.

My biggest complaint about Nafty.TV isn’t the softcore nature of the material. While most of the porn world has moved toward increasingly hardcore material, there are still plenty of masturbators who prefer the allure of the classy nude stuff. It lets your mind fill in the filthy parts, which the more explicit flicks don’t necessarily live up to. Nude videos are sexy as hell, but goddamn, the short runtimes fucking suck! Most of them run between 3 and 5 minutes, which means you’re going to have to fap fast or watch a bunch of movies.

At the end of the day, I think Nafty.TV might be worth a look if you’re into the high-end nudie photo sites like MetArt, FTVGirls, or FemJoy, but not worth your time if you like hardcore. I will say that I enjoyed NaftyBabes more than Nafty.TV. It’s a slightly different format over there, but you get some of the same beautiful women in more explicit OnlyFans-style content. Check out my review if you want my full opinion on that one.

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