Is Mia Khalifa doing porn again? That’s one of those eternal questions in porno these days, to be honest, and I woke up this morning wanting to solve the mystery. Well, I craved to jerk off to a video of Mia getting fucked, but I figured I could do my Porn Dude diligence—I am one of the world’s most respected and highly regarded porno experts, after all. Some folks slack off on the job by rubbing out a quickie on company time, but I’m only hard on the job when I’m hard on the job. So figuring out Mia Khalifa’s current pornographic status sounds like it’s right in my wheelhouse.

Half a decade after her supposed retirement, Mia Khalifa is still one of the world’s most prominent pornstars. She’s been a remarkably consistent presence among Pornhub’s top ten, with over a billion views on the free tube alone. Moreover, her namesake website,, still gets thousands of visitors a day. The site’s got full-length premium movies starring the infamous Lebanese-American media personality, webcam model, and pornstar, so it seems like the obvious first stop when you get tired of stroking off to the samples on the ‘hub.

The Biggest Arab Pornstar, Ever

Mia Khalifa is easily one of the biggest names in smut over the last decade and arguably
one of the most famous pornstars of all time. With a name as big as hers, I’ve got to start this review with some background on the babe, just for the folks who may have recently escaped a Josef Fritzl-style underground sex bunker, secluded from the rest of the world. I bet there is still a handful of you who haven’t beaten off to one of Mia’s flicks yet. But trust me, I think that’s about to change.

After doing a little bit of amateur work with her husband, Mia exploded onto the porn scene as soon as she started shooting professionally. If you were masturbating in 2014 or anytime later, you probably remember the exact scene that kicked it all off: Mia in a hijab, getting fucked in a threesome with Julianna Vega. It’s a fucking hot scene. Strip away the controversial aspects, and you’ve got a grade-A piece of porno from BangBros, with two gorgeous, talented women having wild, enthusiastic sex. That should have been enough to put her on the map.

The hijab, though, is what led to Mia becoming a household name, and the image is still classic Mia. You’ll see animated GIFs from the scene out on’s tour face. It caused a fucking stir among the Arab world, and I imagine a bunch of angry Taliban motherfuckers whacking off furiously with rage in their hearts and lust in their balls. Within weeks, she was the most-searched pornstar in the world. Within months, she had retired from making dirty movies.

There’s still some controversy about how long Mia Khalifa was really in the industry. BangBros even built a website earlier this year to counter some of the claims Mia herself has made. That ambiguity only helps fuel the rumors that she’s getting back into the business. I figured if there were one place to find out for sure, it’d be the paysite with her name on it, right? So I typed into my browser, and away I went.

True Classics of Modern Pornography

The first thing you’ll notice on is the titular Mia in all her tit-tacular glory. The jugs are fake but really nicely crafted and huge. That face is just angelic, and I think it would have made Mia a star even if she’d never provoked the ISIS set. She’s got this girl-next-door prettiness, and she always looks like a brainy little cutie in glasses. I’m fucking crazy about intelligent chicks, and her ensuing career as a professional Internet talker has proven that she isn’t faking it with the four-eyes routine.

How many brainiacs do you know who share cock in the kitchen, get double-fucked by two black studs, or flash their big, beatific smile with a load of sperm dripping down her chin? There’s a lot of boner-inducing imagery on the MiaKhalifa tour page, but it all looks pretty familiar. That isn’t entirely a bad thing, to be fair. Some of these are legitimate porno classics, and I bet the average PornDude visitor has busted a nut to at least a couple of them.

There was only one way to be sure, and it involved ponying up the industry-standard thirty bucks a month for the membership. I could have done the one-dollar, one-day trial, but I always like to go big. At the top of the signup page, a montage of her most famous scene speeds by at high speed on a fake video player.

Since is a BangBros site, I was really hoping the membership would come with surprise access to the network. That isn’t uncommon on sites that are a part of a larger network, where they often undersell the network element on the tour page. Unfortunately, there’s no such magic going on at MiaKhalifa. You can get discounted access to the main stash, though, bringing it down to $20 from $30. If you’re subscribed for a while, there’s also a Member Rewards program that starts unlocking bonus sites after a few months.

So, Is There New Stuff or Not?

If you’re a fan of Mia Khalifa, you’ve definitely typed her name into the search bar of a porn tube or two. You usually get hundreds of results; on Pornhub, where they recently cracked down on user uploads and eliminated a ton of duplicate material, she’s got 231 videos available. But, of course, if you’ve played this game before, you already know what I know. Mia didn’t star in hundreds of movies during her three months in the business. Mia herself has claimed she only made 11 movies, but BangBros countered that with a list of 28 movies she’s been in.

That means should have 28 movies, but there’s something funny about that number, too. There are only 14 movies on the site. They’re great fuck flicks, truly among the best ever made, but that’s an insufficient number for a paysite. There are no updates, either. The most recent movie was released in 2015. So if you’re hoping for some more top-tier Arab porn, you’re going to be waiting a long fucking time, at least around here. Considering Mia’s relationship with BangBros, she probably wouldn’t return to if she started humping on camera again.

What you get is essentially Mia’s greatest hits collection. There’s some other rare stuff floating around out there, like her early amateur work and webcam shows, but this is the real meat of the Mia Khalifa porn sandwich. This is the only official source of the material, and you can download her entire BangBros discography. The only problem is the mp4s are in a pitiful 480p, far inferior to the lifelike realism of 4k ultra-HD. I bet you forgot porno was that pixely a few years ago.

Is the Membership Price Worth It?

The big question, then, is whether or not MiaKhalifa is worth signing up for. It’s kind of a complicated question, and it’s probably going to depend on what you think about the ethics of adult entertainment. If you never think about that shit, you may well be happy whacking off to the tubes after closing a dozen boner pill pop-ups. These are, after all, the same scenes you’ve been fapping to on the spam tubes for years. On the other hand, if you believe people should be compensated for their work, then you’ll probably want to pay for your wank material. This is the only legitimate site where you can buy these particular scenes.

This is where it gets a little tricky, depending on who you ask. Mia doesn’t make any royalties, so you’re not supporting her with your purchase. She openly and outspokenly hates BangBros, too, saying she was grossly underpaid. Pornstars are almost always paid upfront per scene, though. There’s nothing inherently wrong or sketchy about that, and it’s the same standard business model I use over at PornDudeCasting. By the numbers alone, Mia came out pretty goddamn well for the handful of scenes she shot. Sure, she made less than BangBros off the scenes, but nobody could have predicted her meteoric rise to the top and her subsequent withdrawal from the industry. Of course, there’s also the question of where Mia’d be without any of this. Beautiful or not, it’s hard to be a social media celebrity without some good sex scenes online.

Ultimately, it’s up to you whether to fork over thirty bucks for the movies you’ve already known and loved over the years. You could see it as your final ticket price for the show; download the videos, and they’re yours forever; no worries ever again about getting your identity stolen on a tube. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: these aren’t just some of the best Arab porn movies ever shot; they’re some of the best porn movies ever shot. Do you want to support the company that made them or not?

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