MC Stories, aka The Erotic Mind Control Stories Archive! As a porn expert, I love a well-constructed XXX website which features terabytes of video and image-based pornography that can keep even the horniest, loneliest people momentarily happy for life. I’ve seen some of the nastiest X-rated videos on the internet, which anyone can access and jack off to with just a few mouse clicks. However, when it comes to porn consumerism, there’s one demographic of horny porn connoisseurs that stands out among their peers due to their preferred way of consumption, which demands reading and heavy use of the imagination.

I’m talking about the humble consumers of written pornography. There are plenty of people out there who get off on reading erotic stories filled with all kinds of graphic scenes and whatnot, and MC Stories is one of the few big sites which contain a whole heap of that stuff for the world to see and enjoy. If you’ve ever been a fan of erotic stories and have the patience to read in order to get turned on as opposed to the millions of people with a 1-second attention span who watch porn videos, then this website is definitely for you.

It Covers a Very ‘Dominant’ Theme of Erotic Stories isn’t just a website with a large database of generalized erotic stories – all of its content is made up of stories based on some form of mind-control aka erotic hypnosis stories. The point of the XXX literature on this site (which is written mostly by amateurs) is to build up a world made up of everyday people in regular, relatable situations, with some mind-control sex included. For example, imagine a young secretary getting sprayed by a mind-control perfume made by her boss, resulting in her wanting his sperm inside her pussy and mouth which leads to some very graphically-written sex.

And of course, there are the more taboo stories, which include some pretty fucked up scenarios that aren’t always realistic. For example, imagine a horny creepy uncle putting a mind-control poison in his niece’s food only to have his way with her soon afterward. It’s safe to say that all the stuff on here is ’dominant’, because the characters who get fucked in the stories usually end up in that situation by being the subject of some form of mind-control, and that’s just the kind of kick that most of the horny cunts who read this stuff need in order to get properly aroused.

More Than Enough Categories to Choose From

As far as mind-control erotic literature goes, there are a literal ‘fuckload’ of categories to choose from on McStories, from quirky sex stories to some outright nasty shit which isn’t for the faint of heart. This site has a wide selection of categories which are fit for any kind of horny loner sitting behind the computer screen wanting to get off on written erotica. There are a total of 26 different categories on here, with the most abundant being ‘mind-control’, ‘female sex’, and ‘female-dominant’. Besides these most-abundant categories which feature over 15,000 individual stories, there are plenty more to choose from which range from kinky to fucked-up and even outright weird.

Some of these include ‘humiliation’ (if you have a lot of angry repressed emotion because your parents don’t love you), ‘comic book/superhero’, (for those nerdy types out there that have a thing for spandex-clad heroines), ‘non-consensual’ (for all you borderline rapists out there), robots (if you’re attracted to artificial androids), incest (if you like’ family-friendly’ funtime) and lots more which I’m sure you’ll have a fun time exploring if you appreciate taboo XXX literature.

Can’t Choose? Let the Readers Choose For You

Regardless you’re a talented writer who can effectively dissect literature regardless if it’s a Shakespeare play or a story about a horny teenager anally raping his mind-controlled math teacher, or you just like a good XXX story, you’ll probably appreciate the ‘Reader’s Picks’ section of the page. This is where you come to if you have no particular theme or topic in mind and just want to read some mind-control erotica which was highlighted by people who already read it.

This section contains dozens of stories picked out by members who as far as I can tell, know their shit when it comes to this kind of stuff. It’s not a regularly updated section meaning that there are no daily-added stories, but it already has enough picks for you to sift through for weeks, and I’m sure you’ll like what some of the members have picked out if you’re one of the few people who prefer reading their pornography as opposed to watching,

The Recent Additions Section Is Always Buzzing

The ‘Recent Additions’ section of this site contains all the newest stories posted by its members. They’re not categorized by theme or topic, so you’ll probably get a whole ‘clusterfuck’ of different types of erotic mind-control fiction ranging from robots to incest, but there’s a LOT of it so you’ll probably find what you’re looking for. This section is updated every week, and there’s always at least a dozen new stories added with each update so you can be sure that there’s more than enough XXX literature to go around here.

Discuss Mind-Control Erotica With Fellow Like-Minded Members

Becoming a member of McStories is completely free, and it grants you access to the ‘McForum’, which is a massive index of message boards concerning all things related to mind-control erotica, including writing, books, movies, videos, games, services and so on. This forum can be accessed if you don’t have an official account – you’ll simply be given the title of ‘Guest’ and can freely navigate throughout the many threads on this section on the site with are completely full of avid XXX mind-control literature fans who have a strong affinity for fictional characters getting mind-controlled into sex whether they like it or not.

You also can always see how many official members and guests are active at the same time, but if you want to comment on existing threads or create new ones you’ll have to officially become a part of the mind-control erotica family and make an account for yourself. From what I’ve seen here, this is a pretty tight-knit community mostly consisting of members who know each other, so if you’re planning on joining them you’d better be a big fan of this type of porn or you probably won’t fit in.

The MC Garden – The Member’s Playground

If you think you’re a gifted writer who can create erotic literature then the ‘McGarden’ section of this page is definitely made for you. I had a look around this place and while it does seem pretty weird and borderline gay due to the way its subsections are named, I have to say that it does serve as a pretty solid playground for talented erotica writers who have nothing better to do than write mind-control XXX fiction all day. The ‘McGarden’ is made for members only, and it’s aimed at giving them a wide range of activities to do regarding mind-control erotica fandom.

For example, there’s a subsection here called ‘The Challenge Grounds’, where members can have writing contests and exhibitions (what they get for winning these contests is unknown). There’s also another section called the ‘Reflection Pool of Reviews’, which is a place where members can review and critique stories written by other members – because only true experts of weird mind-control fiction can judge it properly. There are also several other sections like ‘The Silver Lining’, where members can write about anything they’d like other than the standard mind-control stuff, as well as ‘The Vineyard’, which contains incomplete stories, ongoing serials and mind-control erotica posted on other sites. There are a lot of subsections here which have gay poetic names given to them instead of actual useful names, so you probably won’t know where the fuck you’re going or what you’re doing here if you’re new.

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